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    posted a message on Nek the Brawler Kill Count

    Yeah until someone makes a second account and just kills the other guy all day.

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    posted a message on upcoming changes primal 14/2 pluepost

    These new changes are even worse than the other ones for primals, how is it even possible that they can be made even worse? Primal needs something like extra primary attribute and secondary attribute and or a second opportunity to reroll. Also the ranges need to be higher on everything not just Main stat and vitality

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    posted a message on Is possible to add PvP to the game? YES!

    I think if they were able to balance the skills/damage/items/etc. for ONLY the arena option, and the campaign/adventure mode kept the same values, then I feel that it would work. I'm just not sure if that would be easy to do programming-wise or not?

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