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    posted a message on US/EU First 70 Crusader? Just curious
    Watched molrans stream and his team got to lvl 70 after 90 minutes while powerleveling his new crusader char.
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    posted a message on Bye bye guys
    I wont buy RoS because i just cant seem to see where the competition is in the game, and where the goals are.

    With trading you had goals. You could be lucky finding a awesome item, thanks to the rng gods, or you could grind items to sell, so you eventually would be able to afford that upgrade. Today you can only pray to the rng gods for better loot. There is too much singleplayer over this game, with the new BoA system.

    Furthermore i have always disliked the decrease of the party rooster from 8 to 4 people, and the loss of focus on bosses to find loot. I fondly remember the baalruns, mephruns, diabloruns, and cowruns for xp. Somehow it just worked much better with 8 people, and the manual rooster creation, with gamenames and the possibility to add passwords
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    posted a message on The RMAH Destroyed Diablo 3 and I Told You So
    I have a hard time seeing how this game will keep players interrested more than a month or two. There are no goals, no real competition, no trading anymore. Its basically a single player game where you grind the same areas over and over indefinently. As soon people stop getting upgrades somewhat often you will propably see the playerbase fade away.

    With the RMAH you would always be able to sell the good/decent gear you found because there was always people less geared than you.

    The fact that some flipped items and earned alot og money and gold doing so, really didnt affect people much. The items just ended up costing the amount it was worth. I think the people that was angry was mainly jealous because they didnt get to grap the cheap items themselves.
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    posted a message on Now that the RMAH is gone, how did you do?
    I accept alot of people dont like trading, but for me that was a huge part of what made the Diablo games fun. You grinded for hours and hours to find a few items you could use, but alot of items you could sell, to buy better items for your character.

    When you play games you need goals to reach, and trading items was a big part of that for me. With trading gone im also done with the game. Im not angry or anything. The game just doesnt have any worthwhile goals for me anymore with the removal of trading. I dont see the point of the game anymore.

    I can easily kill the endboss on normal mode.. i dont get any more satisfaction of killing it on torment 5.
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    posted a message on So do people here actually like the game?
    Trolls have always been a part of blizzards various forums, so i guess you just have to learn to live with it. Personally i just ignore the troll posts. As for all the complaining i have to agree with those people, eventhough alot of them are just raging instead of complaining in a constructive way. I wont buy the expansion if they keep the BoA system. Trading is something i really enjoy, and have enjoyed in D2 and i simply dont understand why blizzard want to remove it. It really feels like most people enjoy trading, but didnt defend blizzard when a small group of loud people kept pushing for a BoA system. Sadly blizzard seems to have ended up listening to the small loud pro BoA minority. As many others i have had my fair share of fun with the game so i dont feel cheated.(the game was best in the beginning before everything was nerfed and dumbed down imo.) But i also think this game could have been soo much better if just they had developers with extensive and personal experience with D2, and knew what made the game soo successful for so many years. D3 RoS seems like a "use for a month and then throw away" game. I really cant see any lasting endgame in its current implementation.
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    posted a message on [Spoiler] Reaper of Souls Secret Level, New Demon Hunter Visual Tier, Over 140 Legendary Screenshots
    Quote from UberMey

    BoAs everywhere .. oh god ..

    how are we supposed to make gold without trade/sell? or we will not need gold?

    PS: This is not an ironic/offensive question, im just asking because I really need to know as craft/gems upgrades/enchants all need gold but I dont know how much
    looking at krips stream it doesnt seem like gold is that useful. He started from nothing and he already sitting on 50 million that he cant really use for something useful.

    RoS feels to revolve around selffound now. Its basically a single player game from the looks of it.
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    posted a message on RoS Beta initial impressions?
    Quote from Serpenth
    I stand by my theory that this game received such harsh criticism partly because half the people that bought it thought it was WoW with a different camera angle.
    With all due respect i think you are very wrong in this. Its more the opposite really.
    People wanted a upgraded D2, with manual trading, with runes with charms, with some kind of PvP, with releveling purposes. Instead you have a game that is very similar to WoW in its current implementation. You have the WoW gear obsoletion in RoS by moving from lvl 60 to lvl 70. Its just like a new tier in WoW. You have the instant respec at max level. you have the obsoletion of every item but legs.

    Mind you the game is not bad. There are many worse games out there. I just feel alot of people think the game wasn't what they expected considering the enormous popularity of D2 throughout more than a decade.(which is almost unheard of in the history of computer gaming)
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    posted a message on My concern regarding Legendaries and Binding.
    The big problem in teamgames is the 4 player cap. You wil always have leechers, or just passive players in your games. You had that in D2 also. But the difference was that even with 4 people afk there would still be 4 other people killing mobs and so on. In D2 you werent as vulnerable to AKF'ers/leechers as you are in D3. If just 2 people are afk, your killing speed is heavily limited compared to D2.
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    posted a message on RoS Beta initial impressions?
    Initially i was like "OMG i need to get into the beta! Cant wait!"

