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    posted a message on Will ever be PvP in this game ?
    Quote from Mitzago-next
    Is there someone who still PvP in this game ? I mean everytime when i'm looking for a brawling game, i just select there Brawling and when i enter in the game they just play PvM...ffs. Will be this game somehow balanced in PvP this year maybe ? The other arenas will appear soon ? It's someone there who cares about that in diablo 3 ? This game was created to make PvP for god sake, not PvM again and again !!! The beauty of this game is when you stay 3 months to create a imba char and after fight over and over to show them wtf are u able to...diablo 3 sucks !
    not sure if you're trolling
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    posted a message on D3 has no endgame.
    Quote from Kevango-next

    Unlimited exping is not endgame.

    Loot hunting, trading, pvp should be.

    Oh my God... This again?
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    posted a message on Kanai's Cube - Which affixes will you copy?

    Stash sale incoming... there's noway they wont do it now since you'll start hoarding even more gear.

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    posted a message on Help enchanting weapon!

    For that weapon for sure remove socket for 10% damage and add a gift.

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    posted a message on Will ever be PvP in this game ?

    No! thank god.

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    posted a message on What will keep me playing?
    Quote from Mini641

    Get every class to 70 (this is assuming i like every class)
    Face roll Torment 6.
    Get account wide paragon to 100-200 (gives enough points to get everything a spec needs)

    Then what?

    Ladders? With no economy and account wealth being meaningless?

    Please explain it to me, what will keep me playing?

    Will D3 get new skills constantly to change flavor of the month builds?
    Will D3 have Leagues with new rule sets With Turbo monsters, PVP, and other weird stuff?
    Will D3 Allow me to find an item, theory craft a build and level up that character progressing through multiple difficulties?

    In D3 i level a character, get OP gear in a few weeks and then im left staring at a paragon number the rest of the time... Ill never have to re-roll that class, Ill have no incentive to increase my accounts wealth or look forward to new fresh economy.

    What will keep me playing?

    I think you might wanna consider not playing the game or check it in few months/years when fits what you're looking for in this kind of game, you might wanna try to find an alternative of d3 or even go back to d2 (in case you're an d2 player).

    I mean, as a consumer, blizzard doesn't force you to buy the game and since you're pretty much sorted with what you gonna/have to do in RoS and doesn't fit you, you might wanna skip this one and save your money for something worth.
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    posted a message on 1.0.8 Farming Areas
    might give you a good idea where to start farming :)

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    posted a message on TorchLight II could of killed D3 IF.
    what? you should read your comment before posting more bull*** about d3vstl2 at least people could understand it.
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    posted a message on You Decide PoE or D3?
    Quote from POI5ON

    Made a Quick mock up about D3 Vs PoE :)

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    posted a message on Paragon level increases resilience
    Quote from Boye

    what if we made raid instances where we can defeat ragnaros and stuff too? would that make u happy? >

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    posted a message on Monk vs Barb - Have Blizz noticed how unbalanced this is?
    Quote from hiro_za

    @diseasept: how is it fair that barbs can have 6% LS with ease, not to mention more from skills? If you're going high dps you cant use LOH. LS is your only option. If you want to survive on MP10 you need both high dps and high LS. Take all other factors and set them aside and it comes down to just that. monks cannot regen health as well as barbs. If monks could mitigate more damage then it might even out, but as I hope I've pointed out that just isn't the case...

    So ye.... the way you talk please, jump to diablo official forums and ask barbs nerf,
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    posted a message on Monk vs Barb - Have Blizz noticed how unbalanced this is?
    Quote from Mortac

    GAMEPLAY: Barbarians are a lot easier to play and don't need to rely on so many different attacks and active skills/buffs as monks do. Barbarians can pretty much put War Cry with Impunity on their bar and have it overwith. There's a lot more room for them to add burst and utility skills, because monks MUST use Sweeping Wind + DPS Mantra + Breath of Heaven/Blazing Wrath to do decent DPS. Additionally, Spirit is a lot harder to keep up than Fury, so barbarians usually aren't held back as much as monks are and thus don't need to gear for it, if they even use fury at all (my barb only used it for Rend, and it still completely blows my monk out of the sky). Barbarians also have a lot better maneuverability even though this probably isn't intended. Their skills simply do their job better.

    No clue what you're say i guess, barbs might have less abilities to control (even that i guess not true) but just gonna tell you this: WOTB Fury management.
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    posted a message on Monk vs Barb - Have Blizz noticed how unbalanced this is?
    Not even gonna say that monks are underpowered or not cause i don't want to go there, but seriously, some people here need to get a grip and stop lying/ talk crap about barbarians, i mean, saw so many crap in 2 pages about "QQ barbs are gods and OP QQ".

    First of all, yes barbarians currently are awesome but you need to stop crying about the LS on belt, and if you don't belive in what i say (and since you can gear a 100k barb for nothing, at least someone said that) try to build a ww barb with LS on belt and set it to mp10 act 3... have fun running to your body.

    Also, there's something i kinda love is how people love to overlook dodge and shout "uhh barbs many LS LOH LIFE REGEN abilities UG NERF BLIZ PLIZ QQ" and to backup what I say, my best friend runs a +100k monk and he uses a 2.90LS weapon.... done,nothing else.He's able to run mp7-8 easily and same thing with machines. Gonna give you a tip: high dodge + good AR. If you look to barbarians, armor from stre? yea right nice one, none barb with use a armor passive so don't even start, what about AR? I run MP7 - 8 with 600AR. Problem?

    You can go all QQ and point how I'm wrong but please stop doing VS threads, ask for buffs not pointing a well design class cause blizzard will always take the easy way. Nerf the one decent class.

    Also, balancing done so much good to wow this past few years, everything seems the same now, /clap for all those who ask for pvp balancing.
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    posted a message on [SPOILERS] Tyrael = GIGANTIC Plothole?
    Only thing i can say about Tyrael is that i hide my wallet everytime he's arround.
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