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  • posted a message on Recent beta invites
    The opt-in beta invite is a myth.

    After all this time I just lost the hype for that game waiting for SWTOR
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  • posted a message on ATTN: Elite Diablo 2 and WoW/SC Players
    Lol such a fake ass noob who pretend to be an elite.

    Remind me to teabag you when I will grab your ear in the D3 arena.

    Pathetic ...
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  • posted a message on Force has Beta Keys!!!
    Let's the begging fest begin ... Pathetic ...

    I prefer stay with empty stomach than start begging.
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  • posted a message on What annoys me in the beta
    IMO, all your annoyance from beta are superficial. Honestly, all those you mentioned doesn't affect the gameplay or distract my concentration to watch and enjoy few streams.

    This is the real definition of annoying:
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  • posted a message on Your best/strangest item drop
    Mine was not a drop but a horadric cube transmutation.

    I got a Colosus blade that I tried to transmute with 3 gems to get the famous Cruel colosus blade in the good old time.

    So when my gem mule was full of these gem, I was like a gambler on a slot machine hoping the winning combinaison and one day I won !
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  • posted a message on What We Are Capable Of
    The only man that can make a difference if WW3 happen with Russia is FPSRussia.

    Well, I think actually the most powerfull nation is China, their are quiet and we don't hear a lot about them like USA, but they are dangerous if a big conflit should arrive.

    IF WW3 happen, WaltMart will die ...
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  • posted a message on Solution for Town Portals
    TP sucks !!!

    Why they have to bring them back when they add more waypoint ? You want to take break for real life purpose ? Just leave the game or ask your team to back your ass when afk. You can go back easily where you was with the waypoint system if you left the game.

    No TP in game = no rush through TP. So the lazy low lvl that wait for TP for keypoint to rush acts will be screw. YAY.

    But Blizzard didn't see the thing like that and I'm really excited to see the result in the beta soon ...
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  • posted a message on Portals Still In?
    I agree with the big CD and cannot cast TP when combat, but another big issue with portal as I said already is the rush.

    If you still able to rush some low lvl through act 1 with TP to the '' main '' waypoint then you kill the game IMO. When they annonced that they removed the TP, that kind of rush wasn't possible, but now they open a door to exploit the TP again depending of the restrictions.
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  • posted a message on Portals Still In?
    They have to be carefull to put back TP. I was happy when I knew they removed the TP.

    Why ?

    Because player use them to pass act in a few minutes with a high lvl friend. I think the simple thing to do is to block the access of the TP if the player don't have the waypoint of that region or/and any other restriction that will break the rush of low lvl.

    Exemple of restriction:

    - lvl restriction for the area
    - Reference to main quest to localise where the player should be
    - ...

    Finally good article !
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  • posted a message on No Beta Key To Fansite - Bashiok
    Ok guys I think it's time to open the pre auction for D3 beta keys that will be given to Dfans.

    I start with 50$ US.

    :P Nah just joking... maybe not ... anyway ...
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