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    posted a message on D4 or new classes?

    Don't know if there are any football fans here but i will make this analogy Diablo is like Arsenal in football. With selfsustaining model in which people pay the highest ticket prices for a mediocre performance.

    The story here is the same. As the current Arsenal team, Diablo 3 is riding on the previous glory days of old Arsenal team/Diablo 2.

    So for those reasons i dont think adding new classes will change anything except maybe adding few more people on the side lines who happened to play the classes that are not currently in the meta.

    Diablo 4 might be the answer, maybe they will learn from their mistakes and make a great game once again :) 2x2=4 :)

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    posted a message on These D3 devs are a joke

    Well as you guys know money make the wheel spin and compared to the other blizzard games diablo is the game that brings the least amount of money and thats why we get 0 support :) Hope in the future they add some micro transactions so we can have some proper support and content :)

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