    After watching streams for several hours im more like:
    Same old same old.
    1: Get to lvl 70 in a few hours
    2: Use a few hours getting major upgrades replacing all your old items.
    3: Farm bounties and rift forever.
    4: After a very short while, skip yellow and blue crap items and only pick up legs.
    5: DE 95% of the legs you find and use mats to reroll stats on your current items.
    6: Keep doing this forever and ever.

    No PvP
    No trading
    No economy
    No playing with more than 4 people
    No ranking to work towards
    No laddders

    It just doesnt look like there are much replayability in the game outside the first few hours of gameplay at lvl 70.
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    posted a message on New ability caps
    I have always been against hardcaps, and i will always be against it.(softcaps are fine) Its a shortcut you use instead of fixing the bad design. To get around this you could change the math behind the numbers, so that you need more crit to hit numbers closing to 60-70%.
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    posted a message on Gold Auction House and Real Money Auction House SHUTTING DOWN!
    Well this means i wont buy the expansion. Wasted enough time in D2 trying to advertise my loot, trying to find good deals on the trade chat and trying to avoid the vast scores of scammers. I could always go to third party sites and sell my stuff, but it just seems soo timedemanding compared to the auction house.

    I think many will want the AH to come back once they realize the pain it is to trade using tradechat alone.
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    posted a message on Experience & leg farming - Testing zone's.
    I know its popular to do the crypt atm, and it is surely packed with mobs. Still i think its more efficient to just doing fields. Its more boring but it seems you will kill more mobs per hour instead of including crypt when it spawn.
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    posted a message on Your biggest dislike in the game?
    The thing i dislike the most was how much they nerfed the game. In the beginning it was tough... and i mean really tough to progress on inferno. I remember how i could somewhat easily complete act 1 but got completely obliterated in act 2. Slowly though i geared up and progressed like everyone else.
    I understand many believed it was too hard in the beginning, but i really dont think such huge nerfs was warranted. The natural accumulation of better and better items for less and less gold would help people gear up to progress eventually.

    Lack of a ladder system is also a big problem for a item accumulation game like D3. Its no surprice that it is near impossible to find useful or sellable items nowadays, because the items you find, have to be put up against the combined amount of items every single D3 player have found during a whole year of grinding for items.
    If you dont reset, or give people the choice to play on fresh servers once in a while, the whole item grind becomes pointless as the posibilities for finding useful items diminish every day.

    Lastly i think items stats have been handled poorly. there arent really much choice. you got to have high main stat, all resist, vit, on almost every item, and it quickly becomes boring. A chest without sockets? utter crap. A chest without all resist? Crap, and so on.
    I want choice back. It would be cool if you could use the combined all resist from 4 of the items you wear for example, or have a combined amount of 6 gems in your gear set. This way you have more choice and a chest without sockets might be useful to you eventhough it doesnt have any sockets, because you allready have 6 gems in the other gear you wear.
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    posted a message on What's up with D3 ?
    Quote from Bagstone

    Quote from Ackbarspiff

    Its because they know D3 was overall a failure

    About the childish crap

    The only "useless, stupid and childish crap" are your posts, guys. Please familiarize with forum guidelines (politeness and netiquette) try to phrase your opinion in a less provocative, trollish manner. Or, to use your words, post less childish crap next time, thanks.
    Nice strawman. What is childish is to to quote out of context by only quoting part of my sentences.
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    posted a message on What's up with D3 ?
    Its because they know D3 was overall a failure and didnt have the longvitity D2 had.(success economically, but a failure gameplay wise) To me it feels like they have given up on D3 for PC and is hoping to revive it for the expansion.

    About the childish crap like costumes and other superficial stuff i guess it earn them a good amount of money as kids are less critical towards this stuff and is easily being sucked in to buy this crap on their parents creditcard. Afterall there are a whole lot of kids playing computergames, so you got a huge market here. Like WoW it really does feel like blizzard is focusing on this group rather than the more mature group of gamers. I mean their games have become more and more childish. Especially WoW.

    Looking at activity on streams, xfire numbers and so on, the people playing the game keeps diminishing.
    Atleast its very rare there are more than 2000 viewers looking at D3 streams on twitch nowadays, and half of those streams doesnt even show D3, but some other games.
    I remember the first 3 months D3 was one of the most viewed games on twitch.
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