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    posted a message on Yang question.

    I've been hunting for an Ancient one for 3 months now, suddenly the game kindly enough dropped 4 in just 4 hours of game time.

    Anyway if anyone could be of help, which would give me the better overall Damage.

    P.S: Both have a slot and both are rerolled to 12 Decipline (So both cannot be rerolled anymore)

    Please and Thank You!

    Posted in: Demon Hunter: The Dreadlands
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    posted a message on The "Help me Re-roll" Thread (Demon Hunter)


    Socket? Dmg? Dmg%? Discipline? Dex?


    Also which would do more damage +3 Discipline or 13% Multi Dmg (Using Unhallowed Set)

    Posted in: Demon Hunter: The Dreadlands
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