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    My first guess is that it was one of the random magic items you get when you turn in quests, you know like a yellow chest piece or blue boots, ect. Shouldn't be important.

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    Ok, OP, it seems you've missed the point of Greater Rifts entirely.

    They are meant to NOT be beat-able. They ARE the end game, which is why there is an 'infinite' amount of Greater Rifts.

    Being able to perma-CC mobs completely side steps different mobs abilities. Coming soon, you'll HAVE to worry about winged assassins jumping to your DPS'ers, who will in turn have to start taking defensive skills / passives / runes. You'll now HAVE to worry about every mob type to varying degrees, which I personally think is very healthy for this game.

    The fact that you're calling it 'dumb design' when different mobs types can cause huge problems for your group is very telling. I applaud Blizzard for fixing this issue, and I hope they keep up with it in the future.

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    Quote from ruksakgo-next

    Love this cow level. Totally solves the problem of having so little Arcane Dust. Gotten almost 2k so far. All those chests and blues. Amazing

    As well, it gives people another reason to get out of rifts. I would be shocked, just amazed if this isn't added to the game permanently. We should be encouraging Blizz to dev more Adventure mode events like this.

    Absolutely, this needs to be permanent in some form. The Greed realm is just too rare to get people to actually like farming adventure mode and not in rifts, where as this seems to spawn in every game, just hidden.

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    Man, your profile pic really describes your threads.

    Anyway, they buffed two spenders with the set. Just like how the new Wizard set buffs two spenders. It's to give you choice. You can run either one you want, or both.

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    WTF the level doesn't come pre loaded with 79 legendaries scattered on the ground?! BROKEN FIX NAOW BLIZZ KTYX
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    Just to throw salt on the wound; My buddy found TWO ancient DoD's before he was paragon 400.

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    Quote from chadwxgo-next

    Quote from deziengo-next

    Well you know. If Barbs were clearing 48 without Motrick's then motrick' would be justified, on a single rune surely, maybe even on multiple runes. But they push the highest rifts on the leaderboard even without it. With motricks 60+ would be the standard which would by far beat all the other classes, and as blizz said they want more balance.

    One could argue that unhallowed is the strongest, although it has much more iem requirements than anything else + its much harder. I mean dhs might push 2 levels higher than Barbs, but only a few. But what i think really determines the balance between sets is not the select few people willing to remake GR-s a hundreds of tims to get the perfect dreamrift, but the big average. If we want to look at the balance, lets check out the ENTRY POINT for greater rifts.

    BARB- 52 season 52

    CRUS- 48 - season 47

    DH - 50 - season 52

    MONK - 48 - season 50

    WD - 47- season 47

    WIZARD - 50 - season 50

    Hmmm, the entry point of BABS is 5 levels higher than the entry point of WD-s to GR-s Maybe you wanna give motricks WD version to WD-s. :D

    (And i am not a WD player.....)

    All of the 47wds use a DOD is my point, the class is restricted to one wep that costs 75bloods and never drops. You also need the 6pc and a good carn helm for it to work. By far the most gear intenisive build in the game and still -5.

    Lol because they need a full set, a weapon and the accompanying legendary, it's 'by far the most gear intensive build in the game'?

    Also, they aren't -5. There's one Grift level different between solo WD and solo Barb on the seasonal ladder.

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    Season 3 solo WD highest clear is a 56. Barb is a 57. You're argument is invalid.

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    Quote from st0rmiego-next

    Quote from Horazon99go-next
    nr. 3 and 6 place? not good enough. even if the game is "old" and exspansion 1 year old. Indeed is selling well, is a known fact.

    But lets say 200.000 get banned and 80 % will buy a new licence 40 dollars = 6.400.000 dollars is a good number, with little effort. Do not understimate the owners. The results on the button line counts. providing a profit of 6 million dollars without doing much is a very good move. That many cheeseburgers! or donuts!

    200,000 !??!? Oh my lord.. why not just say "lets say eleventy billion get banned, and 99% buy new license = 13 gajillion dollars extra profit!" if we're going to make up completely insane number that have absolutely no basis in reality or indeed sanity.

    Holy shit you're on to something!@!@!

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