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  • posted a message on Enforcer vs Bane of the Powerful: Oversight?
    I'm a casual player so I'm not really competent to speak of this matter but the obvious difference between the two is 15yd range around the player slow effect to trigger it's use, while BoTP works at all ranges. On higher GRs as I understand any mob can one shot you so you don't want to be in melee range as a wizard or DH. Wizards want to keep that 50yd range for the effectiveness of their skills where BoTT is certainly useless.
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  • posted a message on drop chance for seasonal characters?
    Please don't mind the subject, I really tried to find the topic on the internet but there's no clarification on the legendary drop chance for seasonal characters?

    I'm looking to start seasonal character/s at the beginning of season 2 and I'm wondering about this. Do seasonal characters have a higher/bigger chance to get legendary items? New items are not my interest as much as the efficiency of acquiring them.

    It's really strange that Blizz didn't specify about this, but it can mean that it isn't any better.

    Anyway, thank you.
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  • posted a message on Powerlvling 1-70 in 10 minutes
    Hello, I'm completely inexperienced and started playing after a long break. I don't exactly understand how this works? Based on the prevous post, "Leecher" is I presume a char who is gaining levels while there needs to be another person doing the one-shotting? But then, this technique can be applied to all areas, why just Fields of Misery? In any case, it could never be accomplished solo by the person who is leveling? And why does he have to be parked at the checkpoint? He could stay anywhere where he is out of reach of mobs?
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  • posted a message on Legendary drop rate DOUBLED
    Great! Now I will be getting them after every 25 hours instead of 50 hours of gameplay! I can't wait to play 24/7! Amazing!
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  • posted a message on OFFICIAL DiabloFans BattleTag Thread
    Savo#2495 ASIA

    Please add me, anyone who plays on Asian servers and speaks English. Its terrible there for non-Korean/Chinese speakers.
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  • posted a message on Nether Tenticle Major nerf
    3 pages of pain and agony...Feels like you actually didn't leveled-up your DHs by yourselves. How can you be so blind not to realize how Ball Lightning was and will be the best choice for an Elemental Arrow ability. It is the best AOE ability in the game beside zombie bears.

    I don't even know why did you like nether Tentacles so much because we all got 1 shotted no matter what, and those 3% heal was useless because there was nothing to heal.
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  • posted a message on Upgrades to farm Act3/4?
    Take a look at PsyStarcraft videos if you already haven't.

    He has very similar amount of resistances if not the same. He has been farming Izkatu ( with around 800 resistances. But he has more daamge and you can see him using 2H instead of 1H and shield. So he is kinda breaking the rules in terms of "must use a shield" if you want to survive.
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  • posted a message on Criticism towards itemization in Diablo III
    Quote from Beengalas

    Years as a student within political science has put its mark, this is a long thread where I go quite deep into the subject. It is however unpolished and rough as I wont waste more time on disposition and language. Personally, I believe that the most likely reason for the current itemization is that Blizzard tried to give their customer a high degree of randomness, believing that is what the general player wants. Overestimating how much random stuff the people want which gave the result with the bad legendaries, which puts the focus on the rare items. And not want people to chase after the legendaries as they chase the unique in Diablo II. This have backfired thou, because the general player wants to collect legendaries. Legendaries are supposed to be cool stuff!

    This is very interesting post. I thank you for the time you spent writing it.
    However, it lacks of more global understanding of a project above the surface, and not just below the surface; meaning that you should have added are your thoughts from the company's perspective rather than just from the game's perspective.

    ActivisionBlizzard is a multi billion dollar company that operates in several continents with stock/share holders that have extreme!!! ambitions/interests that are just getting higher and more serious with every project. Before their any public move is made, they have legions of lawyers, designers, programmers of all kinds, business administrators, psychologists -- employed to make sure that nothing can harm them and that they will only profit. Unfortunately, when it comes to extreme companies such as this one, we are only limited to a few people such as Bashiok, Cris Metzen and Jay Wilson, which behave as company's PR beside their regular jobs. So having all that in mind its very hard to talk about itemization because we have no clue about what is behind their stock/share holders agenda (and people such as Bashiok, Jay wilson..are just following orders from people we never heard about).
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  • posted a message on Thanks for nothing Blizzard
    "Corporate bastards" are shareholders / stockholders behind Blizz Activision who keep the budget down and that is why we are experiencing server unstability issues for every single game launch. Game developers and designers are great people who keep bringing great titles, but they are not shareholders and therefore they have no vote in company's decision making.
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  • posted a message on Thanks for nothing Blizzard
    Quote from burninfate

    Quote from axeman87

    So I've taken the day of work to play D3 and have spent the afternoon just looking at a login screen with errors.

    I don't care about Blizzards technical issues, thats not my problem. They are a company like any other, selling a product that I have purchased that so far doesn't work. They have chosen to make a game that requires internet and server access even for a single player experience. I have no issues with technical issues when I'm trying to play online multiplayer but this... is just ludicrous.

    I have a wife, young daughter and a demanding job and my time is very precious and for this reason I have actually taken time off work to play D3 as I have very little time to do it in my day to day life. I don't want to go for a walk, get something to eat or chill out. I had taken time of work, using holiday pay and causing more work to go back to tomorrow for nothing.

    In about 30 minutes It'll be time to go and pick up my daughter, put on some dinner and then it'll be back to daily grind tomorrow and trying to squeeze in an hour each night of free time to play D3... thats if its working of course.

    Sounds like you have no idea how a game works, or how a game that has thousands if not millions of people connecting to servers. If you are a father and have a wife I would think you to be more responsibly and logical. Look at any past blizzard launch, at one point in time the servers go down, it always happens. Do not get upset that you can not play, be upset that you wasted your own time. Do not come on the forums and complain when Blizzard has done this for 7 + years.

    Why are you defending corporate bastards??? They have so much money that you cannot even imagine! Don't you think that the least Blizzard should have done was to ensure server stability after years of waiting for game development and 6 months launch delay? They surely could have spend a few millions for more/better servers.

    And GIVE THE OP A BREAK!!! He regularely bought the game and he deserved to play on 00:01 like every other player!
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