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    posted a message on Oculus Ring on followers, changed?

    Thanks for the answers. Is this an intended change, or is it considered a bug we can expect to be fixed at some point?

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    posted a message on Oculus Ring on followers, changed?


    During the previous seasons, I always used to put Oculus Rings on my followers in singleplayer, but they never worked quite as they should. They did proc, but only once every couple hundred years, I figured maybe the follower had to get the kill himself or something.

    This season, it seems to work differently, though. Oculus Ring procs pretty much all the time, just as if I was wearing it myself, or someone in the party. Did anyone else notice this change as well? This makes Oculus Ring probably one of the most useful items to put on your follower, besides Unity.

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    posted a message on Diablo Patch 2.5 - A wishlist

    I would like to see something to improve managing your builds and characters. If I want to change the build on my character, I currently have to swap skills, passives, cube stuff, all gear and legendary gems all manually. This gets more and more tedious to do, especially once you gear out some alternative characters, use legendary gems between multiple chars, need generic items for multiple chars and multiple builds etc etc... in the current season, I have a One Punch Monk for speedfarming, an Inna's/EP monk for pushing, a globe/support monk for greater rifts and an Uliana's monk for fun, thats quite hard to manage and discourages me from playing another variant. I leveled 4 monks to 70 just for that reason already (which adds even more problems in having to share or level multiple legendary gems etc etc...).

    For this, I would like to see some sort of hub, that shows all your available items and legendary gems across all characters. You can change all aspects and all gear slots of your character here, and equip items or socket gems straight from other character's inventory or their socketed items across your entire profile. You can then store this exact configuration, and load it onto your character with one button press, maybe with warning messages incase you pull gear or gems from other characters. You would have multiple slots here, so you can easily swap between a couple of builds. Should probably be limited, I think 5 slots would be a good start, this would be one build per class set + one additional build, maybe for something LoN-related. Would be great, if these builds could be named as well.

    So now, you can easily swap between "T10 Speedfarm LoN" and "High GRift Solo Set XY" and "High GRift Group Support", by pressing 1 button, instead of spending 10 minutes swapping skills, searching all your stuff and/or commiting multiple stash tabs just to have those items available, just to notice in the rift, that you forgot to swap 1 passive or item and have to restart. Or leveling multiples of each character for that specific reason.

    Speaking of legendary gems: If you want to level multiples of the same gem, the process of having to drop/swap all gems of that kind to another character is pretty tedious as well. I would suggest, once you got all the gems, the guardian starts dropping an "unformed gem" or something instead. It can be used on another legendary gem to transform itself into a level 0 gem of that type, or alternatively, it can be salvaged for a Forgotten Soul, for the people, that don't need anymore duplicate gems.

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    posted a message on Best Class/Build for GR70 Solo?

    Don't know if that has been mentioned yet, but on your Monk, all 3 followers have the "all skills" relic, yet you have Unity in the cube. If you want to profit from the 50% dmg reduction (which I assume you do), your follower has to use the "cannot die" relic.

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    posted a message on Is Torment X really the same difficulty as GR45?

    I've always felt G45-50 were MUCH easier than TX, at least for characters you're still working on that can't just blow through TX like it was normal anyway. I know part of it is that density kinda sucks in TX compared to grifts so it can be harder to maintain certain buffs that rely on better density, but it does honestly seem like TX monsters hit harder and take more damage than G45-50 or so monsters.


    Aside from density, I can't really explain why TX seems so much harder than G45 but I DEFINITELY know what you're talking about.

    Really? My experience has been completely the opposite. TX's map pool does include a couple of wide open areas which usually are just packed with tons of monsters, those maps seem to be impossible to get in Grifts at all. All you get there are mostly narrow corridors and caves, which can be hit-and-miss a lot of the time. I remember reading about this density fix for greater rifts, and I think about it time and time again when I walk through endless trails of A5 corridors or A2 sewers with no monsters in sight, maybe a couple groups of 3 or so monsters sprinkled here and there...

    Point being, for me personally, the density in TX rifts seems to be a lot better in general.

    Quote from Elggurgo-next

    I personally would consider GR55 to be rougly equal to Torment X , as for the speed, indeed the density as a lot to do in it, but for some reason, I can easily do a GR 55 in 3-4 min, sometime in 2 ... yet TX solo is a pain to do in 5. in GR55 I can often one shot elite (as a DH) yet on TX it happens, but rarely

    I disagree. 55 is a significant step up compared to TX, the monk mentioned in the OP doesn't even come close to one-shotting any packs on 55, more like 5-10 seconds of casting. Even misses some one-shots on trash, while on TX trash just dies and most elites don't need more than 2 or maybe 3 shots. 48-50 might be where it is at, in my opinion.

