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    I've been a multi-roll fiend on the PTR, and always have been. I used to run MP10 from the beginning on Live, and run T6 for as long as I can on the PTR (eventually have to bring it down though). It seems like leveling alts at higher difficulties in the beta/PTR is highly dependent on having high quality gems and/or many Paragon points to bolster your gameplay. Rocking a high-level Ruby-enhanced weapon is absolutely mandatory for anything above Master difficulty, without it becoming ridiculously tedious.

    I do agree with you completely about the drop rates though, in both end-game play and while leveling. End-game the drops feel lackluster, especially from chests & goblins, but there is a definite issue while leveling on the higher difficulties. You have you rely almost completely on getting upgrades from Vendors, or crafting them. Grabbing upgrades from combat or the environment are few and far between.
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    Jay stated in one of the interviews that you could never have more than 4 dogs at once (Too lazy to look it up). Summoning new ones from passives/abilities would destroy the oldest/weakest one(s).

    Edit - Actually it was Jason in the Bestbuy AMA:
    For the Witch Doctor, with Zombie Handler and Circle of Life passives, are you able to go well beyond having 4 summoned dogs on the field at once or is there some sort of cap?
    JasonBender: 4 is the max for dogs. You can get up to your max nyumber of dogs with a variety of skills (beyond just summoning them), which is good if they're dying a lot in higher difficulties, but that doesn't break the cap.
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    Quote from nameyetna

    Man I know it's mean but I wonder if there will be a 'kick player' option when you join a random group. It'd suck to have nephalem buff stacking then some dumb or troll player comes in and destroys the streak consistently.
    Nephalem Valor is an independent buff. Changing skills/runes only removes the buff from yourself, it doesn't affect anyone else,
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    Quote from ScP_Iodine

    Quote from Dauroth

    Quote from ScP_Iodine

    Quote from Dauroth

    Quote from ScP_Iodine

    This is pretty awesome but i really wish that
    Leah wasn't diablo, i wish they would have broken that chain of that whole family being the host of Diablo besides Adria. I thought that was going to be the big plot twist. I'm a big fan of the Leah character sans Diablo

    This is the curse of the Leoric family, they made it that way so it could be one of the central elements in the trilogy.

    Yeah but i thought
    since this game is supposed to end this part of the story then why not break that curse. I think it would've made for a good story that would throw more people for a loop than Leah being diablo. Even my dog saw that one coming.

    I understand. I guess they wanted to part us with that family since it is the end of this storyline. You even have a song on the soundtrack named 'A New Dawn'. Some things are better left behind, it is time for a new era.

    What's interesting is how they have two expansions lined up for this game. I'm sure I'm missing something, but if all of the 7 Great evils have been defeated, what's left? I highly doubt diablo will return in an expansion. I guess as the story progresses within the game we will be able to see where it could go after the events of D3.
    The Zerg invasion arrives.
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    Bought three.

    One to open immediately and play day one.
    One to sit unopened and protected on my shelf so I can simply stare at it.
    One to re-sell, ideally for a healthy profit.
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    Approximately midnight on the 14th (12:01am May 15th). However keep in mind you will have to complete the install (which is currently encrypted, doesn't unlock until midnight), and then patch with the updated content. So depending on your computer/internet speeds, I would say anytime between 12:15-1:00am before you get into the game.
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    Regardless of how big your city/town is, I would say 90% of people who show up to a midnight release will get there no earlier than 10:30-11. There will usually be a few people who get there around 5-6pm with chairs, laptops, food, etc to guarantee their copy (me included, because with the right group it is a blast every time), but unless there are only a handful of copies available, you should be safe to get there later.
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    Nice find. 170k damage looks painful, but that's just raw damage. Factor in a hero's physical resistance, evasion, and armor... and it will still be huge.
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    Quote from Ayr

    Quote from Savages

    How long do you think it will take to beat normal mode (estimated lvl 30) without rushing with a group for some sort of "hit level 60 fast" achievement.

    I'm talking... "I love Diablo 3 lore, I want to play normal mode at a nice pace and take everything in" pace.

    How long do you think it will take?

    I'm just curious - I plan to play all day on the 12th. I'm trying to figure out if I will be able to beat normal mode on the 12th or if I will need to shut my phone off for a few days until I beat it so that my friends don't spoil any plot.

    Obviously any guess is speculation, unless someone can find a post from a blue regarding the time to beat normal? I remember them saying it would be ~lvl 30 but I don't remember if there were posts talking about the hour investment.

    Well in the beta if I spend time speaking to everybody (and losing some checking if someone has something new to say), explore every map 100% and optional dungeons etc. A real 100% exploration playthrough in some. It takes me around 2H while a normal playthrough is 45m to 1H (without all the extra stuff).

    So I'd say if a normal playthrough of normal is in the 10-15Hours range (which is somewhat expected so far), if you want to really explore etc everything I'd bet on 20-25Hours.

    So take your pick :) If you want to go normal but still skip optional stuff 10-15H, if you want 100% 20-25Hr.
    This. People who are saying they completed the beta in under an hour seem to have forgotten how long it took them the first time (unless they rushed the experience like a retard). Exploring everywhere & talking to everyone in the beta was at the very least 90 minutes, unless you got ridiculously lucky with dungeon exit spawns, more commonly 120-150 minutes. This is assuming first-time playthrough, solo, and without any outside help.
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