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    posted a message on Hi there, I'm Oligopoly!
    Hello thar! Tips on how to make gold are always welcome in my book. :) And ya, I think you mean Torchlight.
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    posted a message on Psst... over here...
    Well since the official diablo forums won't let you sign in unless you have a classic account, which would require me to reinstall Diablo II, I've decided to sign up over here. You all seem like a livelier bunch anyway. :D

    I tried to get the name "Wolfmane" but that was already taken, so I just replaced the "a" with a "4."

    Short history of my Diablo experience. I played D1 shortly after it was released but played mostly with Trainers as I was young and apparently wasn't very good at the game in its original form. I probably made it to level 10 without trainers. Bought and played Diablo II when it came out & played it for a good 5 years or so..then put it down.. waited a couple years, then picked it back up again for a year or so.. Great game, but I think I've done just about every possible thing in it.

    I'm much anticipating Diablo 3, but for now, I'll stay awhile and listen....and post. :)
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