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    posted a message on Almost everyone and his grandmother is Using TurboHUD

    I still never used thud. even though I'm pushing the leaderboards pretty high, the only real benefit I see is avoid walking into dead ends in high grifts and maybe the elite destribution on the minimap. the latter should clearly be a standard feature of the game...

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    posted a message on Remove necromancer from game / nerf it to the ground thanks.

    you don't need to play the 3 necro + 1 barb combo to be successful. find friends to play with whatever you desire.

    In the end there will be guys with 3k paragon and other guys with only 1k paragon. there is no fair competition anyway so does it really matter if you're 1,5k para when you follow the meta that is going on or just 1,2k para cus you played whatever you liked?

    Because more or less that is the difference.

    I would say it's not worth it to put those boundaries on yourself just to squeeze out what .... 5% additional dmg?

    I also think it's bad that the best way to farm xp is so one dimensional. But I also say there are plenty of options. Sad truth is that people just act like there is only one way and will follow that meta blindly. Because of that - I have to admit - it's difficult for some people to play what they want.

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    posted a message on Least marginal to finiish a grift ?

    if that's the truth and not edited, then a huge gratz ;)

    close call , no? ^^

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    posted a message on GR calculator - max XP/hour

    well done. I don't think many people wont bother but it clearly shows again how bad looking for pools actually is. especially if you're low paragon.

    One additional issue with LF pools is that even though it's not XP/hour related you miss out on finding a certain amount of possible item drops / gem upgrades / mats. (time you could spend in the next rift or GR)

    I usually skip them all together during a season. Wouldn't bother before 1,5k paragon at all. It's just a nice to have bonus if you're running some normal rifts anyway and gather pools on the run to do some GRs afterwards.

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    posted a message on BlizzCon gives Diablo no love or no news...
    Quote from TheFuuZgo-next

    Well I don't want to be the one that gets you people all hyped, at least take it with a grain of salt, they actually said at the opening ceremony that they will announce new stuff for "ALL" the franchises. That in my opinion includes the Diablo Franchise aswell.

    So they could simply announce something later today (second day).

    We will see... If not, there will be news coming 2018 for whatever they are about to share with us regarding our beloved Diablo Franchise.

    those are just empty words to keep the hype level as high as possible. turn on your tv and watch some random commercials... I think you get the point. If I want some real value information I follow actual Diablo news (like on this site) and no opening ceromony at blizzcon ;)
    they said there would be no Diablo news, that's all that counts for me. So it's as expected. No disappointment.
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    posted a message on Challenge Rifts - A missed opportunity or an unfinished mode
    Quote from Skelos_bggo-next

    From what I read at the US forums atm, it seems the current CRifts for US and EU pretty much illustrate all the points discussed in this OP.

    - US CR is the hardest until now and people flame in the forums that the build is bad and the rift is hard to beat

    - EU CR is 2 min GR14 with full set and everyone completed it on their first try

    I hope the D3 devs evaluate the feedback from the community and use it to improve the CR mode.

    I did that GR14 on EU. I mean come on. You don't even need either sets or supporting legendaries to complete GR14. Running a strong but also fairly slow build on GR14. I still don't get the purpose of those.
    One thing was nice for sure. It was easy and faster than any bounty run. If that's what CRs are regulated to I'm fine with doing them once a week. Still a pity when you think about the potential they have. And then again reading the US has a really bad CR this week... so still almost a waste of time checking and evaluating if it's worth running or skipping each and every week.

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    posted a message on DH 2.6.1 Stone of Jordan benefit

    30 Elite and 20 elemental dmg is good, but most likely you missing out on 6crit/50chd for that. SoJ is really not that great. At least 30% Elite dmg has to be a legendary affix to even start thinking about it.

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    posted a message on Challenge Rifts - A missed opportunity or an unfinished mode

    I agree that's the only thing I like about them, too. However the builds that came up (especially right after they were introduced and I checked them every week) were so messy it wasnt even funny to run most builds. Like Archon builds with no CDR, no Ressource regen ouside Archon. Just an example. No synergy whatsoever in those builds. Dull, stupid and no reason to play them at all. Even a pain to get those 5 min runs done.

    The original runners most likely came up with those builds while farming items and having no clue what else to put in cube, which items to use... or still farming those meta related items and on the way just putting placeholders in those missing slots...

    Blizzard announced CRs in a way that I thought we would see something like this:

    builds with interesting ideas using synergies of the selected skills/items. while not being top builds but still trying to make them work in the best way possible (zombie charger wd, spectral blade wizard, weapon throw barb, you name it...). no useless items equipped, no stupid gameplay because the original runner had no clue about the game, and so on...

