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    posted a message on Question on Primals (Zodiac Ring)

    Hey there,

    so as far as I understood, primal items will always roll with the optimal number of sockets ( 3 on chest, 0 on weapon, 1 on jewelary, etc...). I wonder now, how does it work for rings that never roll with a socket, i.e. the Zodiac ring? Will it get buffed to 4 mainstats + socket or wont it roll with a socket in this case?

    Thanks for any insight

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Banwave: Blizzard bans botters from US Servers finally

    On conculsion:

    "While you’re at it, could you please address the issue of users recreating new accounts for the sole purpose of gaining 3 rollbacks every season? Exploiting a useful mechanic in this way is still an exploit. Why should these users get 3x their bounty mats and 3x their keys?"

    Can you please elaborate on what you mean? Why would one get more bounty mats/keys if you use reincarnation (at least thats what I think you mean with "rollback")?

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    posted a message on Manald Heal damage in d3planner simulation?

    Ok, somehow i thought d3planner would read its values and formulas out of the game files. I guess i read it somewhere in one of those places in the internet ... :) Thx for clarifying this

    Besides that, I am totally aware of the fact that d3planner simulations are not to be taken too seriously, however it can sometimes help to get some feeling, especially if you compare small variations of a specific build. Sometimes I have the impression that figuring out certain game mechanics has become a real part of the season progression, apart from the more traditional ones gear and paragon :)

    I do not believe that "everything has been figured out", to continue your point instead, we see at the moment that new insights can even pop up 2 seasons late with the iteration of the gen monk in the 4man group meta (S7: fire+area dmg, S8: fire+attackspeed, S9: cold+attackspeed).

    The fact that the official website is flawed like that can really make one think about the status of the game...

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    posted a message on Manald Heal damage in d3planner simulation?

    Hey there,

    does anyone know if it is currently bugged, and is not calculated or am I missing something?

    I wanted to do some simulations but the damage of the ring does not appear in the simulation window.

    p.s. has there been a new banwave? The official gr ranking on the battle net website, as well as diabloscan leaderboard are filled with holes...

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 now runs in DirectX 11, x64 with gsync

    Hm if there really is a change, it should affect the currect status of breakpoints, or am I wrong?

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    posted a message on D3planner wrong multipliers?

    When I said the above entries are multiplicative I meant that the final damage value is calculated by multiplying the different multipliers with the base damage. As I told you before, your way of calculating 100 + ( 100*200%) is the same as multiplying the base value 100 with the multiplier (1+200%), hence 100*(1+200%) = 100*3 = 300. With your way you will end up with a mess if you consider several sources of damage buffs.

    The damage formula is always

    base damage * multiplier1 * multiplier2 * multiplier3 * ...

    where each multiplier is equal to (1 + x/100), and x is the value in your text, if it says "increased by x% ...".

    If the text says "dealing x% weapon/thorns dmg..." , then the multiplier will be only (x/100).

    Hence, the multiplier of Akarats Champion is (1+600/100) = 7, which is displayed by in the d3planner formula as the one before last factor.

    In the end it does not matter how you calculate the result as long as the final number is the same. It might just be more difficult to discuss with other players if you have different definitions.

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    posted a message on D3planner wrong multipliers?

    Hm I hope it got clear for you now, some phrases make be however believe that its not the case...

    To be clear: ALL entries listed in d3planner above MULTIPY your thorns damage, they are NOT ADDITIVE.

    If this was clear already, then ignore this post, otherwise please ask again, so we can sort out your issue..

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    Quote from The Zephgo-next

    Still, what's the reason "Skill multiplier: 500%" counts as 5? Should it not be 6?

    Its because the skill (Steed Charge) is doing 500% thorns damage, and not increasing your thorns damage by 500%.

    Thanx guys. Looks like the formula is simplified in d3planner.

    All thorns damage is additive to "basic thorns" (which is thorns rolls and passive/stacks of thorns).

    If you have 0 thorns you will deal 0+(0*2,17) = 0 thorns damage

    if you have 1 thorns you will deal 1+(1*2,17) = 3,17 thorns

    If you have 3 thorns you will deal 3+(3*2,17)= 9,51 thorns

    this formula is visually misleading. At least for me:

    I would rather say, your formula is overly complicated :)
    The strength multiplier is simply (1+Str/100), so instead of [Thorns]+ ([Thorns] * Str/100) I would rather write (as is d3planner doing) [Thorns]*(1+Str/100). Otherwise you will end up in a mess with several multipliers involved.

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    posted a message on D3planner wrong multipliers?


    with a "0% increase", you deal 100% = 1 dmg,

    with a "100% increase", you deal 100%+100% = 200% dmg, or simply 100%*2 = 200%, thats why the multiplier is 2 and

    with a "600% increase", you deal 100%+600% = 700% dmg, or simply 100%*7 = 700%, thats why the multiplier is 7.

    With a "100% increase" AND a "600% increase", you deal

    100% + 100% + 600% = 800% dmg, or simply 100%*8 = 800% IF both effects add to the SAME multiplier

    100% * (100% + 100%) * (100% + 600%) = 100% * 2 * 7 = 1400% IF both effects are SEPARARTE multipliers.

    I hope this clarifies the issue.

    Edit: Just take whatever explanation you prefer, but the damage is calculated correctly as far as I see.

