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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Normal Difficulty/Act 1
    How far do you think a grandmother equipped with a Walker of Leech, Dentures of Fire, and Slippers of Haste would get?
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    posted a message on Arcane Power regen a Red Herring?
    oooooooo my head is spinning.

    You know what hasn't be said since the D3 calculator arose?

    "there's no build customization!"

    Look at us debate and discuss damage vs regen vs diverse utility skills. Badass!
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    posted a message on Pics I Found-Updated
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    posted a message on Pics I Found-Updated
    2 more pics
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    posted a message on Pics I Found-Updated
    Here are a few pictures I found elsewhere. I have not seen them (after searching around) on this site, and I thought they were good pics, so here ya go.

    4th difficulty reveal/confirmed

    Below is a Wizard armor spell breaking up...unsure of what it is

    Below is the Monk's Blinding Flash skill

    Below is the Wizard's Blizzard skill

    Below picture is of 'Slaughtered Calf Inn'

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    posted a message on Skill system idea
    Instead of skill points, you now use different kinds and levels of runes to "make those skills you really like, even more useful in combat."

    For example...Zombie wall can change from defensive wall of zombies, to offensive tower of zombies that do damage to enemy.

    "Why not start giving skill points at that point? Making for different builds even among players using the same skills..."

    Putting points into skills did one thing...increase the effects (in terms of numbers). That doesn't create a difference in builds between people using the same skills. Runes do. Again, one rune can change not just the stats of the skill, but it can change its purpose. THAT is where the customized builds come in when people use the same skills.

    Yes, with a "click of a button you can change it's whole skill tree", but you're forgetting, and I say that respectfully, that runes are un-attuned when looted. When you socket them, they become attuned to that skill. At first, level 1 runes will be "like candy" and can easily be experimented with. After you find your favorite skills, THEN you have to find your favorite runes to compliment them and compliment your playstyle. Those runes are speculated to then be permanently attuned to THAT skill, which then changes your skill tree from whimsical choices to a more deliberate, concise intention. You won't just change your skill tree around when you COMMIT to certain skill with those permanently attuned runes.

    The whole 'attuning of runes' is purposely used by Blizzard to make sure you DO commit to certain skills that, in turn, define your build.

    Did I help? :)

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    posted a message on Blizz/Bashiok Bashing
    I will admit my uncontrollable urge to write a topic like this. Unfortunately, this is a rant. But I'll try my best to spare the emotional language and just make my point. I'll be making two points-

    1. Stat points removed, which gives the vibe "no more 'real' control over customizing characters". If you have that vibe, thats cool. Definitely. If you take your initial reaction to that news and amplify it over the forums here then I want you to cool your jets.
    - Want to make more of a tank build? What would we do in D2...pump Dex, and Vit for life and block. That's 'down to the bone' micro-fine-tuning customization. In D3, you build a tank by active/passive skills. select the active that boost health by 300% or whatever it is. Choose that passive that increase block chance or block amount. I've never seen a skill like that in gameplay videos, but if Blizzard says there's going to be crazy customization, then there will be. Gems will probably raise your favorite stats too, by the way, to even further develop your tank. Bottom Line: You haven't seen all the skills, much less all the skills combined with 1 of the SEVEN runes. No one has, yet. But YOU think you know that customization won't exist in D3. Did anyone notice on PCGamer what looked like the Zombie Wall but it was cheerleading zombies that climbed on top of each other to fall down on the enemy? Was I the only one to recognize this could mean certain runes don't just amplify damage/cost/cooldown, but can change skills from defensive to offensive ones? Tell me where you could do that in D2. And tell me that total skill-alteration is not customization for a particular build.

    2.Lastly, this Bashiok guy, (new here, still unsure of who the Blue poster is :o) is doing a fine job of replying to posts and giving us information. I just read several ridiculous posts from smartasses who don't just dislike the system, its apparent they don't understand the new systems, and they're talking shit about Blizzard and Bashiok. Regardless, what is this? What is with this bashing? And rebellion against Blizzard? There's actually people here who go and bash Bashiok for merely being more or less the middleman? (what I've gathered about him so far)

    I'm 'iffy' on some things. Definitely. But calm down. These developers have played D1 and D2. They played Torchlight. They played Divine Divinity. They played Planetscape Torment. They played Sacred. And Risen. They get it. They live it. They build it.

    You read it. And puke all over the place.

    This is not a respectable way to start out on a forum site, writing a rant I mean. From now on, I'll follow in the steps of some other members and not reply to rants directed towards Blizzard and any other employees/affiliates. But if this crap keeps up, this bashing and smartass aggression about things the public has not even seen, then I'm out man. Acquire the skill necessary to disagree with respect.

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    posted a message on j/w what you guys think?
    I was wondering if anyone felt the same way I do:

    We all receive information on the mechanics of Diablo 3 in, lets say, theory form. We get the 'on paper' concept and read the text and numbers....but maybe grow confused because of our perception. Do you guys think maybe some of us (myself included!) may not get the whole picture because of this aspect? I mean c'mon, Jay and the guys all seem pretty confident that the systems they've put in place are awesome and benefit D3 - because they've seen it in action and played it. Just sayin, they do seem pretty happy with the system and they've SEEN the skill and rune system and we've just READ about it. Anyway, that's just me 'thinking out loud'. I don't know.

    Considering a recent video had zombie wall, which is a defensive skill, turned into an offensive one. (presumably from a particular rune) I don't know, maybe the effects from runes really will transform the skills enough to push our characters towards a role, specialization, or build. 'Mico-fine-tuning' EACH attribute point in D1 and D2 is what we're all used to and it IS fun! I just think the skill system/rune system will actually be a fresh, new way of customization in the Action-RPG genre. What do I know though? I've just been gaming for 15 years. :P


    consider this- In D2, you'd mainly use 2 skills. Okay...maybe 3. I'm not trying to play devil's advocate here, but would you have purchased Dragon Age Origins if you read the review and it said "there's only 2 skills in this game", or would you have purchased Diablo 2 in the FIRST place if you knew it only had 2 skills? No, you just realized after playing that the design demanded you maximize a couple skills. That IS a poor system. (sorry, went off course there)
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