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    There is no balance issue

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    Quote from udomsa33go-next

    I have a feeling that the game's dev did not foresee all this meta and how people are playing the game. You have to keep in mind that the game devs are not necessarily the best at playing their own game. Many of the stuffs that's been going on (zDPS build and such) may not even be thinkable to them before it became all the rage and by the time they realized it, it was already too late, or no longer make any business sense to have a great overhaul to the game's nature. This is not a subscription based game after all.

    Hell, I am pretty sure they did not even expect people to go so high in GR with certain builds. With large varieties of items and combi, they probably did not see a lot of things coming.

    You can play whatever the fuck you want
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    People dont have a reason to farm: WE NEED A REASON TO FARM!

    People have a reason to farm: ALL WE DO IS FARMING!

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    Quote from TianZigo-next

    Quote from Cobearzgo-next

    Quote from Tsesmatasgo-next

    The current state of the game is the worst any Diablo has ever been - massive imbalances in game modes, classes, skills, zero choices in gameplay, gear and items

    You only had ONE way to even play back then, Barb and Wiz were basically best for a whole year while others weren't playable. Legendaries had ZERO cool effects, Skorn and Echo were #1.

    I don't think you really know what you are talking about atm..D3 Vanilla was good for ONE thing.

    Trading..and 6 stat gear that was always 100% RNG.

    Barb wasn't even good at the start of D3. They only got good because mobs kept getting their damage nerfed as soon as a week after launch, with many more nerfs to follow. Skorn also wasn't buffed until WAY later.

    D3 vanilla, in it's original form, was simply much more fun for many players. Obviously it was shit to a very large percentage of the playerbase as well, which is why it was changed. People quit the game pretty fast back then, but players still quite pretty fast after then. Not a single one of the players I played with back in the beginning of D3 vanilla came back for RoS asdie from my brother. So it seems the changes removed a large part of the playerbase, while keeping other parts of the playerbase instead.

    Looking back on it, they should have gave Jay Wilson a separate 2.5D game based around Warcraft, Starcraft, or a new universe for those of us who wanted the challenge rather than a more relaxed hack&slash. Then Josh could have done D3 as a proper sequel to D2, instead of having Jay trying to make D3 appeal to so many obviously different playerbases.

    Can't please everyone when they release a Diablo game, advertised heavily to WoW and SC2 players. It was advertised to be a challenge while expected to be a hack&slash sequel to D2. Doesn't really work that way.

    Again Bullshit. The original Diablo 3 wasnt more fun. It was frustrating, imbalanced and unrewarding. It wasnt hard, it was unfair. When you had to a impossible rare spawn directly in front of an entrance, the run was over. No luck with items? GRIND IT MORE! It wasnt like Diablo 2 at all. Thats why alot of player that were used to Diablo 2 left Diablo 3 really fast.

    I played enough after release and had probably 2-4 Month without any progress. The moment they introduced real Legendarys the game began to be fun. There was actually progress.

    You guys are just nostalgia sick. Its a really common problem. EVERYTHING in the past is always better. Stupid people suffer "Nostalgia" alot.

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    Quote from TianZigo-next

    I miss D3 vanilla too. Had more fun playing that the first month than pretty much every other game aside from probably high end arena'ing in WoW.

    It's unfortunate, but the nerfs in D3 vanilla arrived too soon before anything really even settled. People were in blues already complaining about inferno difficulty ~_~

    Its not cool to like the old diablo 3. I mean, its worth a try. But no, you will look like a retard

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    What an obvious troll

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    Quote from copealope

    Quote from Cheatergon

    D3 is definitely dying to exploits. People are sick of cheaters gaining massively with each patch and Blizzard completely shoving it under the rug like its nothing. Season 1 of ladders ruined (arguably the most important one) paragon ruined as well Kadala ruined. I really dont see where the game is headed other than into the ground.
    completly agree, and i doubt people will buy another expansion or blizz will even make another expansion at this rate. seasons were the most important thing this game had to offer, people were sick of doing t 6 and nothing else for almost a year and once you reach a certain point on the leaderboards its gonna be monthes till its broken on retail servers. seasons were like the cheese on a pizza, otherwise all you got is dough and sauce.
    Smells like second Account. Dont agree to yourself
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    Quote from Bagstone

    1) Blizzard is not technically owned by Activision, but a subsidiary (visible by the fact that it's part of "Activision Blizzard"). Moreover, Blizzard's CEO has stated multiple times that Blizzard remains its own entity in deciding when to publish games - this was one of the major parts of the deal. Therefore, your money argument is nil. If Blizzard wanted to make money, they would have released 2.1 as DLC and stopped pushing as many patches as they've done since the RoS release.

    2) Endgame content is not polished, I agree with you, but it's also not like it's something that needs to be addressed tomorrow. I think endgame balancing has only one issue - Conduit Pylons - besides that it's pretty freaking awesome, and most guys in the top 100 of any leaderboard I've talked to or I've heard talking about it said the same. PvP is difficult to implement at this point, they've said it themselves; it would require major changes and might break the game's balance completely, once again. We'll see if they're working on PvP soon.

    However, class balance and PvP is something they can't use as unique selling point for the next expansion pack. Those are features that are meant to be in the original game. The expansion pack rather needs completely new things (a new act, new ways to make campaign interesting again, new class, a new spin on how we play and perceive the game). Balancing changes and features we were promised 3 years ago will not drive up sales.

    3) I won't bet on something as stupid as this, but it's almost guaranteed that it won't come out in early 2015. There's a small chance they'll release the 2nd x-pac for the x-mas sale of 2015, but I'd rather put your shaved head bet on 2016. There's absolutely no reason for Blizzard to release the second expansion just one year after the first.

    Oh, and Diablo 4 is unlikely before 2018 or 2020, if ever. ;-)
    You do actually argue with him? Why dont you just close after his first point?
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    These is no Gold on Greater Rifts
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    Quote from Hyperion1407

    Quote from Henno

    Oh my god, please dont leave! All that Wisdom will be gone! We will guide us?!
    Ah what a bummer, even the quality of trolls is going down :( what has this world come to when even the trolls don't have decent grammar.
    Well, you can always count on the grammer Nazis, cant you? Pointing out typos is actually quite poor.
    Have fun on your crusade, you will turn this into MMO-Champion forum without a problem.
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