    In single-player the health of mobs in Grifts is reduced to like almost half of the original health.

    I'm not sure about damage tho.

    Thanks for everyone pointing that out, I missed that change completely.

    Quote from Arydor

    a balance thing. As stated, they reduced the health of solo Grift
    monsters by roughly 50%, but didn't change anything on TX.

    the only reason to farm TX is to get more exp/leg drops. The most
    efficient torment level for farming is T8. For everything. Period.

    still get 2 DBs, 2 Grift Keys, decent leg drops, and they are quick and
    painless. All these TX speed farming builds are good, but they require a
    specific setup and specific conditions to really shine. In certain TX
    builds (specifically the WohRasha's DB farming build) In-Geom is
    required to be procced 100% of the time, which is not always possible in
    TX rifts (not even in some Grifts either). Density has everything to do
    with farming/grifting, the whole game actually. You get a really low
    density rift, on a really bad map, and your build goes out the window.

    a lot of speed farming builds rely on the fact that you play solo as
    well, as they don't quite have the juice to one-shot mobs with an
    increased health pool.

    My advice, stick to T8 for farming, and grift in the 50-60 range, they are quick and easy for almost every build out there.

    Well, to be honest, there is not a huge difference in speed at all. Sure, on T8 everything will be one-shot, and the rift guardian would be 2 seconds instead of 10. But at some point, movespeed becomes the limiting factor, and if I need, lets say, 2:10 for a T8 rift and 2:30 on T10, I don't see much of a point in lowering the difficulty. And I don't worry too much about most efficient paragon leveling. That would involve playing in an organized 4 man group doing a lot higher difficulties anyway.

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    posted a message on Is Torment X really the same difficulty as GR45?


    Just curious: I am playing Quin69's One Punch Monk build and was farming a lot of TX. My equipment is not perfect yet, so I was missing the one-shot kills on many monsters, particularly yellow packs. The rift guardian took a couple of additional seconds as well, usually.

    But now I am doing speed GR45s to level up all my gems to use and/or eventually cube them into my equipment, and it seems to be significantly easier, compared to Torment X. With basically the same equip, I manage to get the one-shot kill way more consistently, and especially the rift guardians go down significantly faster.

    So, my question would be: Am I just crazy and are those difficulties really exactly the same as indicated by the game? Or are the greater rift levels pretty much independent of the Torment difficulties, and the classifications stated by the game more kinda like rough estimates with some significant tolerance?

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    posted a message on The "Help me Re-roll" Thread (Monk)

    New season, new problems. Cubed this baby on the 2nd try, and don't want to mess it up:

    So, what do I get rid of for 10% more damage? Vit or LPSS?

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    posted a message on Whats the best way to obtain desired Ancient/Legendary items?

    I view the reforge legendary as a way to dump your FS, which are kind of useless otherwise. So, I just let them pile up, had about 2.5k of them at some point this season, and then I just start spending a couple of them. If used that way, they are a very effective means of getting the desired ancient legendary, way more so than lust not using them, obviously. And way more than using DBs to upgrade rares. Rolling a specific legendary has a 1 in 10 chance of giving you the ancient you need. Upgrading a specific rare is maybe 1 in 7-12 or something to give you the right legendary, and then a 1 in 10 to make it ancient, depending on how many variations exist for that particular type of item for your class. Of course, re-forging a specific legendary is way better, and it needs to cost much more.

    However, I would strongly suggest to not just farm mats and forgotten souls for the sole purpose of using this recipe. The best way to get the items you need is obviously a combination of all the tools at your disposal. Just by your usual gameplay, you get tons of FS and DB. Don't try and play specific builds you don't enjoy, just because they might give you more DB, its way easier to lose motivation that way, at least for me. I have a dedicated bounty build, but thats because I really enjoy playing that way. I tried a DB farm build, and it was boring, so I never touched it again. Still, I have about 3k DB right now, just from playing regularily, and because I don't like spending all the stuff immediately.

    And Ralamadni's... well, at some point they drop. They are rare at first, but there comes a point, where you have enough of them. I definitely played a lot of hours this season, but I didn't play very efficiently, P700 now. I got about 7 gifts in the stash and used about 5 more. I had 3 Gifts drop in 2 consecutive Rifts at some point.

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    posted a message on Death's breath goblin maybe?

    I've had Odious Collectors drop stacks of up to 12 DB. Thats plenty, to be honest. They also very rarely drop DBs while running (not often enough to be worth the effort of making them run 5 minutes, though).

    Whenever I play with my friends, I already call them DB Goblins.

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    posted a message on Completing bounties with bonus act3-4 overlap method.

