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    My guess is it was removed because it was simply going to be TOO powerful to have l WotB runes at once. They are probably trying to find a way to put the bracers back in, but not be completely overpowered, while still keeping it's flair. Maybe it will only activate SOME of the runes, or perhaps it will give you weaker versions of the runes you didn't pick in your skill tree....

    Also: Barbs are currently the leader in G.Rifts right now (at least for Americas) at level 55. My suspicion was probably correct: Those bracers probably made the gap between them and the rest (who are between 52-54) far larger. If you have one class at, say, G.Rift rank 60 and the next one is 53...there is something wrong there.

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    I literally got the RoRG to drop as soon as I read this buff. I did a random T4 bounty run and got it. Not the best roll..but it'll suffice.
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    Quote from Porpoh
    I'm implying the gem is bad, guaranteed I don't play all classes/specs, but in general others seem much stronger as a primary choice to level.

    Unless you're going super out of your way for some funky build I'm not aware of like Bagstone mentioned (lel monks)
    As stated above, it's worth getting this one to 25. And the 15% is better than you think, in testing I had this proc more often than it would lead you to believe.
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    Quote from Porpoh

    Quote from Pietrak

    Quote from Porpoh

    We're not asking for constant endgame updates friend. THERE WAS NEVER ONE TO BEGIN WITH, WHICH HAS BEEN A STANDING ISSUE SINCE RELEASE.

    Maybe that's how Diablo works, maybe that's how all hack'n'slashes work, but obviously none of us here are happy with it. You're deluding yourself by playing the same shit ALL OVER AGAIN for a shitty reward (ie new half assed legs, one piece of tier lmao) and accepting the millionth rehashed playthrough as new content instead of wanting a real endgame?

    tl;dr same shit new day, blizz just wants $$$$
    The standing issue since release is that people expect endgame from Diablo III like it was something like a goddamn MMO. It's not an MMO, so there is no endgame.
    I do not want an endgame. I want a reason to play this game, this isn't the same. Providing a fresh start with leaderboards and a bit of new items is enough incentive for me to play this. Perhaps for you it isn't, idk. Also, stop expecting a revolution - even if they add "new content" then that "new content" will move into the "millionth rehashed playthrough" zone after a few weeks. Hack'n'slash games are very repetitive and Diablo III is no different.

    And please, stop using the plural form when expressing opinions. It's not "none of us here are happy with it". It's "YOU are not happy with it".
    Sorry, we > you, Blizz caters to the majority, not the minority. No one gives a shit what you want, you're obviously sticking your nose up Blizzard's a-hole this whole thread already, we're discussing how sad this rehashed content is to be given to us as a glorious "MAGICAL PATCH 2.1"

    Kurwa I hope Russia goes after your country next
    Diablo isn't the game for you. Stop playing it and go back to an MMO. The "endgame" of Diablo is simply getting the best clear time or best gear. That...is...it. That is all it ever has been since the original Diablo, that is how it always will be. And no you are not the majority...you are in the minority of the D3 crowd, bud.
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    Tossing mine in here.
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    Need rift fragments? Drop difficulty to Normal and do bounties. You can get them fast.....grab a friend and split the acts up and it goes faster.

    But Blizzard SHOULD add an option on the public game menu to join for "Rifts" and one for "Bounties" to separate the two style
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    Quote from Fordragon

    Dunno if anyone else is experiencing this but if you get the proc from Akarat Champ that brings you back to full life,the rally rune no longer works.Tried it a lot of times,left the mobs to kill me in order to for the "revive" to proc,and after that I started spamming and neither of my cds were getting reduced.
    I have noticed this as well. Not sure if it is a bug or intended....
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    So I got my hands on an Eberli Charo with 46% reduction on Heaven's Fury, and using a slightly tweaked version of your Fire build came up with a spec that, so far, is absolutely melting packs in Torment 3.


    That is my Crusader at the moment. Basically it revolves around Akkarats Champion, Heavens Fury, Provoke, and Shield Glare. When you pop Akkarats Champion, you can CD the other abilities quickly thanks to the Rally rune, using Provoke with the Charged Up rune causes Heaven's Fury to deal quite a HIGH amount of damage (I rune that for Split Fury so it can hit more targets easier...and if they are clustered you can kind of double dip from each beam)BUT it also gives you a lot of Wrath. This spec/gear has a lot of life on wrath hit, so this allows spamming of Sweep Attack healing large chunks of health per cast. Shield Glare is spammed during Champion to keep them stunned, but mostly to keep up the 20% damage increase for your HF.

    I might have to take this to Torment 4 soon, as I am killing Elite/Champion packs without much issue at all. Most are dead in <30 seconds.

    EDIT: Did some testing in torment 4. Yeah it's still working wonderfully, it just takes a bit longer to kill the packs.
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    • How long have you been playing Diablo (not Diablo 3 necessarily)? I have been playing Diablo since it originally released back in the 90's ( I even have a physical copy of Diablo 1 Hellfire laying here.....I don't actually know to many people who have that one). I have played EVERY rendition of the game (I even carry around a copy of the PSX version on my Android phone...you know for Diablo to go), this also includes Diablo 3 on PS3 as well as PC. I also was part of the Diablo 2 Beta test, and played that one since Day 1 and clocked countless hours into it (Not to mention I have integrity. Not ONCE in all my years of playing Diablo 2 did I resort to running bots of pickit programs. I played 100% legit at all times.)
    • Why do you wish to be the class moderator for the Crusader specifically? What makes the Crusader greater than the other classes in your eyes? The Crusader is a class I've been waiting for since I first saw the Templar in Diablo3. I KNEW when I saw him during my first Skeleton King run in D3 Beta that it would be the basis for the new class. To me, it's basically a Paladin and I ALWAYS play a Paladin when I can, because nothing says "enemy of evil" more than a heavily armored bastion of RIGHTEOUSNESS. They stand for what is just...and it just feels right. I enjoy the Crusader more than the other classes because they are simple to pick up, but harder to master than the other classes (in my eyes). They have a play style that is more unique than the other classes, being a heavy cooldown related class. They also fill a unique niche (midrange) that noone else has yet to fill. This uniqueness made me put my Barbarian on the back burner, pick up a shield and flail and go on my own crusade for the glory of Akkarat!
    • Do you have any experience as a moderator or an administrator at an online community? I've been a mod on several smaller forums in the past. Though usually I am in a leadership position, be it as a Guild Master or even a Server Operator for several games that I play.
    I am fairly active over on the MMO-Champion forums, and have only recently started posting here as well. I know MMO-Champion is a sister-site of this one and I can be found there under the same name (if my Diablofans post limit is an issue).

    (And if all else fails: Stare into the Hypnotoads eyes. All Glory to the Hypnotoad....)
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    If noone saw, the thorns damage has been reverted back to its pitiful 6k or so damage per hit......
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