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    To be fair, we know that anyone running non-raekors in a group is going to be squishy as hell. I don't think we need to wait for the leaderboards to settle to prove that (go do some group rifts!). My own experience so far in groups has been pretty disappointing (mainly in terms of survivability).

    I cant agree more here with the lack of survivability. I have had to go more defense giving up some Damage to survive. Even with that knowing some more items will be nlocked during season 3 im going to start with the barb so see where i can take it. Regardless even if i clear the trash suoer quick it takes me just as long to kill the rift guardian. Reminds me to much of raekors or jade.

    Strange, i feel my survivability is so much better with the ww build in group grifts and solo play as compared to reakors...

    Taking down the RG is very boring though (at solo play), takes forever and aint fun at all.

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    crafted some more and sitting at 69,97% CDR atm.

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    You can upgrade gems in every rift, even if successful, you just need to make sure that you won't become the bottle neck and already have enough keys. For example, if you finish a GR46 rift and you already have 10+ GR47 keys there's no point in upgrading key. If you have no GR47 keys and the groups wants to continue, you obviously need to upgrade key to avoid trials (if the entire group does so - just ask before you make your choice). I'd recommend to just do random trials (there are communities for that, just search for trials on the community tool ingame) and get as many keys as you can. That'll alow you to always pick gem upgrades. Keys up to rank 50 are super easy to get even just with 1 Crusader + 1 DH; and any decent group with 2 Crusaders + 2 DHs or 1 WD, 1 Crusader, 2 DHs should get 55 keys. Having keys will also open up more options to join random groups - the more experienced, better players usually have keys and are looking for Crusaders with keys, rather than going for trials first.

    Thnx for clearing that up.

    actually happened today, where i even said before the inv i had no keys, but they kinda expected me to have at least 50+ keys.

    trial community is a good idea. Those greater rifts are more fun tbh then low or t6 rifts, u actually have to do something :P

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    Quote from Bagstonego-next

    I think the main reason why you struggle so much is your low CDR. You really want to get 70%+ to have as high uptime of Akarat's Champions as possible (keep in mind you can't use Akkhan's set for the lower AC CD), which is a great survivability buff. Also, if you have 70%+ you can permanently disable trash mobs with Shield Glare, which is really important in rifts with range mobs (which is the case for 90% of the rifts). Your toughness is fine, even if you lose some don't worry - but you need more CDR.

    I don't get where it says i am struggling :P
    Just trying to gather some info on how to play a zdps sader, as i only crafted all the gear like a few days ago. I am at 64% cdr atm with the proc of gogok.

    I actually playing only with randoms nowadays. Heard about zdog WD and agree that that is better.

    On upgrading gems, u only get to do it when you weren't able to finish on time? otherwise its always upgrading key?

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    The toxin gem increases the damage taken by mobs by 10% so it's not for your dps it's for the groups'. Bott slows enemies down for others to gain the % damage bonus from their bott so again, it's not for your dps. And obviously wreath of lightning is purely for movement speed.

    Scouting ahead is good but you must not be always away. You need to be close to the dh so they can get the law buff so it's always scouting and pulling but coming back to the group and staying there in important fights. Also, when scouting you need to be careful because if you encounter an arcane pack they will summon everything and then the wd won't have a place to stand...

    The DHs i have been playing actually don't want the crit law but prefer the health globe law. Its a learning progress i guess. Barely stayed alive in Grift lvl46 Yesterday, i wonder how i will ever stay alive in for example grift lvl 58

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    Quote from Jamoosego-next

    I'm doing great dude, hope everything is well with you :cheers:

    Usually the dh's go for spitfire turrets to maximize damage - Polar station might simply be a "waste". You go bott to apply the slow on mobs around you (that 15 yard radius is quite big). Technically if the WD goes bott then you probably don't need to, even though it would be better because it's just higher area coverage. Some people might say that this is bullshit and that you wanna go for toxin, wreath and gogok but i don't think that i agree with this.

    I think i learned the hard way that nemesis are bad. We wiped on so many attempts because of messing around with those bracers. We usually tried to pull off double or triple packs with the pylon because single elites just slow you down anyway, but adding a shielding reflect electrified arcane whatever pack can just fuck you up. In an ideal rift you barely have any packs, it's all just filled with white mobs. The 30% from SA is hard to give up on even though the debuff does not always apply for odd, unknown reasons...

    did a few grifts 47 today without dying :)

    i know thats considered low, but still..

    The grp actually asked me to scout ahead and just keep large packs under control until the DH's and Wd arrived, then to scout for next big group. Makes wonder why as a zdps i even carry gems to increase dps and skill that increase dps if i am never quite in a team fight except at the RG...

