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  • posted a message on Bring back trading - Clan trading only - Diablo is missing certain social dynamics within the game
    "Bye guys for 30 days, brb"

    *Bleu has left the clan*

    *Bleu has joined the clan SuperBotStoreYay*

    *Bleu buys all the best BiS items from the superbotstore*

    "Bleu rejoins old clan" Hey everyone I just got BiS gear
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  • posted a message on Crusader holiday
    Not to speak for any other sader, but I mained a sader all the way through season one, got pretty much every item for BiS I needed ect, and I never visit the sader forums lol. Might be the case with others.
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  • posted a message on Diablo III MOBA
    Read until your last sentence "twich viewer count". Anyone who bases if they like a game on how many other people watch the game just blows mai miiiiinnnddd
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  • posted a message on PTR Patch 2.1.2 - Legendary Goblin?
    Same exact thing happened to me. Found him alone after finding all those pairs, and I *think* his name was malevolent goblin. Dropped 7 legendaries hahah
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  • posted a message on New look on 'Gift of Ancient' idea
    Well said Angzt, +1.
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  • posted a message on Travis Day Interview by Diablo IncGamers
    In Flux's defense these are the same questions that have been asked and not just by him. Seeing him poke Travis for an actual response is a good thing. I get a bit tired of reading the corporate line from fanboys. Good for Flux trying to make edgy comments to try and get some reaction.

    Don't you all get tired of NO ONE ever saying anything that has real value? "we feel this is in a good place(insert 6pc sets, barbs, monks, etc)" - how many times have you seen and actually AGREED with that statement? Are we not the customer? Do we not have input beyond "designing a legendary item workshop"? Did everyone forget PVP? Has everyone forgotten the "millions" of builds?

    That said, I am grateful for even the smallest scraps of changes that lead to something better because this isn't going to change anytime soon.

    Actually, no, you don't have input beyond that. Getting to even do the legendary workshop is actually a plus, because you're a paying customer for THEIR product. This entitlement attitude is just exponentially growing and it blows my mind. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Don't, however, try to claim that you've got some God-given right to decisions made for the product.

    And @ Ruksak, I completely agree. I'm honestly embarrassed to be a part of the same gamer base as that guy. I can't believe they couldn't get someone more professional in there.
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  • posted a message on That's it?
    Quote from Noplaygo-next
    You got to admit, with Activision as the helm of the company, D3 has lost the revenue generating value from the closure of auction house, while other games such as WoW and Hearthstone continue to generate constant source of revenue. Starcraft as well because there is tournament involved. D3, not so much.

    However, saying this new crusader class is rather disappointing is an understatement.

    Assasins and Druids definitely provided more excitement as the expansion class from Diablo franchise.

    All in all, that new belt isn't going to save this class and allow it to improve to compete with other classes.

    Other than t6, I don't bother touching it anymore.

    Sorry to say sir, you're highly misinformed. Activision doesn't have a single say in anything Blizzard does, and does not own Blizzard. They may be partners, but Blizzard bought itself from Vivendi, effectively making themselves their own publisher and producer. Blizzard sets their own dates and their own rules.
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  • posted a message on Ancient items - blessing or curse?
    Quote from Bellocgo-next

    Quote from Legintown
    @Belloc: First things first. The end-game in Diablo is no longer farming gear. Gear is now a means to an end: getting higher on the leaderboards. Also, I think you should re-read my post. I'm not complaining about more farming. I like farming gear, but I don't want the RNG to be so bad that getting, for instance, an ancient Furnace is the equivalent of winning the lottery. In theory, you could go 800 paragon levels without ever getting the Furnace, and as a Barbarian, you can forget about ever getting top 10 on the leaderboards without it.

    I wasn't specifically referring to you, even though it's your thread -- just that there are so many threads about the topic and almost everyone is complaining.

    That said, yes, Diablo is 100% about farming gear. Leaderboard progression makes up a very small % of the game and most people are not interested in it in the slightest. Also, Leaderboard progression (aka Grifts) are pretty much identical to regular rifts and gameplay (just more difficult). Your average D3 player is just grinding for gear.

    I have to agree. Although I put in a couple hundred hours into this season so far, and have yet to find me a furnace to get higher Grifts, it doesn't bother me a bit. Leaderboards are awesome, and it's fun to try and see how high you can get, but I'm definitely one of those people that just doesn't care that much that I can't get higher on the Grifts because one of those super important items hasn't dropped yet. Hell, I actually LIKE that, it keeps me playing, knowing that it's likely I won't be seeing every legendary before a season is over.

    In short; to a player like me who pours a ton of time into the game, I still only find Grifts a fun thing, and the real end game to me is just finding items. Therefore, ancient items is a welcome addition.
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  • posted a message on Jawbreaker/Rainment build in 2.1.2 for Monk
    Quote from Shiroirogo-next
    I have no idea why are you even mentioning Jawbreaker lol.

    Because free dashing strikes forever with the jawbreaker means free dmg.
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  • posted a message on Ancient items and retroactive changes to current legendaries
    My guess is that unless it's a full on change to the already existing unique affix on legendaries, then no it won't be retroactive. Skull grasp atm doesn't have anything special which probably means hoarding them won't do anything, since you'll only find the new affix with a fresh drop after the patch.
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