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    Well you know. If Barbs were clearing 48 without Motrick's then motrick' would be justified, on a single rune surely, maybe even on multiple runes. But they push the highest rifts on the leaderboard even without it. With motricks 60+ would be the standard which would by far beat all the other classes, and as blizz said they want more balance.

    One could argue that unhallowed is the strongest, although it has much more iem requirements than anything else + its much harder. I mean dhs might push 2 levels higher than Barbs, but only a few. But what i think really determines the balance between sets is not the select few people willing to remake GR-s a hundreds of tims to get the perfect dreamrift, but the big average. If we want to look at the balance, lets check out the ENTRY POINT for greater rifts.

    BARB- 52 season 52

    CRUS- 48 - season 47

    DH - 50 - season 52

    MONK - 48 - season 50

    WD - 47- season 47

    WIZARD - 50 - season 50

    Hmmm, the entry point of BABS is 5 levels higher than the entry point of WD-s to GR-s Maybe you wanna give motricks WD version to WD-s. :D

    (And i am not a WD player.....)

    All of the 47wds use a DOD is my point, the class is restricted to one wep that costs 75bloods and never drops. You also need the 6pc and a good carn helm for it to work. By far the most gear intenisive build in the game and still -5.

    Lol because they need a full set, a weapon and the accompanying legendary, it's 'by far the most gear intensive build in the game'?

    Also, they aren't -5. There's one Grift level different between solo WD and solo Barb on the seasonal ladder.

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    Season 3 solo WD highest clear is a 56. Barb is a 57. You're argument is invalid.

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    nr. 3 and 6 place? not good enough. even if the game is "old" and exspansion 1 year old. Indeed is selling well, is a known fact.

    But lets say 200.000 get banned and 80 % will buy a new licence 40 dollars = 6.400.000 dollars is a good number, with little effort. Do not understimate the owners. The results on the button line counts. providing a profit of 6 million dollars without doing much is a very good move. That many cheeseburgers! or donuts!

    200,000 !??!? Oh my lord.. why not just say "lets say eleventy billion get banned, and 99% buy new license = 13 gajillion dollars extra profit!" if we're going to make up completely insane number that have absolutely no basis in reality or indeed sanity.

    Holy shit you're on to something!@!@!

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    im surprised it took blizzard a week to fix it, it was reported multiple times
    but about mannercookie yea i know he was exploiting and streaming it but he i dont think the ban was necessary. If you actually watched his stream he was testing how fast someone could get full ancient gear he even made a new toon so it wouldnt affect what he is actually playing. He kept all the mats and everything he gained from that exploit on that toon and once he had his fun he was going to delete it. its not like he was doing it to get perfect gear to push grifts or anything like the rest of them were.

    Sooooo, because he's a streamer he should be able to exploit and get away with it? It doesn't matter what 'intentions' he had with it, he was streaming the exploit, deliberately USING the exploit, and deserves a ban just as much as anyone else.

    I've also got to 'lol' at your line "once he had his fun he was going to delete it". Oh, ok, well then by all means he should have his fun, let's let him exploit! Would that fly if I said that? What If I came on the forums and starting whining that I got banned, even though I promised I'd stop sometime after I 'tested' it some more! (read: had my fun).

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    Wow, if all of this news of the bans is accurate, I'm impressed. I hate to see people not be able to play D3, but bans are entirely warranted here. They knew what they were doing, it was deliberate, and it absolutely hurt the progression rate for anyone trying to climb leaderboards. Bravo Blizzard!

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    I think they need to keep them, but adjust them, and I am pretty sure that is what Wyatt will do, as he hinted in the tavern talk.

    The goal is to have you do trials, but once you unlock say GR25, you can then use your trial keystone and turn it into any GRift 1-25 without running the trial.

    I think the problem brought up by the front page does need to be addressed; Leveling legendary gems. You can already 'slog' through a high Grift that you're not geared for just to level your gems, but the time needed to do that is far greater then the proposed change. You have to do the trial, then complete whatever levels you get to get higher and higher. You can't really cheese this solo because if you have the gear to complete the trials and the subsequent Grifts to get to the level that will increase your gem, then yea you deserve it.

    This system would allow a player to just purchase, or start a very high level Grift (say they can complete 44 solo, but that's the absolute highest) and just spend the next 45 minutes throwing bodies at it. This is of course assuming you unlock a Grift based on if you beat it, grouped up or solo.

    If you do unlock that level by completing it in a group, then the above problem arises; get carried once to a 4 person ~55, then cheese. If the unlocks, however, are only based on solo progress, then that might disrupt a lot of groups, because while some of them might be able to solo high levels, the player(s) that have built their characters on pure Zdps will be left behind.

    Whether we're just playing for fun or not, there's a huge chunk of us that likes to play optimally, albeit with varying degrees. Getting your gems as high as you can is a big upgrade, and I really don't want this to turn into a mandatory slog-through-Grifts-you-aren't-geared-for to get your gems to 50.

    I really can't think of a very elegant solution however. I guess, if I had to make a decision right now, I would have it work as follows;

    Trials still exist, and function just the same. For every Greater Rift level that you've completed in time solo, you unlock the ability to purchase said level from a vendor in town, using keystones dropped from regular rifts.

    While this will tremendously help players who like to play solo, it only slightly helps group players. Instead of your 4 man having to start a trial every time, you can instead start at the Greater Rift level the lowest player on the team has. Yea, you don't get to go spam 55's because one player can't solo a 45, but at least you can start at a 44 instead of trials.

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    Quote from Gnadago-next

    The real issue is this:

    Why is doing this more fun, beneficial, and lucrative, than doing a Greater Rift the normal way?

    Furthermore, no one is getting banned for this. Unless Blizzard issues in-game warning, players have fair grounds to play within the scope of the game, unaltered.

    Blame QA, not the players who are just trying to keep up/compete/find some enjoyment in the grind. Bugs add interesting spikes in an otherwise static experience right now.

    I'd also say that we discovered this by accident two days ago due to a failed GR cancellation and did not try to duplicate in days following, sighting that 2 minute GR35 runs were overall more beneficial in terms of primarily exp, but also total Legs + Bloodshards per hour.

    What you just spewed is complete bullshit. Blizzards 'warning' is the eula, they don't have to specifically name every single instance of possibilities.

    This is supposed to be a 4 month long season and we're less than a week in. There needs to be punishment for this, whether it's a ban or a gear reset as we'll as leader board position wiped. Exploits always get through, but what will make me greatly disappointed in Blizzard is if there's no rectification.

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    Quote from Blightz92go-next

    Hmm armory is off then. I have 562k HP and AR on all slots (although I want to drop it off my chest for elite reduction) and I have been using the armor rune on LoJ but you do bring up a good point about the passive, because there are periods of time where i dont have Law or Iron Skin active for brief moments but I wonder if it would be worth giving up Finery because the extra STR translates into more Armor on top of the dmg increase.

    Have you tried using LoJ decaying strength? Because you can keep it up almost permanently, it's REALLY good reduction.

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    Maybe that's the style of the set? Either way you can't have it both ways. Either they're super sexy pants and people complain, or they're like these and people complain. Blizzard can make them look how they want.

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    Are you... mad at the players? Can't tell.

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