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    posted a message on help with bane, zei's and seismic slam pls

    Okay. Thanks in advance because I just can't figure out what's working and what isn't with my build.

    Gear: Full raekor's set, focus & restraint, bracers of destruction and (weapon) fury of the vanished peak.

    Gems: bane of the trapped, zei's stone of vengeance and esoteric alteration.

    What i'm trying to figure out is what is actually working properly/in conjuction with everything else with my build.

    I build up charge stacks just as a normal raekor setup would then charge out away from the pack and seismic slam. I'm normally seeing crits between 40-90 billion with slam - rumble. However, sometimes I'm seeing double that or more with the largest I've noticed so far being 266 billion on a RG (I don't use stricken).

    All tests that I've done have been rather inconclusive and I haven't found anything online about it.

    Question - With zei's stone of vengeance when I have raekor stacks and full of fury, I charge away from the group and use seismic slam so as to get max damage. with how rumble works and how rumble is the larger part of the damage of slam, after using slam can I charge back in immediately without losing it's damage buff to rumble? I cannot tell if zei's stone of vengeance and passive "no escape" damage buffs requires me to stay at range during rumble's uptime or is it simply at seismic slams cast distance. This is a huge question for me and this build because it's a 60%+ damage swing one way or the other. That and it's driving me up a dam wall trying to figure it out. Again ty for your time. Cheers

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    posted a message on Black Hole 1 HP bug

    This bug is still in the game over a YEAR later. still can occur on trash, elites and bosses/rift guardians. TY blizz for making your own spells obsolete.

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