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    posted a message on GR calculator - max XP/hour

    well done. I don't think many people wont bother but it clearly shows again how bad looking for pools actually is. especially if you're low paragon.

    One additional issue with LF pools is that even though it's not XP/hour related you miss out on finding a certain amount of possible item drops / gem upgrades / mats. (time you could spend in the next rift or GR)

    I usually skip them all together during a season. Wouldn't bother before 1,5k paragon at all. It's just a nice to have bonus if you're running some normal rifts anyway and gather pools on the run to do some GRs afterwards.

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    posted a message on Challenge Rifts - A missed opportunity or an unfinished mode

    I agree that's the only thing I like about them, too. However the builds that came up (especially right after they were introduced and I checked them every week) were so messy it wasnt even funny to run most builds. Like Archon builds with no CDR, no Ressource regen ouside Archon. Just an example. No synergy whatsoever in those builds. Dull, stupid and no reason to play them at all. Even a pain to get those 5 min runs done.

    The original runners most likely came up with those builds while farming items and having no clue what else to put in cube, which items to use... or still farming those meta related items and on the way just putting placeholders in those missing slots...

    Blizzard announced CRs in a way that I thought we would see something like this:

    builds with interesting ideas using synergies of the selected skills/items. while not being top builds but still trying to make them work in the best way possible (zombie charger wd, spectral blade wizard, weapon throw barb, you name it...). no useless items equipped, no stupid gameplay because the original runner had no clue about the game, and so on...

    That's not the case. Not even close. That's why it's utterly disappointing and a waste of time to me.

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    posted a message on Greater rift rankings by gearset
    Quote from Bagstonego-next

    And from experience the ranks #2 to #1000 just copy #1, so it's only natural that leaderboards always converge to one set. Until someone starts using a different set and discovers that it's strong as well.

    which is quite frankly almost all the time for almost all the classes.
    And just because of that fact you mentioned everyone talks the same about build diversity in Diablo. Cus they observe the leaderboards and only see the same builds used cus it's the strongest.
    Crying out for balance.
    While this might be true in some cases, there is still alot of balance (and therefore diversity) in the game that just gets ignored.
    Just as an example the EQ Barbarian and Raekor/IK combo Barbarian probably is around 1-2 GR levels behind in power compared to the WW Barbarian. Still the whole leaderboard is almost entirely filled with WW Barbs exclusively. 1-2 GR levels is a pretty good balance in that example.
    You can't balance all sets and all classes for the same GR level. That's just impossible.

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    posted a message on >>>CR Challenge Rifts EU Layout<<<


    one thing as feedback.

    shouldnt the "elite pack" and "champion pack" in your images have reversed colors ? meaning champ being blue and elite (more like rare) being yellow?

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    posted a message on Any changes for other classes for S11?
    Quote from xaerobrgo-next

    Quote from horrax1

    You guys should maybe just make up your minds and try to come up with builds that are out of the ordinary that still synergizes very well and can be played very efficiently. (may it be for speeds, pushs or bounties)

    You guys still trying to justify variety by being creative in this game, it's crazy.

    I remember there was 2 times where the "meta" has changed mid season, first with the static strike monk some player from asia just shit on everyone else with a brand new way to play the monk and i have to admit that was pretty amazing at the time, people left and right started copying the guy for that season, but you all know what happened after that, blizzard simply destroyed that play style, buffed generator builds to compensate, but it was not the same feeling.

    I can't remember which season firebird archon was crazy but when that happened, it was just stupid to level / gear out another character for the DPS spot on a 4 man group push, later on that season people figured out a weird glitch that caused huge ignites from entering archon or something similar and that entire season was a big fiasco, remember that this season is when the energy twister nerf happened which meant for 3-4 seasons before that wizard was already at the top spot on any 4man group as a DPS, this is what i mean by no variety.

    So i came here to express my point of view, i still disagree with Bagstone and you guys need to understand that there's nothing wrong with that, it's my perspective on things, for instance, i think all set buffs should be nerfed ~60% so LoN builds will always be better than sets, most people probably won't agree with me here but i'm cool with it.

    First I don't need to justify anything. I have proof that my builds are strong, competetive and sometimes play very different. You mentioned the season with the firebird bug, yes it was a fiasco. Still it was something that changed mid season. It was by the way the same season where the Twister Archon emerged mid season (it was 2 seasons after your mentioned static charge monk), in which the solo variant I was the inventor and it was the foundation to even get the grp variant going. Before that people just ran normal Twister in 4 man just switching from DMO to Tal Rasha. So since its 4 man variant was so strong it was probably the best known build i ever came up with...
    And the solo variant even topped the firebug build, too. since it was stronger in the end, had more potential with the proper gear, rift and gameplay and some paragon.

    And I could mention almost countless times where I changed up something on those so called "meta builds" and did it my own way. Few examples: Firebird Teleport Archon Wiz Season 7/8, ignite outside Archon or Elites inside Archon, Lightning Earthquake Barbarian Season 10, Solo CoE/MH variant Season 9/10, all highly competetive builds but in its core sometimes very different gameplay styles. I competed with those build being between top 10-50 on the leaderboards during the whole season and I mainly play solo, just so you get an idea.

