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    posted a message on Torchlight lovers hate diablo III?
    To be honest, the "fun" things about torchlight are : Endless dungeon, infinite improvement of your items, mods, offline.

    Each of these things result in one thing. Massive ammounts of "cheating". The game is _not_ balanced, ever. It centers around the ability to troll some mobs in singleplayer mode which is great if you cant interact with others. Torchligt 2 brings multiplayer, and lan, and all the features that the d3 community cries for, for the sole reason to "leech" the whiners which the d3 community is well off with anyway.

    If you think that Torchlight 2 will be a better game than D3, good for you. I belive that D3 will do everything a notch better than torchlight 2, but i'd love for them to prove me wrong, i will buy torchligt 2 while im waiting for D3, i hope it's good, but my hopes are not high.
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    posted a message on What will it take to get blizzard to add more options for PVP?
    Yeah i'd rather have the game this year and then have them add stuff later!
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    posted a message on Normal, Nightmare, Hell and INFERNO
    I'd love this, im afraid that it's to good to be true :P
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    posted a message on D3 features and decisions.
    Oh i'm not trying to acomplish anything :P I just felt like ranting a little bit :P Everyone is entitled to their own oppinions and so on :)
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    posted a message on D3 features and decisions.
    Yeah i know i'm sorry, there are already a bunch of topics and threads about these things, i just don't think what i have to say fits into any of them.

    Auction house?

    First i'd like to start with my thoughts on the Real Money AH. Which seems to be a major annoyance to a lot of people. I do understand why some people are "outraged" by this feature, i also accept that everyone has a different oppinion about everything but some people just needs to stop, think for a while and just reconsider. Personally i love this feature. As has been stated a hundred times before this is something we will see a lot more in the future. HOWEVER, to every single one of the people "bashing" this feature. I get it, you don't like the feature, you're afraid it will ruin your gameplay aaaand so on. I'd say 100% the opposite. Sure Blizzard might be "greedy" for implementing such a thing, making more money as a company should always be the goal. I'd just like to point out once more that this feature is OPTIONAL, if you don't like it, don't use it. They could have made the AH limited to cash only, but they did'nt, because they want to cater to all the players who do not want to trade with real money. Don't like it? Don't use it! There are a lot of pros with this feature though, that you will get to experience even though you do not use the auction house, first and foremost one of the big things are. Content, and what do i mean by this? Well at the launch of D3 every item will be rare, prices will naturally be high because of the low supply, but as time passes the supply will be greater than the demand for obvious reasons. This is a _strong_ motivator for Blizzard to further develop their content and continue development of the game. I know i know, everyone is just gonna say "ooh but they need to do that anyway" and they prolly would, but as i said, this gives them a _strong_ motivation to keep updating the content, adding more content, patching, balancing etc.

    You also claim that this will ruin balance, gameplay and your life. Here i want you to think twice, do you really think this feature will ruin the gameplay more, than the hacks, dupes, bots etc in D2? If you do, then i'm sorry, you're plain wrong. Besides, if AH was limited to ingame currency which a lot of you are supporting, it's the same deal as with the cash, you get an item you did not "work" for. The basis is the same, you should not want any trading at all, if you think AH will ruin the gameplay purely because of trading with real cash as if there were any difference between trading with cash and ingame currency.

    Safety, this will be a 100% safe place to trade your items, you will and can not be scammed. You can still get hacked, but in 99% of the cases it's your own fault for browsing porn or looking for hacks or whatever.

    No offline mode?

    I honestly don't get what all the QQ is for. They are fixing some of the major issues they had before, hacks, bots, dupes and what not. And all you are doing is QQing? I'm sorry to rant a bit but if you're that much of a "cheater" then stick to torchlight please. That's what happens when you allow everyone to mod and do whatever they want with the game. Now you can get infinite improvements of your items, you can do pretty much whatever you want. Now THAT would ruin a multiplayer game. Sure it's fine if it's 100% singleplayer, but yeah.. D3 is not. One could argue that there should be a singleplayer mode that's 100% cut of from the multiplayer part of the game, but on the other hand, they're not building this game for you to sit alone in your basement playing with yourself for a few years, they want online interaction, no hacks, no cheats and so on. Stop and think a bit before you bash such an understandable feature.

    No mods?

    Again, for somewhat the same reasons of offline mode, mods are prohibited, and if you dare saying it's gonna make their profit of the AH lower. Then please explain, in my eyes mods would make their profit go up. More items, more sales since items will be cheaper, and they'll get more money from the steady always the same listing fee? So please share your thoughts about this.

    Last Words

    Well im done ranting now, and i'm prolly gonna get so much QQ with everyone saying im retarded or something, well. These are just my 0.02
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