    The information provided in the video is not correct. If you teleport to Bastion's Keep Stronghold, it doesn't matter, if you teleport to the Act 3 or Act 4 map version, the town is still the same. It works in the video, because Act 3 has the bonus first, and turning in the bountys will always prioritize Act 3. If Act 4 gets the bonus before Act 3, your method will not work, because teleporting to Act 4 Bastion's Keep will still turn in the Act 3 bountys first.

    The only reliable way I found so far is not completing one bounty in Act 3, until you need to turn in Act 3 next. So if Act 3 comes first, everything works out just fine as before, and if Act 4 comes first, you can turn in Act 4 before finishing the last bounty in Act 3.

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    posted a message on im stuck in gr 51
    Quote from Kushlolgo-next

    Wouldn't it be easier to explain to him how to use mythic rhythm correctly and why its taken instead of sounding like a condescending dickhead ?

    Mythic Rythm is very tedious to use and just isn't worth doing, if you're struggling at relatively low Grifts already. It becomes very strong, if you're pushing 70s or something, but if you're stuck at 51, chances are, you are struggling with something way more fundamental, either gear, build or gameplay-wise and should fix that first, before delving into more complex mechanics like using Mythic Rythm correctly.

    If you want to learn about Mythic Rythm. check out a guide, it explains how to use it in detail.

    On topic: Whats your problem mainly? Do you die too much? Or do you not cause enough damage? Your gear doesn't seem too bad. Next step would obviously be a better/ancient Fist of Az, and a decent Restraint. Also, you could aim for some more CDR on your gear, it is your most important stat, and I personally would sacrifice some DPS stats from your rings for it.
    Many of your pieces lack a secondary resist, you can get a lot more toughness here. Chest, belt, pants, bracers, some of the jewelery.

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    posted a message on BOUNTIES: What strategy do you use to farm bounties??

    I do splits in a group, sometimes with a couple of friends, sometimes with people from splitfarm communities. Sometimes solo as well, if I feel like it. Sometimes you get a good group, sometimes not. Best results are obviously with an organized group of people geared specifically to speed bountys.

    I play a Thousand Storms Monk with tons of RCR, I can't stand relying on In-Geom for bountys. Its REALLY fast when travelling in a straight line or if you know, where to go, but Malthael on T7 in a 4 player game takes a while, damage is not the highest. Also lag, closed doors, undashable obstacles or narrow pathways slow you down a lot, to the point, where a fast movespeed character can catch on. On open maps without obstacles, the speed is unmatched, though, its not even close.

    Usually starting with Act 5, because of the insane travel distance required for a lot of the quests there. In a fast group, my mates usually finish the other acts in about the same time I need to solo Act 5.

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    posted a message on What do I need to change?

    The easiest way to progress to higher Grifts is focusing on one specific build. Currently, your build is kind of all over the place, you try many things at once. Generator damage, Sweeping Wind, SSS, Palm from Uliana's...

    Yes, the 6 piece of Uliana's is very powerful, and can easily carry you to GR40+ on its own. There are a couple of items you need to really make use of this, though.

    • Ditch the Thousand Storms bonus. It sounds powerful on paper, but its more useful in another build. Uliana's 6 piece is much more powerful.
    • You either want Gungdo Gears or Madstone to easily keep Exploading Palm applied on the enemies, maybe even both.
    • You want a Flow of Eternity and cooldown reduction on gear to use SSS consistently. 50% cooldown + Flow in cube + "Sustained Attack" rune on SSS are a good start.
    • You want to use Exploding Palm in your skills. Not to apply it manually, but to get the bonus of the much more powerful "Impending Doom" rune.
    • In the long run, you want the Lion's Claw and Fist of Az'Turrasq weapons. A decent ancient 2hander is good enough to start with, but as soon as you have these 2 weapons, replace the 2 hander, even if the 1handers are not ancient yet.

    Check out the Guides on the front page.

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    posted a message on Solo WW bard 1-70 in about 15 min
    Quote from troqugo-next
    Wasn't it changed last season to multiplicative with exp mods on gear? Or was that not also applied to the Hellfire Ring for some reason?
    It is only calculated multiplicatively within greater rifts, which you can only enter with a level 70 character.
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    posted a message on Solo WW bard 1-70 in about 15 min
    Quote from Ozmodiago-next

    @Temsen ok im gonna try a Gem of ease in 1 weapon, but im not sure it would be a good idea to remove +45% exp in Hellfire ring

    Since the base XP for T6 is 1600% and the XP bonuses are additive outside of greater rifts, the 45% XP bonus provided by the Hellfire Ring only translates into about 2.8% more effective XP. And I'd argue, that hitting 70 3% faster really doesn't matter at that point, but the same is probably true for adding a DPS ring instead.

    Hellfire however does have the convenient level requirement of 1, though, without the need to spend another Gem of Ease.

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