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  • posted a message on LvL 48 grift players disappeared
    Quote from Kamui_1337
    No one has ever gone to GR48+. The highest is level51 and thats in a 4 player group. The highest Solo is 44. and its from Gabynator aka worlds first paragon 1000 player.

    Zero idea where you come up with this non sense.

    If anything they need to reset the ladder because they revised the trial system.

    Well, the highest is 45. But yea, not 48.
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  • posted a message on Better drops in seasons consensus?
    Quote from st0rmie

    Quote from Belloc

    Drops are, without a doubt, better in Seasons than they have been in recent game memory.

    The reason for this is pretty obvious: They adjusted the set item drop rates in 2.0.6 and also allowed Kadala to drop almost everything. Many of us put in hundreds (thousands?) of hours pre-2.0.6 and so we had to deal with extremely low drop rates for set pieces.

    This. I have gotten more set pieces in a lot less time on my Seasonal character than I ever did in the early days of D3.

    But I have also gotten more set pieces in a lot less time on my non-Seasonal character in recent time than I did in the early days of D3.

    It's nothing to do with Seasonal vs. non-Seasonal and everything to do with the multiple, publicly announced drop rate buffs.

    Agreed, this is what I'd put my money on.
    We're all just dealing with the perception issues. I for one stopped playing every day since the PTR came out, and didn't dive right back in until the patch came out. Outcome? Better drop rates by far, which when compared to my shitty non season guy who doesn't even have a full set yet, makes me feel like seasons get the better RNG drop rates. BUT, I'm not comparing them both with the same drop rates.
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  • posted a message on A petsader's plea for one positive change that will help immensely, plus a wish list. :)
    Oh man, PLEASE make this change! The melee runes aren't even an option atm - they'll just stand there stuck behind each other.
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    That's a legendary item. With the exception of uber boss keys, legendary gems, lore books and the like, every item can drop from anywhere in the game once you're max level and in at least a torment one difficulty game or higher.
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    As far as Ubers go, I agree they should add some more mechanics. I was always into the whole 'this is a hack n slash' crowd, until I did the Lord Wynton event when RoS launched. Even though it was simple (kill the summoned adds to lower his shield) it's a really fun change of pace. I'm sure they'll add some more uber bosses, and hopefully with some extra fun mechanics.
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  • posted a message on Found almost perfect Rimeheart(see pic)... is this item useless ? Tell me what can I do do with it :|
    While I realize I'm not answering your question, I am curious; Did you say it works on elites? I had thought I read otherwise, and that would be pretty cool if it did.
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  • posted a message on Condemn or Stampede - which one is better in Greater Rifts?
    I personally switch on an almost daily basis between these builds.

    For condemn I have every item needed for the build - Full CDR on gear, condemn dmg on gear, full akkhans / BoP / Frydhers. I run with Bane of the Trapped and Smite gem, and I use the vortex rune w/ strongarms, and I have double unity / soj.

    Condemn Is extremely strong. By far the most damage for AOE out of all the Sader specs, since each click on at least 2+ mobs nets you ~3400 % wpn damage for everything, and it's single target is not horrible. Without really trying since I just got double unity, I solo'd Grift 34 today, and I'm sure I can go higher.

    The con's of condemn is melee range. Fire chains are a problem, as well as electrified even after the nerf, if you've got the whole group next to you. Also, obviously, you'll be getting melee'd.

    I have a full horse laser setup, but the piece I'm missing mostly is a better weapon. I still use my BoP from condemn, since It's got CDR on it, and high top end damage ( around 3600 ). The ability to survive with horse laser is miles ahead of condemn. You're constantly pushing mobs back / knocking them up / stunning them, and you can be at max cast distance. The only real affixes to worry about are RD and shielding, but with my sub optimal weapon, it's damage is definitely lower.

    I think for pushing Grifts as far as you can go, Horse laser beats out condemn, but it's gear is more rare; You absolutely need a heart slaughter / The furnace.
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    Considering you're throwing around the word proof, I'll throw around another;

    The vast, overwhelming majority of players play in non public games, whether it's solo or group. Your numbers mean nothing.
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    Quote from joey6000

    Quote from Bleu42

    Oh ffs you people are so dramatic



    Sidenote; Fireball never stops being awesome

    It wouldn't be an issue if it was a little harder. But as soon as all stockpiled high level greater rift keys are used up, the top spots on the leaderboard are not likely to change. Making changes mid season creates an uneven playing field, its as simple as that, I'm not trying to be dramatic.

    What on earth are you talking about? So because it'l take a little longer to get to the Grift you're trying to complete, that suddenly means everyone in the top 10 has cemented their spot?
    You guys are high
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