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    The problem with that "what is the best spot to farm" question comes from the fact everything can be dropped anywhere. As long as they don't change their philosophy (and they started a little bit with Key Wardens) it doesn't matter the shape of the content, be it the game as we know it, an endless dungeon or whatever, players will find what gives the most reward/hour and farm that place.

    So much THIS.

    People can claim that the whole 'MP0-10', 'first 30 minutes' floors of the endless dungeon is the only efficient part, but that does NOTHING to change the fact that you've now created the new Alkaizer mandatory run. I know this for a fact because the MP10 Decaying Crypts run doesn't even take 10 minutes. If people can squeeze the best exp and loot out of the game for only the first ten minutes of the endless dungeon, then by god they'll keep grinding those ten minutes, and screw the rest.

    I still hold that best solution would be not to create an endless dungeon. Barring that, use existing dungeons and tie them together to give them an 'endless run' feeling, and make sure that the rewards are not exactly the same as for grinding normally.

    Otherwise, if all you really want is epeen bragging rights, make it so that the endless dungeon drops NOTHING except for health globes and potions. No gold, no experience, no white drops, no easter egg blue item named after an obscure 1980's Amiga only computer game, NOTHING else.

    Implement that, and I'll bet you half the people asking for the endless dungeon will drop the idea, showing that their true intent was just an easy, mindless place to farm.

    well it could be fine i guess with it, though a few ideas

    well xp could be lowered to 1/10 of the current xp gain of normal mode mobs and do something with drop rates or make it so a chest awaits after an lvl is finished.

    2 options:
    - open the chest and get a reward depending on lvl
    - continue and increase the loot of the chest

    another option of loot could be to simply 1/5 the drop rates in endless dungeon.


    I don't care about effieciency, since for me it gets quite boring quickly.
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    Is crafting mandatory in this game? Hardly, although some of the potentially best gear can be found via the BoA recipes. With this design, you'd get less gold than if you ran normal grind routes. The entire idea is that the flavor of the dungeon runs drops more BoA items, ranging from BoA gear itself to BoA mats you can use for new recipes (Besides, you'd need to drop out of the dungeons from time to time anyway to farm real gold-generating items just to pay for the crafting costs).

    We're coming into the highly anticipated itemization patch. It should be easy enough to tinker item levels so that the best gear is still found via normal grinding (which is my favored idea, because I'm one of those people who don't understand at ALL what the big deal is about the whole self-found movement). So what if BoA gear drops during the dungeon runs, but it maxes out at iLvl 62? Hardly mandatory now, don't you think? And yet it provides undergeared players an option - an OPTION, mind - to get some decent items to help them start doing Ubers and high MP farm runs. At the same time, those players who clamor for more self-found gear and despise the AH have an entire new route open to them.

    i am just personally against items only dropping in specific location of the game (not counting keys).

    an increased drop chance to BOA gear would be fine, though (i thought) that you meant on par with the current BOA gear.
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    I just posted this on the official forums, but seeing how it's likely to be drowned out by all the yammering whines on there, I decided to repost it here. This is off the Endless Dungeon thread that seems to be picking up speed.

    While the idea is more original and creative than most, the very idea of an endless dungeon seems to me to smack too much of Jrpg's, a category that I've begun to dislike over the past several years - lots of meaningless, repetitive and artifically added content.

    While you could argue that running the same route over and over is equally meaningless and repetitive, a dungeon that keeps spawning floors is basically the same thing, dumbed down, plus you're forced to commit to it which is the biggest thing that turns me off.

    well perhaps make it so the player does "not" Feels forced do go into an endless dungeon, but for the thrill of killing hordes of mobs since Diablo is mob slaying, so why not add a mode, that lets you kill mobs in levels?

    Though rewards is something tricky, though it should not be more rewarding than traditionnally, but perhaps add diversity farming not efficiency in that place.

    I really don't mind efficiency where the goal is perhaps "Personal challenge" or "Fun - factor" by killing mobs until you don't want it anymore.

    Or there could be added some special item, that is required to open up 1 lvl entrance in Endless Dungeon - Dunno

    Quote from Lezard_Valeth

    I would humbly suggest that instead, some focus be given on the side-dungeons in the game - better monster density, more interesting layouts, events, and traps, and maybe minibosses - stronger than elites, weaker than full bosses, spawns with and can spawn more trash, with interesting scripted combat elements a la Heart of the Swarm.

    Furthermore, for those who still want an 'endless grind' experience, the end of the dungeon would have TWO portals - one outside and one that ports to another random side dungeon in the same act. Some kind of bonus should be given for clearing a side dungeon and moving on to another one, perhaps as simple as another neph stack or even gold and exp bonuses that multiply by the number of side dungeons cleared in a row. In my honest opinion, this sounds better and truer to the Diablo style than some procedure-generated cave that just keeps going deeper.

    The danger of this would be that the above ground maps might become obsolete. So there should be some thought given on the kind of rewards done by dungeon hopping, and it should be different from that of normal grinds. For example, specific achievements and BoA item rewards, maybe even BoA dungeon-only legendaries and sets, maybe even recipes and mats for new BoA gear. This would make the 'endless dungeons' slightly more geared towards the self-found crowd, while above world and normal grind routes will cater more towards gold, sellable gear, and exp.

    It's Diablo, not a roguelike, and I don't ever want it to be some kind of hipster indie game clone. The solution should be dungeon content quality, not quantity.

    Even though your against commiting yourself to Endless Dungeon, because of Rewards etc... you come with an "Commitment" yourself.

    I like your idea of the way special mobs etc and ways to continue staying in this realm, but "adding" special gear for this is not good, since it Forces the players to farm these areas.

    In general i am up for Endless dungeon and these side dungeons, but no "Special rewards" for going into them = MANDATORY.

    also i like your idea Zwergl
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    also the part about crafting you mentioned is very good and crafting should be a good place to have possibilities, though i am annoyed at the price / randomness aspect of the current game.

    also i hate that Ah is so good an place to "farm" items (done it a little, though it is quite boring for my taste)

    though very amazing Essay and keep up the splendid work
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    well to not use the AH is up to oneself.

    I have begun going without AH on my DH (all previous gear in stash) and it is actually very fun.

    though it is a matter of decision and control with yourself. Though removing the AH and RMAH will further improve third party trading
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    Quote from Silvach

    Quote from HURRICANE

    congratz on your amulet :P

    though i am pretty satisfied myself with mines also, though more happy for my wizz amulet :D



    this is one nice amulet, let me refer to pre 1.0.6 patch Tal Rash amulet topic...


    that shiet would go for so many billions right now...

    though if i could get attack speed instead of minimum dmg then i would have been very very happy :D
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    congratz on your amulet :P

    though i am pretty satisfied myself with mines also, though more happy for my wizz amulet :D

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    he i need 1.5 para to get the 100 mark :D

    though congratz on your WD
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    the portals is what excites me the most though, but truely awesome ideas man.

    Respect :)
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    I am overall satisfied with blizzard and this post and those who is whining now... Will never be satisfied
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