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    I have a 60 Wizard and a 60 WD and WD is better by far. People who call him underpowered don't know how to play him. Wizard is weak as fuck, he has no good disables, and even his slows are mostly garbage. He is reduced to kiting people infinitely while chipping away with hydra and mm.

    WD can deal stupid damage, has better escapes and disables, and has much better passives; 20% DR vs everything, 20% damage increase without defense drop, and Vessel which is stupidly good.

    I don't even understand how this is an argument. The only class that could be called better is DH, and that's debatable (especially for HC).
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    This thread needs some moar doctor.
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    I don't know about all of you guys, but I have been just sick of all the idiots that have overrun these forums--in the past few months especially. I have to steel myself to wade through the bullshit every time I want to check for Diablo news.

    I don't blame the admins for this, they can only attempt to regulate the madness. I imagine this site will return to some level of non-douchebaggery in the coming months. But until that time, I personally am taking a break from posting here.

    For those of you who are similarly annoyed, maybe you've discovered this and maybe you haven't, but the Diablo subreddit is actually really great. The community has a very small percentage of smacktards and trolls, and the upvote/downvote system puts those idiots in their place without much fuss. I haven't been much of a redditor in the past, but the diablo subreddit is just amazing.

    I fully realized how much better the diablo subreddit is than diablofans and battlenet forums last night during the server troubles. People were posting threads of helpful information, passing eachother guest passes, and just generally helping eachother pass the time until servers stabilized on r/diablo. On battlenet? QQ threads everywhere. Here? More QQ threads (one in particular about how blizzard had betrayed them with error 37 leaps to mind, as if Blizz didn't want to launch smoothly as much as anyone else). It was a wake up call to how much these forums have been dragged into the abyss by the flood of new, terrible people.

    reddit.com/r/diablo for those who are totally unfamiliar with reddit. Most of you probably are.

    Anyhoo, I hope those of you looking for something else will come check it out! I imagine some of you awful excuses for human beings will come along as well, but reddit has lots of ways of dealing with you people :D Bring it!
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    This... is the best. I WISH I HAD MORE UPVOTES FOR YOU.
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    This is a great question, because I have had plenty of times when I felt the same way you seem to, where I just couldn't care less about the next day. Usually it happens at times when I feel like I'm far away from achieving my goals.

    The best cure is to do work, in my case. I try to make sure I always have a project, just to avoid feeling that intense boredom and apathy that comes with not having a purpose. My projects are what get me up in the morning.

    When I say projects, specifically I mean making art, making games, writing, building my website, exercise (working on my physique as a project, basically), anything that has a long term goal with short-term manageable chunks. I don't necessarily have to finish anything (I often don't) but just having something to work on, even if I end up abandoning it and trying something else, gives me a reason to keep going. Plus, its good practice.

    The toughest part about this is overcoming the initial apathy (which comes in the form of procrastination) in order to start. Its really just a habit you have to build. I still haven't conquered procrastination.
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    It is not possible for you to be an expert when the game isn't out, and you give opinions on skills/runes you couldn't possibly have used yet even in beta. Worthless.
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    I love that everyone's argument against soulbinding is "it's from WoW" even though there are tons of reasons why it would make the game better, the biggest of which are that the economy would be much more stable and inflation would be vastly reduced.

    As if soul binding is a WoW-only mechanic, and as if it mattered if it was.

    Ignorance and blind hate trump logic and reason every time.
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    Quote from tanis0

    Man, some people just hate fun I guess. Does it matter who wins a foot race between you and your friends? Will anyone remember who won a few years from now? You're missing the point entirely imho.

    I don't think turning something enjoyable into an endurance contest is fun. It's like having an eating contest for a food you like--too much of something you like will make it something you hate; that's my opinion though.

    However, I do question the level of skill involved. Anyone can hit 60, doing it fast is simply a time investment/luck, being good is 5% of the game while losing sleep will make up the other 95%. Again, not my definition of fun--if that's your thing, whatever. Inferno will be the real challenge, and doing that quickly will have a much larger skill component.

    Mostly, my post is a PSA: No one will care if you got first/almost first level 60. There are many more meaningful goals to be trying to achieve.
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    Everyone and their dog is making posts about trying to get world's first 60. I'm here to tell you why its not a big deal, and suggest an alternative!

    1.) No one remembers who gets the first level capped character, it will not bring you fame or E-peen. There will be many people at level 60 within days of release, and no one will give a shit about it by the end of the month.
    2.) No one person will get first 60, because at least a dozen people will claim that they did it. AFAIK there's no way to prove it short of screenshots/video/other easily faked methods.
    3.) Thousands of people will hit level cap within a few hours of the first person who manages it. You aren't special, you merely had the free time and perhaps a little more than your fair share of luck (IE XP shrines, finding the right path on your first try in a lot of places, etc)

    Being able to invest the kind of time to reach 60 in a few days isn't an accomplishment. This is from someone who took time off work for release--I, like you, could be doing this exact thing. However, my first level 60 will probably be my slowest, since this will be my first time playing the game and I want to experience it fully. If I were to race to level 60, I would ruin the game for myself, enjoying it less in the name of a worthless goal.

    Not everyone has to agree with me, but I hope some of you will be dissuaded from this stupidity and avoid ruining your first play through.

    If you are looking for something more worthwhile, the first person/group to beat Inferno will probably be much more prominent, seeing as its actually a skill challenge instead of a time investment. Unlike the race to 60, Inferno is something that not everyone can do, and is a real accomplishment.

    One component of that WILL be hitting level 60 quickly, but that is not THE goal, and it doesn't require that you do it first--only that you do it in a timely fashion. Skill will be the biggest component beyond that point, and the best individuals and groups will get ahead not by crunching (well, not entirely) but by being tactical and coordinating.

    As an example of how this might appeal to people who ARE only interested in e-peen, its worth noting that the important and memorable "world firsts" of games like WoW were not hitting level caps, but defeating big tough raid bosses.

    *Prepares for onslaught of hatred for mentioning WOW*

    The point is that this leveling mentality is an artifact from the silly ladder system in Diablo 2, and the broken way the level cap operated (IE being far higher than anyone ever had any need to attain). Don't let the flaws of D2 corrupt your first experience of D3!
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    Quote from jaclashflash

    Quote from OmniNom

    I think it's hilarious that you think Blizzard will release a game in a year that it has yet to announce.

    Seriously, I choked on my coffee.

    ok a couple years.

    Make it more like 3-4, and I might believe it. Regardless, it really depends on where they go. No one really knows much about Titan, but I hope they're venturing into unknown territory! Like original WC3 stuff, with dinosaur tanks :D
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