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  • posted a message on Background insanely bright

    I remember a blue post about this a couple weeks or so back, you'll have to check the forums on battle net I think other people were having the same issue.

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  • posted a message on World Rank 1 in 2-player Greater Rift Tier 64 (Seasonal HardCore)
    Quote from ruksakgo-next

    I'm going to ask that we chill with attacking Draque for his use of ThuD. I understand the feelings this brings out, as I myself do not use such a thing, and myself, I'm confused about Blizzard's stance on this issue.

    We try to fall in lockstep with how Blizzard deals with these issues on their forums, to prevent a conflict between us and them. We don't want to promote illicit, banned 3rd party programs.

    HOWEVER.....A quick trip to Blizzard's official forums tells us that they do not police the use of ThuD at all, not on their forums, not in their game, and we've had many internal discussions here at Diablofans about how to deal with this.

    Our policy is that until Blizzard makes their stance on this issue known, until they finally step up and either do something about it or all-out validate the use of ThuD, we're going to allow these discussions (within reason), the mention of ThuD, as well as videos that happen to show ThuD being used.

    What we ask is that if ThuD and the people who use it upsets you, please abstain from making personal remarks about those using it. The practice of using this tool has metastasized greatly, and you better believe that it's not just the top 1% of players using it, and Blizzard is well aware of it.

    Like it or not, due to inaction on Blizzard's part, the practice has been all but sanctioned directly. Until this changes, our policy will not change. Another policy of ours that will not change is the desire to keep things civil during any discussion, and that includes ThuD discussions.

    Forum rules (as well as the appropriate actions) will be applied to people who comment about the use of ThuD.

    Please keep this in mind. Thank you.

    Are you telling me I'm going to be moderated if I state that I don't think the Clear / achievement / rank is valid because of the use of Thud? Because that's a ridiculous stance, whether Blizzard is endorsing the use by no response or not.

    So, on topic; Good job OP! I just wish it was on a level playing field instead of with the huge help of a 3rd party program.

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  • posted a message on blizcon xpan what new class you like to seee

    Shapeshifting Druid, with forms that you can only pick one of to take at a time (just like saders and monks with auras and whatnot). Maybe Wolf for duel wielding / Bear for 2 hander / Chimera (idk w/e) for casting. Whichever forms, I've always invisioned the D3 Druid to be a melee / caster hybrid, with only a couple summon spells.

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  • posted a message on blizcon xpan what new class you like to seee
    Quote from Codstirgo-next

    I think 3 new classes would be great, 1 each for Str/Dex/Int.

    While I'd love three classes, so I'm not responding to that, I did want to point out that having an equal number of classes for each main stat doesn't matter anymore. Before smart loot, it absolutely mattered because having 3 classes use strength meant you'd find more strength items than anything else.

    Now that we've got smart loot, it doesn't matter if there's 19 classes with Strength and only 2 classes for int and dex, because 15% of your loot is random, and no matter how many main stats they add, 85% of your loot will always smart loot to you.


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  • posted a message on Overwhelming Desire - act 3 amu - easy question.
    Quote from ruksakgo-next

    Quote from bitaurengo-next

    Quote from ruksakgo-next

    Quote from SpellDoXgo-next

    RIP English

    btw, that is a "moob"?

    Pointing out a typo while using another typo.... internet justice at it's finest.

    "What is a moob". Not "That is a moob".

    .....and he meant "mob", obviously. Your name even has the word "spell" in it.

    What a weird series of events.

    If you're gonna correct someone atleast make sure you yourself aren't making the same mistake.

    Correct use is "its".

    It's = It is

    If you're gonna correct someone for correcting someone, AT LEAST spell "at least" correctly.

    This is getting downright hilarious.

    This is why I hate grammar cops. We're on a forum, and IT'S (<<<proper conjunction?) common for people to make mistakes and not notice. I hated to point out the guy above making a mistake, but he was asking for it.

    Please understand, I'm hoping we all keep our sense of humor about this. Is my post correct? I better proofread it.


    Pretty sure you meant going to instead of gonna.

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa omg L2types

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  • posted a message on Why should I play?

    It's a really fun time sink. I did the same thing, got burnt out on WoD and spent most of my time with D3. Personally, after about a month into a season I get burnt out here as well, but hey HoTs and HS are a blast, so rotating between the 3 works out for me.

    This game's draw for me is the loot hunt. It's just fun to think of the what if when it comes to drops and items, and now that they keep updating old items and balancing others, the pool of near BiS items has grown to a very nice size. And of course trying to push your personal limits on Greater Rifts every time you get an upgrade is a blast as well.

    If you're looking for a more casual game than WoW for now (at least until legion lol) D3 can definitely give you a lot of fun for awhile.

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  • posted a message on New consumable idea

    Fun ideas OP, the problem though of course is Grifts. These will be absolutely mandatory whenever you wanted to push a Grift, which means either they drop a ton and now everyone's power levels need to be re-balanced, OR they drop very rarely meaning why even try a Grift push for leaderboards until you've farmed more. Fun, but bad for the game imo.

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  • posted a message on Disappointed with 2.3
    Quote from ruksakgo-next

    Quote from DTDuimgo-next

    You have 1000 legs, and 99% os the players will only use FURNACE, HEXING PANTS AND OBSIDIAN. The rest will be joke builds for "fun"

    You lack vision.

    I feel like you should've added 'my child' to the end of that =D

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  • posted a message on Next Diablo 3 class vote

    Drood. ORRRRRR if you twist my arm, a poison / arcane / cold / physical assassin / ninja hybrid.

    But still, Drood.

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  • posted a message on Peanut butter expansion time ?
    Quote from Crisiusgo-next

    If they're hiring an art director now that'd mean they're incredibly early in the project. Probably too early to actually give out any concrete information at this years Blizzcon. Maybe we'll get an expansion announcement, but any actual gameplay footage or additional information I sincerely doubt.

    We've known for years they begin work as soon as the previous project is finished, sometimes prior. Hell Blizzard JUST said they're like 2-3 content updates ahead of TgT for Hearthstone, and that's not even out yet. They started D3X2 before RoS shipped, and my money is on not only an announcement but a ton of info this Blizzcon. They made a point to say that WoW's next expansion is going to be announced tomorrow / HS will have just had TgT launch / we already know a ton about Sc2LotV / HoT's just launched and is already going through new content. All that's left for actual surprises and announcements would be OverWatch and D3, and considering they straight up canceled a Blizzcon years ago because they felt they had nothing new to bring, AND that at the most for OW they'll be talking about when beta starts, yea money's on D3.

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