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    Quote from NeoPhythe

    Where does it say thousands ?

    We recently issued a round of account suspensions and bans to several thousand Diablo® III players
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    good to see some real theory crafting going on, too bad I haven't able to play for over a week due to customer service screwing up and getting all my characters and gold wiped :angry:
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    Am I the only one who read the title as Blizzard defeated my post?
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    good to see the majority of my issues with the game is being looked at, especially inferno spikiness and blacksmith.

    though I am disappointed, considering previous blizzard standard, that so much which were obvious and should have been taken cared of before release are being fixed post release.
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    Quote from Bleu42

    Why the hell do people keep thinking D2's systems were better? They weren't!

    Nostalgia, a very scary thing. Not only in this game but in RL too.
    Whats weird though is that many complaints show how much people didn't know what to expect from a Diablo game
    eg : "I 'finished' the game and have nothing to do, shit-short game GG"

    Quote from maka

    So, what you're saying is, instead of starting from LoD 1.13 and using the lessons learned, no, they started from a vacuum

    Because this game is Diablo 2.5 amirite?
    Way to go to show what you really wanted, a rehashed Diablo 2

    Quote from maka

    The fact of the matter is that the most important D2 people are no longer at Blizzard

    You mean the people that intended Diablo 1 to be a turned based claymation and made Hellgate London and Torchlight?
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    Quote from Sfx

    And what is your assumption?
    I only have some vague assumptions right now and need to research some more.

    It's that the incoming damage is affected by the players damage mitigation [eg:defense] and that, after mitigation, if the damage exceeds a certain amount it bypasses force armor

    You can't see the numbers in the vid but whats happening here is that when I get hit almost-naked, I get hit for somewhere around 30k

    After the almost-naked pwnage the next scene is with around 30k HP and I get hit for around 11k which is right about 35%-ish of my max HP

    The next scene is with 11k HP and the tree is hitting me for around 4k, again which is around 35%.

    What I don't understand is that although it wasn't recorded here, I tried getting hit with 6k HP with some early lv 50 armor on and I get hit for 11k, which is above my max HP.

    I want to experiment more on this but Asia is down, again....

    Quote from rainger

    see his original post at the top of the thread.

    my original assumption on my OP only seems to apply to certain attacks.
    as I said, I need to experiment on this more.
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    Quote from Stickz

    WHy is it obvious? Force armor isn't overpowered, it is really good don't get me wrong. But yesterday I solod act 2 inferno with that build (not 4500hpish, more like 12k) and you will die.....A LOT. I literally wiped my way through a lot of elite packs.
    Mobs are faster, more ranged stuff, invis stuff, dots, stuns that shit still kills you.

    All you guys see is some wiz melee tanking butcher and u go like, wtfawesomesaucebbq nerf plx. So he can solo story mode (act) bosses....so what, you won't get the sweet loot from them. Untill i see someone fully clearing act 2 and 3 on inferno without dying, I say it doesnt need a nerf. WIth full clear I mean go in every dungeon, kill every rare/elite/champ

    While I do agree that many people mistakenly assume that any build with force armor is insta-win, being able to forgo vit altogether and recovering on hit worth damage with 1 to 3 ticks of life regen is OP and needs a nerf [and the infi-diamondskin tree is downright broken]

    If my assumption about the current way force armor is working is correct, I see this as an appropriate nerf. Force armor is still a powerful spell and it's interesting trying to find the right amount of vit to keep my HP low as possible while avoiding getting one-shoted.
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    IF this is a bug then they aren't doing anything to fix it in Asia since inferno butchers chain attack is still doing 7-11k damage to me whether when I have no vit or enough vit to put me above 11k HP

    Seriously, I doubt it's a bug but a genuine nerf which I'm starting to get a basic idea of.

    [oh, and those damn moths in highlands and ghouls in the prison are still doing around 7k damage, more than enough to one shot me in a no vit setting]
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    Quote from Sfx

    I guess it is: Damage is reduced to 35% of your maximum hp, but you take at least xxxx damage

    either that and that the xxx damage is different for each attack


    there's a % limit to how much an attack can be reduced

    both of them makes sense in my encounter with the butcher.
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    The "doesn't let you absorb more than your own hp" theory
    That can't be the case seeing how stacking some vit didn't effect how much damage butcher was doing to me.

    Having some vit gear has solved the problem for me so far. Now with this change and the way they changed how damage is equated with shields, players can no longer depend on broken diamond shield or HP regen tactics. And also need to stack some vit now.
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