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    Some time ago I also decided to make a DH and build her around a Windforce instead of the default Manticore. I have to say that it works pretty well: decent damage and very good crowd control. Granted, I play hardcore, so for me the lower DPS is definitely worth the added survivability.

    Regarding stats, if trifecta is too expensive for you (as it was for me as well on hardcore) then you can either go for crit chance and damage (if you want most DPS) or for crit chance and attack speed (for more CC procs). The choice for a ruby or emerald should be made based on your current or expected stats and if you use an online DPS calculator then it isn't too hard to find out which would be better.

    You can find the build I run on my profile, but you basically want a skill with a high proc coefficient to maximize the Windforce proc. The two skills with the highest proc coefficients are Entangling Shot with the Shock Collar rune (1.6 per shot) and Hungering Arrow with the Cinder Arrow rune (1.3 per shot) due to the first DoT ticks counting as an additional hit. Entangling shot has a nice slow, which is why I picked it, but Hungering Arrow does more damage. I picked the standard Ball Lightning for clearing large groups and Spike Trap with Echoing Blast is simply amazing damage, especially because you can keep champions on the traps with the Windforce knockback proc. Smoke Screen and Preperation are meant to save my ass if I get in trouble and Vault can be used for that as well, but together with the Tactical Advantage passive you can really rush through MP0 in a breeze with Vault Tumble.

    Link to my profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Celade-2713/hero/23651592
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    With -5 Disintegrate cost, 1.00 APS and the Astral Presence passive I can cast Disintegrate without running out of Arcane Power. Getting a Stone of Jordan or a good helm with the reduced Arcane Power cost might be expensive though, but if you manage to get both then you could even wear items that increase your attack speed for more DPS.
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    Congratulations on clearing Inferno, now try it on a higher Monster Power level. ;)

    Before 1.05 your "no farming" rule would have made it impossible though, unless you got extremely lucky with some insane drops and then bought really good gear from the AH. Me and my friends only got up to Act III before the patch, but we're now comfortably clearing MP3 - although my Barbarian needs more DPS...

    @Bagstone: Hardcore prices are significantly lower than softcore prices and the number of items on the hardcore EU AH is also significantly lower (e.g. only 0 to 2 Immortal King chest armours on there at a time). I seriously doubt that he'll find a buyer for 300M for that amulet, simply because I don't think that there are more than a handful of people out there with that kind of money.
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    So, it looks like nobody in this thread is playing Hardcore... I feel lonely. :QQ:

    Gear is harder to get on Hardcore and the AH has very little to offer (I find 0 items for most slots if I search for gear similar to mine in terms of str, vit and all resistance), so I'm reall wondering what to upgrade: http://eu.battle.net...3/hero/13285599

    A friend of mine did find an amulet with 100 str & vit, socket, 300 armor and 600 LoH, so I'm trying to buy a weapon with 1000+ DPS, 200 vit, 75 str and 70% crit damage, but other than that...
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    Your DPS is fine for doing Diablo on Inferno. I managed to kill him easily on the PTR with my hardcore barbarian (http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Celade-2713/hero/13285599) that had around 18K DPS. I know that the incoming damage on the PTR is lower, but I'm pretty sure I could also do it on live without dying to the clones.

    I'm not sure how good your tanking gear is, but with a really defensive build like mine you could give it a try. Just make sure to always keep up Rend for the healing and damage, maybe swap out Inspiring Presence for another passive if you want.
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    I'd wait with upgrading your gear until after the patch. The change that causes level 63 affixes to spawn on all loot dropped in Inferno (at MP 1+), together with the change that only ilevel 58+ drops in Inferno, will ensure that everybody receives better loot - especially so for jewellery.

    One or two weeks after the patch you'll get much bigger upgrades for the same money. Of course, the patch may still be off for a month or more, so you might not have the patience to wait for that. The choice's up to you.
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    I'm sick of people complaining that Inferno is too easy.

    Play Hardcore like the real gamers or shut up.
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    You could use a spreadsheet or dmg calculator to get the exact answer, but the left crossbow would give you around 10k extra DPS.

    56000*((1+0.3*1.98)/(1+0.3*2.45))*(1400/1100) = 65480

    Current DPS * reduced critical hit damage factor * increase in weapon damage factor.

    Edit: SS will reduce the difference somewhat, because it increases your crit chance and so makes the critical hit damage of your old crossbow more valuable.
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    Quote from Razzi

    Quote from Fomorian

    But some weapons have an additional (elemental) damage stat (placed together with where Intelligence / Vitality would be), if you have a weapon with high base damage, and that additional stat, that will increase your damage alot.

    Seems like you know alot about this stuff, i have a follow up question for you (or anyone who would care to help. :)
    Does it matter what kind of elemental damage there is on it? I.E. I have been rejecting weapons with + holy damage etc. because i was thinking that it would only increase the holy damage i deal, which is 0 :P

    The system is actually really simple. Anything that adds damage will add damage to your spells, no matter the type.

    If you want to see if it's better to use that 1h + offhand or the 2h staff, just equip both of them and look at the DPS number on your sheet. This number is fully accurate and includes all modifiers, including skill passives. Just pick whatever gives a higher number on your char sheet (unless you really like the other modifiers that are on the weapons e.g. life leach).

    Quote from drvic10k

    i would like yto know how it works, too
    for example, when i have a weapon with +fire damage, is my poison dart dealing fire damage in addition to it's base poison damage?

    but to answer Razzi: all +dmg is good, it doesn't mean, that when you don't have holy spells, that you don't benefit from it, it's relevant for resistances, some monsters have special elemental dmg resists (palgue - poison, arcane enchanted - arcane, molten - fire)

    As far as I know, all your damage is converted to the damage type of the skill. Only if no damage type is mentioned in the skill itself (Hungering Arrow) will the +elemental damage be used. But this is just what I assume from looking at the death animations of mobs.
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    Quote from Tralari

    Wow they're very pretty! :)

    So are you. ;)
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