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    posted a message on How do I keep my DPS alive?

    I recommend using the Temple of Protection rune for Inner Sanc for cc-immunity. Remember that in 2 man GR there is no Barb with IP. I prefer further the Implosion rune on Cyclone Strike for better pulling as the healing via Soothing Breeze is afaik capped at 1APS and hence worse than your healing from epiphany.

    Looking at your gear, I think you lack CDR. You miss it on one weapon, shoulder and amulet slot. In addition you can roll from 6% to 8% on your Oculus Ring and Gloves. With enough CDR you can achieve 100% Inner Sanc uptime WITHOUT Zodiac procs. If it's a bit less it is still ok, but try to get as much as possible. Other than that you should look for an ancient Zodiac with Health globe bonus. The more you have, the better :)

    I don't know about your WD but if he dies while standing and attacking in a big pull of monsters, he should try the swampland passive for a huge resistance boost (you should still avoid arcane and too much lightning). If he dies in transition from one pack to another make sure that he does not get stuck. Try to pull the monsters out of his way with Cyclone strike. This helps you also keeping your 50% dmg reduction buff from Lefebvres.

    Regarding loosing the SH stacks, I don't know, as I do not play WD, but is it not possible to keep the buff up all the time?

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    posted a message on R6 gen seems _very_ weak, or am I just bad?

    I would recommend using Radiance as rune for Dashing Strike and to compensate for the loss of toughness using a String of Ears instead of Witching Hour. Top player still use WH, but I assume they get enough toughness from Paragon and fish deep enough for the right rift ;)

    Regarding gameplay:

    Dash into oculus circles and use Cyclone Strike.

    Try to keep your toughness buffs up, but dont spam any of your skills, or you will run out of Spirit resulting in dealing no damage. Also do not use your Breath of Heaven when your FD proccs and you are in good density. Keep it for the situations where you have barely enough Spirit to use Cyclone Strike.

    Your FD procc is almost everything, you will see that when it is off your damage drops, your healing drops, your Spirit drops, resulting again in less damage and also you will have a harder time keeping up your toughness buffs. So keeping your FD buff active is most important. Your passive Seize the Initiative provides you with 30% increased attackspeed if you attack monsters with more that 75% Life, hence you should try to always have some "fresh" monsters in the pack you are attacking. This will help your FP proccing a lot.

    Other than that the usual rules for greater rifts hold true: Skip dangerous elite packs (I struggle the most with arcane/knockback/vortex, however I personally run with a low CDR variant) and try to drag the easier elites with you through the rift.

    70 should be no problem, but it needs some rifts to get used to it if you have not played generator monk before :)

    For really high greater rifts, I expect however that you will need more area damage on your gear.

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    posted a message on Best solo "p-level" build? (1-2 items with gem of ease)

    Well I would use one Gem of Ease in the socket of a 2h ancient weapon (Wormwood seems decent) and the second one to remove the level requirement on Custerian Wristguards (XP for Gold drop). Furthermore, using Hellfire amulet and ring (they both have no level req.) with the highest dmg rolls, and at least one socket to use with a Boon of the Hoarder (ideally lv 50) should help as well getting you asap to Level 70. I guess running vaults from Puzzle Rings or HoA3/Ruins of Corvus, should be the fastest.

    For the cube, maybe a Maximus might be good and even fun to use :)

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    posted a message on Best Follower Builds 2.4.2

    While people discuss wheter to take Eun-Jang-Do or Thunderfury to stun via Wyrdward, monks are stuck with a Unity ring :)

    I prefer using Thunderfury, because I hate it when my follower interrupts pulling a low HP elite to the next pack.

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    posted a message on T13 under 4 minutes, struggle
    Quote from Lbtmiago-next

    or just go to public game and do it in 4

    regarding tips above

    1. rubbish

    2.yep rather fire then phys. soj (fireballs are main dmg dealer)

    3. u can try roll ad when u dont need so much cdr (more cdr more mana=dmg from blinding flash and epiphany)

    4. agility only when u die to often

    5. NDE like above and Exalted soul or momentum should be changed it depends what u feel u need the most

    6. in-geom only in groups solo u wont kill packs fast enough to keep its uptime in most locations

    also u can try to roll ad in shoulders or even cdr ad rcr

    Well, as always there are several ways of playing. I prefer to run with high RCR and make up for the low CDR via more Zodiac procs, because I
    can spam more LTK which results also in more damage.
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    posted a message on T13 under 4 minutes, struggle

    When I run this build, I dont feel the necessity of so much cdr, so this is what I would recommend you to change:

    - yellow gem in Helm for more RCR

    - swap Unity for CoE or a physical SoJ

    - roll Vit on gloves instead of CDR

    - change Mantra to Mantra of Salvation - Agility

    - Change Beacon of Ytar passive to Near Death Experience or Chant of Resonance

    - swap Furnace in cube to In-Geom

    In the end, it will however come down to personal preference, but I would recommend you to try these changes, or at least the changes in Skills and Cube, if you dont want to reroll your items ;)

    Your gear should be good enough, I dont have any augments on my farm-monk neither.

    Regarding gameplay, Huckleberry has said almost everything, but you should not forget that the timer ends when you talk to Orek, not after killing the boss. Other than that: Dont pick up stuff, and it should be doable after a few tries, even in solo play ;)

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