    You could check out my build guides here on Dfans. The point is not that I wanna brag, the point is that it's a matter of fact what I stated in my previous post and just want to underline that it's not just trying to justify anything. I know that it's possible but probably I'm kinda one of a kind in that regard, I give you that... still the potential is there and there is proof.

    And there were several occations that the meta changed be it for a particular class on solo LBs only or in groups. Since I mainly play wizard, I can mention the more commonly used Aether /APD CoE / MH variant, it emerged mid of Season 9 as far as I remember. Should also mention the group meta change during Season 10 with the LoN Spirit Barrage WD.

    The thing you mentioned about LoN builds: I would like that, too. Since it would open up even more possibilities. But throwing in a random number just won't cut it. It would need to be adjusted to each class considering the strenghts of their sets.

    Overall the options are limited, for sure. Like I said before...I also hate various things like: Archon being mandatory as Wiz since ages, you know you could name several skills/legendaries/sets here that are mandatory for some classes to compete. My main point is that the possibilities for variation are still there! people just walk around with their eyes closed and obey other games that have more variety. While this might be true, IMO it's wrong to just make "this game has no variety" comments without even trying it...

    I tried PoE several times since I think it has more variety and you have more freedom in the skills and items you want to use. I just can't stand it... unfortunately. So I still play D3 and so I will still come up with builds nobody ever thinks of :P

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    posted a message on Pushing the leaderboards, 4 seconds at a time...
    Quote from Aneijgo-next

    What builds are using CoE at the moment more then wizard? LoN wd is not using it, gen monk is neither. Can't say anything about the other classes since I mainly only play those 3 :P

    So even if CoE is strong, it is def not in every build. And I don't see anything wrong with having the top clears use the ring to creat a bit of skillcap

    Impale DH, Inna Palm Monk and many old builds that are still more or less viable (LoN Bomb was already mentioned, FoK DH), also I cleared being ranked 1 EU EQ barb (at least at the time of my 94 clear) with my CoE variant, not very well known or popular but still very viable.
    So there are still plenty of them out there. Obviously the wizard CoE build you're refering to is currently the most popular one.

    I see your point and I can respect that. It was a rewarding playstyle with a bit higher skill-cap than just hacking away. But as it has been 6-something seasons now of the same rewarding playstyle, shouldn't it be time for a change? I'm pretty sure there are other ways of more "skillful" plays than to tie yourself to a constant time-loop.

    I have to admit I would very welcome some other alternatives in that regard. you're right in a way that those short bursts were exciting the first time but right now we're lacking alternatives. But that doesn't stop me from liking good and interesting leg affixes over bad and boring ones ;)

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    posted a message on LoN Buff (The Forgotten Tale)

    the problem with archon is obvious, it's not about manald heal.

    damage increase for each stack needs to be lowered (but this should've been done several season ago :( )

    from 6% to 2-3% for each stack would be a nice spot to begin with.

    Add "each archon stack now grants 6% damage" to the Vyr 6 Piece.

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    posted a message on Lightning Hydra Wizard is the best new build for Season 10 Boss Kills

    tbh any zodiac variations of MH Vyr'Rasha builds are inferior to CoE.

    so it shouldnt even be listed here. I mean the end of the S9 has showed this not only in groups but also solo. zodiac is only good for speedrifting and speedgrifting (and even not so much, cus you should use in-geom effectively there)

    Wiz even came pretty close to Gen Monks this season. I hope OP is right and we get 2-3 classes that perform close to equal, so that there will be some variations in group play. It's sad enough, that WD AoE Clear aka Firebat is fixed the 4th season in a row.

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    posted a message on Manald heal question

    still the time window in which MH procs occur gets smaller when mobs are CC immune (or almost immune). It's just that there seems to be a limit. Like a minimum amount of paralysis proc duration (even though the mob is not stunned). Otherwise MH would never proc again if you don't "refresh" your mobs completely by stepping away and coming back later. Which is by the way a good thing to do if you wanna get most procs out of your doulbe archon / 4 Tal Stacks duration.

    And no TR is not the only choice when it comes down to the usage of MH.

    It's just that everybody and their grandmother is copying the same builds... FB is a valid choice (and after all it's possible to maintain the full set bonus for 20 sec of Archon and not only 8...)

    The reason TR is especially good is cus it can be combined with 4 pieces of Vyr and is overall easier to use / build a skillsetup around, otherwise FB would be simply better overall in every case.

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    posted a message on Primal Ancient Legendaries

    Does nobody realize that this is actually a good thing?

    Paragon will now be even less important considering the diminishing returns on mainstat...

    This is a step in the right direction people!

    Exact the first thing I thought.

    Same was when they announced Caldesanns...

    It's about the grind yeah, but it's Diablo.

    I rather search for a primal ancient item than mindlessly farming paragon.

    But lets be honest it only diminishes the gap between 24/7 players and players (like me) who are efficiently playing between ~3-8 hours a day.

    Players with less playtime or determination will still suffer from this. It's why I can understand the mostly negative feedback.

    But in the long run it's a minor improvement to the game, especially if you're mainly playing NS.

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