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    Quote from Jamoosego-next

    Toxin is number one priority as BlackcurseLT mentioned, the 10% party damage buff is just too good to give up on.

    I usually go for BOTT as second because of the slow aura around you. I don't have 3 sockets so i never use gogok but i think it's pretty useless. A more popular alternative in GR lately is wreath of lightning because of the speed buff, it allows you to pull in mobs faster using the steed charge draw and quarter ability. Vigilante belt used to be bis but lately more nad more people are using Krelm's buff belt, again for the speed buff that allows you to pull mobs. I personally don't really like the buff belt because you can get hit quite a lot and it won't be up for so long. In your case, go for vigilante because you lack cdr in other places.

    You don't need to use a gift on your weapon for a zdps crusader so that's one thing BlackcurseLT said that i don't agree with. There's nothing you can gain from a socket on the weapon that would significantly help you on high GR.

    In the helm you obviously go for diamond. In general, your gear is lacking cdr. You can probably manage without the cdr on the amulet but that means that you need perfect cdr on everything else.

    Also, for GR you want a swiftmount with cdr, str, vit.

    I usually use born's chest + shoulders for GR and in trials i use Born's sword + chest and use profane pauldrons for the 6 pickup radius. Also, remember to use shield glare emblazoned shield in trials and divine verdict in GR. Sometimes i totally give up on born's and just use axe of burning sankis in trials. Supposedly it helps with survivability but that's unconfirmed as far as i'm aware.

    And remember the proper usage of your pulling abilities. You pull into the pack with steed, you clump everything together with vaccum. When pulling with steed always stay away from walls and corners as those will usually get the pulled mobs stuck. If you are pulling in a short distance and near obstacles, pull out and then back in (away from the pack first, to clear the mobs from the obstacles, and then go inside the pack for a smooth pull). I should probably make a video of this at some point.

    Take a look at my zdps crus: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Jamoose-2376/hero/39016279

    Currently not fully equipped because i swap pieces with the WD sometimes. Notice the perfect rolls of pickup radius on all pieces - This is specifically for running with a 0dog WD in group but it could also work on season with a solanium wd and possibly the hopeful cry law. With the correct gear on, i can get to 20 pickup radius which is really helpful for keeping the dh's hatred up. Btw iirc the only ring that can roll pickup radius is the stolen ring so keep an eye out for those.

    Oh and don't forget strongarm bracers. You need a pair with 30% and only toughness stats (str, vit, all res, whatever).

    thnx, But i fail to see how BOTT is usefull, since i myself dont deal damage, and most classes use that gem themselfes..
    Wouldnt a staggered gem be better to stay alive longer?

    so strongarm is better for support then a nemesis?

    thnx again. Hope ur doing well jamoose?

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    ok and what about gems? As in which gems legendary gems would be best for a zdps sader?

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    first off get other gloves, str/vit/allres/cdr.

    shoulders get cdr in place of skill dmg.

    weapon get cdr and put ramaladni

    shield get cdr

    pants get all res in place of skill dmg

    boots get boots from act2, all defensive stats

    rorg, get cdr/ socket

    2nd ring get stat/vit/cdr/socket

    bracers get strongarms with defensive stats, stat/vit/all res/ armor

    head get stat/vit/all res/ socket, for now you can just get vit in place of one of the healing stats

    amulet get socket in place of crit hit dmg, unless you have another xephirian i'd like to see it

    In place of asheara's you can get st/ archews gage, captain crimson pants and belt, boots from a2 OR asheara's gloves, pants, captain crimson's belt boots. but you'll find out soon enough that boots from a2 come in handy a lot. you can try with and without them for more toughness and see what you prefer.

    if you have any more questions let me know, and no, cain's is not viable unless you want to go 35-40 speed grifts, not 45+

    Made quite some changes, not been able to reroll everything due to mats not available. is a socket needed on my weapon? Because the stats on this one seem nice. Also aint nemesis nice while doing Grifts for an extra elite mobs making it easier to fill up that bar?

    I am at 61% cdr atm, still need to roll on ring and amulet, and need better pants with all res

    Reason i ask bout cains set, is that i have seen quite a lot of zdps classes: WD, saders, Monks using it with also a red gem in their leroic crown, maximizing their xp income.

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    ok thnx, no thats my only amulet. Only1 i have ever found in all my diablo play time.

    i will need to farm more crafting mats then, so the boots i currently have are no good? seems effective as well?

    i read about a build where dropping health globes would be beneficial fro Dhs?

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