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    posted a message on Printable Checklist for Kanai's Cube, and other tools

    Just uploaded the new version, for Season 12, patch 2.6.1

    Full details at:

    (Note that my Sprinter Guide will be completely overhauled in time for Season 13.)

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    posted a message on Sprinter Guide v3.0 released (with heaps of improvements)

    I've just uploaded a new version of my Guides to the Sprinter and Speed Racer Conquests.

    What is the Sprinter Guide?

    A detailed, printable guide that gives you all you need to know -- right when you need it -- to smash the Sprinter and Speed Racer conquests.

    What's in the Sprinter Guide?

    There are five main sections:

    1. Introductory Notes -- (including explanations of how to understand and use the Guides, and tips for builds, tricky maps, etc)
    2. Town Camper Guide -- (detailed enough that even a monkey wouldn't mess it up)
    3. Runner Guide -- (including maps and strategies for division of labour)
    4. Concise Runner Guide -- (just the essentials, for quick reference during a run)
    5. Time Record -- (to help analyse what went wrong, and for posterity)

    The Introductory Notes include separate sections for Runners, the Town Camper, and Everyone.

    Do I Need to Read the Whole Sprinter Guide?

    Certainly not!

    You can skip straight to the Guide you'll need during the run. The Town Camper should print the Town Camper Guide and the Time Record. Runners should print just the Concise Runner Guide. Everyone should skim read some of the Notes, to make sure they understand the Guides, and to pick up any Tips they may not have seen.

    Where Can I Download the Sprinter Guide?

    The quick link is (mouse over the link to see the full destination).

    You can download the whole guide (and just print the bits you need), or download the individual sections.

    I apologise about the two extra clicks for the larger files -- free web hosts...

    What's Changed Since Version 2 of the Sprinter Guide?

    1. A whole new section: The Concise Runner Guide. Much easier to use during gameplay than the full version.
    2. Captions on all the maps.
    3. Visual directions for three maps in Act 5 (with proper maps planned).
    4. Contents table showing the different parts of the guide. (You only need to print the bit you'll be using.)
    5. Clearer layout of the Notes (with corrections and clarifications).
    6. Each section now has its own page number prefix, from A to E.
    7. Corrections and other adjustments, based on experience running the conquest a few more times.
    8. Updated target times for Act 3.

    What's Next for the Sprinter Guide?

    I have some ideas, and some feedback to address. This includes (in rough order of priority):

    1. Adding stylised maps for Act 5, to replace the coloured arrows.
    2. Using GameFAQs to host the files, so every download link is direct.
    3. Rearranging the sections, moving the heavy text to the end.
    4. Adding more icons (like the speech-bubble icon that means "talk"), especially to the older parts of the guide.
    5. Adding more colour cues to the Town Camper Guide.
    6. Using more headings in the Notes, so specific information is quicker to find.
    7. CSS overhaul of my website (it'll never happen: too boring).

    Items 1 to 3 are likely to happen during Season 9. Beyond that, I'll tackle things based on feedback and enthusiasm. So let me know if you like or dislike these ideas (politely), or if you can think of better solutions.

    Before any of that, I need to finish off the patch 2.4.3 version of my Kanai's Cube Checklist (possibly tomorrow).

    Happy Gaming!

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    posted a message on Printable Checklist for Kanai's Cube, and other tools

    I've updated my Kanai's Cube Checklist for Season 7 (patch 2.4.2).

    Like before, find it at my Diablo 3 Reference Material page -- shortcut URL is

    I've decided to provide both PDF and Word versions (oldschool_2o4f, I'm way ahead of you, but I appreciate the confirmation). The Season 6 version is also available, at the bottom of the page.

    Personally, I save the old version just before each new season, transfer my data (in the form of Wingdings ticks) to the new version, and print out a fresh copy for the new season. Note that, when transferring data between different versions, you'll need to make allowances for the new powers inserted in the list.

    I also have an extensive update to my Sprinter guide in the works, this time also covering the Runners. I expect to put this up on the same page on the weekend or early next week (anyone trying for Sprinter in the first week probably doesn't need my help!).

    HELP! If anyone knows a good, quick way to capture and convert Diablo III area maps to black on white, please get in touch! I could really use your help. (My process takes ages.)

    As always, respectful feedback is very welcome!

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    posted a message on Printable Checklist for Kanai's Cube, and other tools

    If you'd like me to release a Word version of the Kanai's Cube Checklist that you can fill in electronically (in Word), you can indicate that by voting up this post.

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    posted a message on Printable Checklist for Kanai's Cube, and other tools

    If you're finding it hard to keep track of which items are in Kanai's Cube, particularly between classes or between season and non-season, have I got the tool for you: a printable checklist for all items in Kanai's Cube (recently updated for patch 2.4.1).

    Find it at my Diablo 3 Reference Material page

    You'll also find a Town Camper guide for the Sprinter achievement (likely to return next season), which allows even the slowest character to act as Town Camper (and makes mistakes much less likely). No need to print the intro; jump straight to the quest-by-quest table.

    There's a Time Record table for Sprinter, including rough quest-by-quest timings.

    And there's a Keyboard Layout record table (for when the Powers destroy your custom key bindings). I've included both default key bindings and my own favoured set-up -- definitely reduces finger stress.

    If you'd like to help out with suggestions, corrections, or data gathering for bigger projects, please follow the contact links. I'd love to hear from you. I didn't get a lot of traction on the official Diablo forums, but I figure DiabloFans are likely to be more discerning. :)


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