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    Yes, additional damage is also very strong or even better with 2.1 but I would still prefer the CDR for other spells like Black Hole, Teleport, Frost Nova (depending of build). Pure damage will not help in higher GRifts. Versatility is the key and CDR offers it.
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    Quote from Ormone88
    I don't know about the build, but i know what you should do with the weapon: reroll area damage into 10% damage, and then wait for 2.1 and Ramaladni's gift.

    I would recommend rerolling to -10 % CDR instead of damage.
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    Quote from Desolacer
         im sorry for my slighty aggrivated attitude, but im really tired of this bullshit, its in every post :/ (and it wont end)
        You dont have to apologize^^ (wont change anything at all)
        Welcome in the Diablo 3 community (hi)
        So many no-brainers :( (ptr, dh, sentries)
        It will never change. (second word first thread)

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    +6% Damage and +8% Damage caused this increase if you have a closer look at the screenshots.
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    Quote from ghostwheel The move to complete account bound was a sound idea but I think we went too far. I think the longevity of the game has suffered as players have reached a point where they are managing the highest level of gameplay with items that can be found within a relatively short period of time (from days to weeks) and feel there's just little to no motivation to continue. Perhaps the item you really want doesn't drop either and players give up waiting for specific items to drop as well.

    Ah, the famous longevity debate. Maybe there is just little to no motivation to continue for you? Do you have one or even more perfectly equipped characters? P800? Achievements? Tried an exotic build (reminds me of Jaetchs Ninja Wizard back in Classic)? Something completely different? Just playing the game for one specific item to drop will probably lead to frustration. Sure, there are some really rare items but during farming sessions may drop interesting loot as well, e.g. excellent gear for other builds (found some awesome Arcane gear for my Wizard although I play Fire).

    Quote from ghostwheel

    Ladder seasons may be a solution to help bring back players but I believe that we should reintroduce trading which is imo a large part of what made the Diablo series special for many people.

    So, trading made the Diablo series special for many people? How many people? The majority? In addition, I do not understand how trading made Diablo special in comparison to other ARPGs which also offer trading. Diablo was and is more than just trading. It is the mixture of all aspects of the game. Some are more important, some are less important for each player. By the way, Ladders are mainly for competition and/or a fresh, new beginning.

    Quote from ghostwheel

    Trading itself would bring back memories of my past when I was a kid in school; we had football stickers back then which we traded with each other for a complete set as well as to build an impressive set of shiny stickers to show off (the silver and gold ones were the most valuable). Trading would imo bring back that aspect of gameplay which is entirely lacking with this version of Diablo.

    Trading has something to do with gameplay? I thought of it as an alternative method of obtaining gear. Gameplay seems to me to be something of attribute, combat, skill mechanics etc. If you have the desire to show off, you can still do that, e.g. Diabloprogress. Just post a gorgeous screenshot of a specific stat from Diabloprogress in addition to your signature.

    Quote from ghostwheel

    Imo players want the rarest of items in their collection and I think it's highly unlikely players are going to find many near perfect rolls - to slowly build your rare collection by trading is something that would help motivate players to continue playing beyond beating the highest gameplay modes.

    So, slowly obtaining almost perfectly rolled gear by trading is fine. Slowly obtaining almost perfectly rolled gear by playing is not so fine respectively not enough? Beating the highest gameplay modes was never an important goal in Diablo. As you stated, obtaining the best gear possible could be a goal. In addition, what a goal is, is entirely subjective.

    Quote from ghostwheel

    So I've been racking my brains for the most viable solution that can be implemented.

    Thanks for enlightening me.

    Quote from ghostwheel

    Here's my proposal :
    - reintroduce trading but allow each account to unlock the bind on account to up to 10 items (or less if Blizzard see's fit)
    - Once the BoA has been lifted on the item. You may only trade that item for another from any player who has also lifted their BoA and you cannot drop or destroy such items. Hardcore characters who lose these collectible items are forever stuck with a lost collectible slot (it's the players call to play with these items afterall, you can always place such items on a trophy character that only wears such items)

    Now the idea behind limiting the number of collectible tradable items is to reduce the incentive of a botter to gather items, hopefully to such an extent that the cost of buying a game outweighs the potential sale of the items. Making it not possible to destroy or drop these collectible items also further reduces the incentive for bots as trading in rubbish items for their sold items will use up the slots until they are all filled with rubbish (resulting in an account that that's worthless to them as a trader and having to go through setting up a brand new account again to level up; all of which takes time as well).

    I think this potential solution may serve as good candidate to reintroduce trading but still preserve the current state of gameplay where all items are BoA as these "collectible" items serve only as an end game for players who wish to hunt for the perfect rolled item to be in their collection.

    This won't stop botting itself either. Open trading of any kind will always attract botting but I believe it's the best way to mitigate the incentive to bot while opening up trading for everybody else who enjoy collecting and trading.

    And what happens after using 10 slots? Buy additional 10 charges for real currency? Get a new game? There are six classes which results in less than two potential items per class. What if class changes or non-retroactive item changes occur? You are probably being stuck with that slot. Players who enjoy collecting can actually play the game. Trading is a nice feature and the current system is not perfect but it is far better than the classic system or such a limited system. If trading is such an important aspect for some players, they should probably play something else. Players who have a strong desire for a trading system may just be pleased by this limited system temporarily.

    Edit I: Tried to fix formatting and errors.
    Edit II: Made it worse. Still got problems with the "new" system. GZ for 8 years, Enty. ;)
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    These kind of threads can only mean one thing: it's summer.
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    Quote from Lunity
    Did they confirm that you can stack up a full Firebirds set and it will take on the changes for when they finally release 2.1 ?

    I have the set laying, and with pretty decent stats also, but not using, and just want to be sure they will be usable at some point :)

    Yes, the set bonus change is retroactive.
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    ITT: Masochism.
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