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  • posted a message on Very sad news for Wastes Set

    have you tried the new obsidian ring? Just put only WOTB as the cooldown skill on your bar and you should be able to maintain permanent berserker with ease. add the new legendary pants for all wotb runes and you have -50% dmg reduction

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  • posted a message on Looking for HC EU Seasonal Clan [zDPS WD]


    I'm currently looking for any HC EU Seasonal Clan that need zDPS WD in their ranks. Something about me:

    Well I'm quite active Diablo player and recently I decided to commit to one class (zDPS WD or just WD). I'm playing diablo 3 since the release and was also playing d2 for quite few years. I'm 28 and not afraid of TeamSpeak ;) However, you must respect the fact that I'm not always able to use it as I'm living with my fiancée.

    I'm quite experienced igamer and I'm also working in gaming industry, so I'm quite up-to-date when it comes to computers. I'm available during the week and also most of the weekends (during the week I'm mostly online between 4 and 9 PM).

    I'm looking for people that know what they are doing (I'm really tired of communities where you have to answer 100 questions about 'what should I do with bloodhsards' and 'what is greater rift') and prefer group play than solo play (I don't want to be in a clan where there are 30 people online but only 2 of them playing group - and rest just pretend to be afk). I want to commit to zDPS and commit ally my resources to gear him.

    I'm currently 270paragon on my WD - playing in groups only.

    My profile:

    Obviously going to change the weapon to Solar and Belt to Blackthorne - as soon as I farm them ;)

    Please take notice that I will be most likely inactive during this weekend but I should be able to answer all PMs here.

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  • posted a message on Anybody tested Focus+Restraint for pet build on PTR?

    I doubt they will stay in current design.

    And I'm sorry, I thought the set bonus did not change.

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  • posted a message on Anybody tested Focus+Restraint for pet build on PTR?

    focus bonus affects only mana spenders. Since non of the pets uses Mana when summoned it won't affect it.

    EDIT: That was obviously not true. The new Will bonus will affect pets :)

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  • posted a message on Perm WOTB ?

    Yeah so even with that, its 800%*4, that gives 3200% weapon damage with some nice speed. Add the lamentation belt and you can get 10800% in 5 seconds (2160% per second). That is 5360% dmg per second (considering you have 1.0 aspd) and no lighting damage buffs. I think this is better than Ancients...

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  • posted a message on Perm WOTB ?

    The problem is that with IK you need to constantly engage something. This can result in situations where you are out of enemies and run out of WoTB. Also keep in mind that IK set is potentially weaker the new WW set (i say potentially because new set is not available on PTR yet). The 400% damage buff from Rend and another 400% from ring will make WW a beast (the bonus will be multiplicative I think because it is 'deals 400% more damage' not 'increase the damage by').

    Those are just assumptions.

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  • posted a message on Perm WOTB ?

    You should use the new WW set and the ring of zodiac + item that adds every rune to WOTB. Your skills should not consider any long CD ones aside from the WOTB and you can be sure that after 20 seconds of spinning the WOTB will be up again. I would go lighting WW + Rend belt + Osbidian + WOTB item (is it boots?).

    The build should look like this:!ZjbS!ZbbZYc

    The only CD you got is WOTB. This makes 90 seconds without any CDR. With ~~40% CDR you can get it to 54seconds. In order to get perma WOTB you need to spend fury 2,5 times per second. double wielding Shard of Hate + Odyn's Son and having Pain Enchancer + Swiftness should let you WW / Shout enough to not have a downtime on WOTB.

    IK is good but the Obsidian will once trigger for WOTB once for Ancients making it very hard to maintain.

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  • posted a message on By the way, Critical Mass is back

    I think that the set is quite bugged right now. The way it does not trigger on damage but on cast seems to be not intentional (I hope), making it trigger on damage will let us gather the stack with use of familiar, hydra and armors.

    Well it will definitely get nerfed (if it deals billions of damage as you said) - and to be honest, Blizzard is not good with nerfing stuff. They tend to nerf items to the ground instead of just making a slight reworks.

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  • posted a message on New Zunimassa

    For me, the full set should take







    So the new item should be moved to Pants and Helmet should be moved to Shoulders. With that kind of setup we can use TnT, Helmet of our choice and still have 1 ring slot free (1 rorg obviously).

    This will make us a bit better but still WAY worse than any other class. In my opinion the damage of the pets should be buffed by 300% or 400% by the 6pcs not only 100%. This is joke. while we do ~~20mil with our Pets Monks will spam WoL for 200mil (and their mystic allies will do it as well). Barbs will crush on perma Berserker and Wizzes will Talrasha meteor for 3-5bils.

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  • posted a message on New Zunimassa

    Due to new changes we will stay the same, while others will grow in power (Monks, Barbs, the TalRasha Wizz is stupidly crazy powerful right now). Making other powerful while leaving WD on the same spot is direct nerf.

    I don't know how much will change in zDPS but I can only imagine permafrost Wizzes with the new CD ring and sword (8 seconds cd reduce anyone - spammable freeze) taking our place. Or perma Serenity / epiphany / circle Monks.

    If you are not 0dog, then you are useless.

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