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    It was said in the patch notes that Legendary gems would get hard capped at 150 but no mention of a 100 cap for consoles only which makes it a bug, plain and simple.

    No it doesn't, not technically. That could also be an undocumented change.
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    My multishot DH is pretty great at it, so there's that.

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    Well it's not line of sight that blocks teleport, it's pathing. Intentional too, considering how op teleport would be if you didn't have to open or break doors, such as being able to cheese fights by popping in and out with the mobs being trapped.

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    If you got the mats to burn, you can just upgrade 2 hand polearms. It's what I had to do on my DH.

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  • posted a message on Diablo Patch 2.5 - A wishlist

    Artisan gems;

    If we're going to have + bonus items like Diablo 2 charms, they shouldn't be taking up stash space. Something like the charm-wheel (forgot the name) that Blizzard had previewed before launch would be far better, as it would limit how many can be used.

    I'm not a fan of all the increases to drops, class specific drops and ancient drops. It's already far too easy to gear up, and the 15% chance for actual random non class specific loot is a good compromise between what we had at launch and only gear for your class.


    Same thoughts as above; finding gear is already a cakewalk. We've already got the recipe to convert rares into legendaries, this would be even more overkill. If anything, Kadala should only have armor / weapon / jewelry choices, but that's my own opinion.


    Also same reason as my first comment on your non class specific drop changes. It's okay that 15% of drops are actually random, this is a loot game after all and it's fun for a lot of people to suddenly find an ancient wand on their Barbarian, maybe they'll start up a Wizard.

    I do like the main stat change to paragon, but I'd vote for the change to start at Paragon 800.

    Highest group greater rift increasing your cap would just leave out every player who doesn't have three other equally geared out friends, and it would leave out all the players who chose not to play the meta classes. Leaving it as solo highest GR is fine.

    Showing Plevel on leaderboards at the time of the clear would be nice.

    I like the idea of Infernal Torment, and I've wanted something like this for awhile.

    Crafting Materials;

    There's no reason to change these now. We used to have 9 + different mats depending on difficulty and level, and the consolidation that crafting went through worked. What we have now feels good.

    Kanais Cube;

    Having a recipe to convert crafting mats into bounty mats would have to have an extremely high cost, otherwise bounties become useless again. Having these mats separated by activity type is a great way to change up gameplay depending on what you want to achieve.


    Would be nice to be able to use other follower items besides the invincible one, so I'm for this. Not sure why we'd want a chest slot added though.

    I'm always happy people love this game enough to write up posts like this trying to make it better, so don't take my negativity as me being a jerk, I just don't see the necessity behind a lot of the proposed changes, that's all.

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  • posted a message on any thoughts on why we cant transmog certain weapons into... other weapons?

    I think the answer is weapon types have different animations, and xmog probably wasn't made with the ability to change that.

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    Necro confirmed!

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  • posted a message on How long did it take you to find your favorite class?

    It's been since 2012 and the Druid is nowhere to be found, so for me, four years and counting... =P

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  • posted a message on It's Christmas every day! - Every hour, every minute .. Shouldn't a "Legendary" item actually have more substance to it?

    When given the choice between past and now for itemization, of course now is better, but I understand your point OP, and it's one that I've talked with my friends about for awhile.

    Back when you wouldn't find a legendary for over an hour, and the concern of going over 8 hours without seeing one meant a pity timer got put into place in the background. That was bad, and wasn't a lot of fun. I remember when I first heard that full clearing the game on story mode would give you a promised legendary at the end, and I was like 'omg that's OP'.

    But somewhere between then and now, we've made the item hunt almost trivial, and I fear it's because of ancient items.

    Back in Vanilla, the mindset on one aspect of itemization was that "rares should have a chance to be better than legendaries". On paper that sounded good, because if a player finally got decked out in gear, there would still be an item hunt. Obviously now that was a very bad design choice, since finding a legendary meant KNOWING you're about to throw it away.

    And unfortunately, I think the same type of mindset is back again. Now it's "let legendaries drop like candy, and introduce systems (gambling, upgrading rares) that will making finding your 6p set, and all accompanying items, take mere HOURS into max level. The item hunt will instead come from trying to find the same item, just with more.... stats."

    It's definitely not 2001 anymore, there's tons of games out there and probably not as many people have the ability to play D3 as much as we loved to play D2. I feel like Blizzard doesn't want to scare away anyone if they find out they'll have to put some time to find those awesome items, but in doing that Blizzard is scaring away the more 'hardcore' players. With every season new stuff has been added, and it's been great. The problem is, with every season the time my friends and I feverishly play has gotten less and less.

    Season 1? I think I played almost to the end of that season, even as ungodly long as it was. Season 2 was about 6 weeks straight. S3 I stopped in less than a month, S4 was about two weeks, and this season? I've already got every item I need, for four completely different sets on my DH, and it's been 11 days. I might still try to stretch it out, but the base item hunt is gone, and ancients are just a band aid.

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    Maybe Blizzard could make an exception for other classes, but I have to assume that this is intentional because of the Witch Doctor. If the bosses attacked randomly, or whatever is closest, that would be problematic because of the WD having so many pets. Could be wrong, but that's my guess.

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