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    Here's my take on the "Corpse Explosion" Witch Doctor build:

    The Build: http://us.battle.net...iYXR!bWS!YZcbca

    The idea being to...
    • Max out the number of dogs (Zombie Handler)
    • Disable mobs with Hex (runed w/ Unstable Form)
    • Soften mobs with Acid Cloud (runed w/ Corpse Bomb)
    • Explode dogs with Sacrifice (runed w/ Next of Kin)
    • Chain reaction ensues: regenerated dogs get sacrificed
    • Dying enemies effected by Hex also explode for additional AOE
    Other tools:
    • Boost intelligence and mana regen with Soul Harvest (runed w/ Swallow Your Soul)
    • Close-quarter, high damage output with Firebats (runed w/ Hungry Bats)
    • Being upclose to the fight helps improve Circle of Life and Grave Injustice
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    Any idea when the second comic is due to release?
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    Thanks for the update!

    Does anybody know the tracklist on the Diablo 15th Anniversary Music CD?
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    Quote from Mikuro1

    Another random idea...

    "G" in-game throws down your banner at your cursor location. Instead of the Altar, they could just make the banner a mobile respec station when you right click on it, change your skills out and then after a 5-10 second cast time (To prevent in combat changes and also similiar to Stone of Recall), it'll complete the skill changes and you're on your way.


    I kinda like this idea. I like that it makes that G command more relevant than just a thing you spam for fun. But I just can't help but think that there is probably some interface or gameplay issues with it.

    First thing that comes to mind is that, because there is no actual interface for the Flag drop (for lack of a better term), it is effectively invisible to casual players. I suppose it could be pointed out by a tooltip at some point, but I'd bet not everyone is willing to remember hotkey-only commands... thus rendering the idea "unsexy" to Blizzard developers (probably). I dunno, maybe making the banner drop a "skill" you can assign to your mouse or keys could solve that?

    But even then, does this solve the issues Blizzard is trying to resolve with the skill system? Maybe someone else has a better idea, but my impression is that Blizzard is trying to achieve...

    1. Tight enough restrictions so as to limit your access to only 6 skills during combat scenarios
    2. Loose enough restrictions so as to allow players to experiment with relative ease
    3. Avoid wasting the player's resources (i.e. Time or Gold)
    4. Ensure there aren't ways to "cheat" the system (i.e. Macros)

    Unfortunately every system we've seen fails at least one of these.

    The original system failed horribly at #1 and 4. The current system kinda fails at #2 and 3 - I mean really, if you're faced with a difficult situation, the most optimal decision might be to go to town and switch skills which takes time (not a ton, but I'm pretty sure this is something Blizzard doesn't want).

    It's like Blizzard solved the issue of having to return to town constantly to refill pots by (effectively) eliminating pots in favour of health globes. But the current skill system may have nullified that idea because now, instead of refilling on potions, you're swapping skills if a tough situation means needing different skill set. But I digress...

    The way I'm seeing it in my head, is that this banner-drop-as-mobile-nephalem alter could solve at least the first three issues (I don't know much about macros). With my list above in mind: 1) Can't use during combat, because of how still you must be to use the mobile-alter. Remember that with the skill window, you could still move around freely while browsing skills. 2) When not in danger from monsters, you're free to swap skills around. 3) you don't have to go back to town.

    Maybe to further help #1, Blizzard could try making this mobile-alter vulnerable to monster attack, or can't be dropped near monsters, or w/e. Just throwing out some ideas.


    I like the idea, but there are probably issues issues of its own that would need considering. But it's neat idea none the less. I hope Blizzard sees this and considers at least experimenting with it.
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    If I recall correctly, when you meet new monsters you sometimes see a "New Lore!" message that activates a sound clip when you click it. If you choose not to listen to it, is there a way via the UI to access these lore snippets so you can listen to them at your leisure?

    Thanks for answering our questions :D
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    Female Wizard for the smexy. Second pick, I would agree on the Male Barbarian. Old, bad ass geezers! Who can argue with that?
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    @Dolaiim: You're right. It isn't muling. I should have worded that better.

    What I should have said, was to describe a consequence of muling: that you have to take your items and transfer them to another character in order to make use of them. Granted, shared stash makes this significantly easier, but it is still a tedious practice if we are forced to do it often. The potential for tedium was the point I was trying to make.

    Really, I'm not too worried about it. I'm sure we won't be swapping between characters endlessly organizing and crafting items. Perhaps it's a nonissue.
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    Quote from Leeodin

    If everything is tradable; then if they are character specific and can be trained in everything; people will just use 1 set of artisans as mules for all characters. Which is why account wide artisans make sense imo.



    What was the point of fixing the original muling problem from D2, only to create an entirely new muling problem in D3? lol
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    Ya, but wouldn't you avoid artisans as a gold sink anyway?

    Let's say I just finished my third character, and finally finished leveling my third artisan. I start a new character.

    Now, while I play my new fourth character, am I going to spend any money leveling the artisans? Perhaps not. Maybe I'm just going to think "well, I already have all the recipes I need, so... I'll switch to my character with that artisan and get the equipment from him/her!"

    Gold sink diverted, no? What can the artisans do for new characters that will discourage this attitude?

    *Edit for clarification*

    Point being, it wouldn't really matter if the artisans carry across all characters or not. The only difference would be whether or not you have to swap items between characters via shared stash.
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    Quote from Leeodin

    The only potential problem is that artisans can be specialised in their current interation and their speciality increases the chance of that item spawning in their shob (eg axe blacksmith will mostly stock axes). Having them all as one might make it annoying to keep switching them if you have to retrain (like how WoW professions work for example).


    My impression was that there was no real "specialization" when it comes to artisans. At least in terms of having a mechanic where you, say, choose Blacksmith which locks your specialization semi-permanently...

    When people say "specialize in an artisan" I assumed they meant that they simply favoured one over the others, leveling it first before the others.

    Or am I mistaken?
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