    That's not the case. Not even close. That's why it's utterly disappointing and a waste of time to me.

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    posted a message on Templar BiS Weapon

    there's really no BiS weapon for any follower

    what's BiS and even mandatory is "your follower won't die" relics, an Oculus Ring and Unity (if you're wearing a Unity, too).

    All stats of those Items are neglectable. I would also argue that Thunderfury is the best for the Slow effect (probably I would advice Ess of Johan for the Necklace spot, too), but yeah in the end it doesnt make any difference at all really. Can even leave those slots empty, the impact it actually has is close to zero...

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    posted a message on "MY BUILD DISAPPEARED" - report in here please!

    same issue here. seems like a site related problem for all users.

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    posted a message on 2.6.1 new damage affixes vs items skill damage

    The new Items Orange dmg affixes are all multiplicative (i.e. Condemn 800% from Fyrdehrs Wrath) . Skilldmg on Items like 15% Condemn on Shoulders (Blue affix) are in the category "damage increased by skills" and additive with all kinds of other buffs and debuffs in that category (blue affix skill dmg; holy cause passive; heavenly strenght passive; Toxin gem debuff; stromgarm bracers debuff; Wizard Cold blooded passive; Taeguk gem; ..... google to Check the whole list of the "dmg increased by skills" category. The category itself is its own multiplier but all Skills/items/passives of that category are additive with each other. So you need to look at the whole picture. TL;DR: 800% orange dmg affix is multiplicative; 15% Blue dmg affix is additive however multiplicative with These new items. in your example 1.15 (shoulders) x 9 (Fydr Wrath) = 10.35 multiplier. ... sry for Format. Typed on My phone... ( BTW. Akkhan set is x16 multi, Akkhan Skill Akarat Champ is x1.35 multi)

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    posted a message on I don't get those item comparison calculations

    would you still disagree with me based on this wikipedia definition? english is not my native language either so i might be confusing some terms.

    and from in-game toughness sheet, taking previous example of

    2284 all resist giving 86.71% damage reduction

    versus approximately half the value

    1141 giving 76.53% damage reduction.

    isnt that diminishing returns, i dont think thats linear, added 100% more all res and ended up with what? something like 13-14% increase in value.

    I don't want to start a forum fight as well, dude.

    Maybe I misinerpret the definition of diminishing returns as well. At least that's why I'm not that confident anymore after you posted that wikipedia definition. I already stated that the actual value you get from 1 point of all resists ( that's the 1 unit from that wikipedia definition ) is different if you go from 0 to 1 all resist or from 2000 to 2001 all resists.

    However my statement remains the same that the graph is actually linear and you won't get actual less effective value out of stacking those stats. In regards to damage reduction I always try to explain how this works in observing it not growing closer to the 100% in damage reduction but reverse your point of view in what's the actual dmg you will receive afterwards.

    While at 70% dmg reduction your incoming dmg will be 30% and while at 90% dmg reduction your incoming dmg will be 10%. 3 times less dmg! for gaining only 20 percent points. While getting from 0% to 50% your incoming dmg will only be reduced from 100% to 50% despite the fact that you gained 50 percent points. Only 2 times less dmg. (half dmg)

    With this kept in mind you realize that the relative value for each percent point drawing closer to the 100% has more value than the previous one and that's why increasing your percent point value takes more and more overall all resist points the more you stack it (same as for armor, cdr and rcr). It still being a linear dmg mitigation tool if you understand the mechanics.

    Your examples therefore make sense (note that in the first example the effective dmg reduction won't be a flat 50% since dmg reduction in d3 will be calculated together with armor and other stuff previously mentioned):

    2284 all resist giving 86.71% damage reduction --> 13.29% incoming dmg
    1141 giving 76.53% damage reduction --> 23.47% incoming dmg
    effective damage reduction: 43,37% less incoming dmg ( [23.47 - 13.29] / 23.47 * 100 )

    250 all res giving 41.34% --> 59.66% incoming dmg
    1141 which is 76.53% --> 23.47% incoming dmg
    effective damage reduction: 60.07% less incoming dmg ( [59.66 - 23.47] / 59.66 * 100 )

    So right now after some research (while I wrote this post) I've come to the conclusion that neither Armor nor All Resists have diminishing returns on their own from the very definition standpoint of the term. However since they work together in conjunction to determine your overall dmg reduction they obviously have an influence on each other. I think almost everyone knows already about that optimal 1:10 ratio you want to strive for but is not very realistic to achieve for most classes.

    So taking the Wiz again as example. The All Resist reduction will always be higher on that class than the Armor reduction. Meaning that if you stack All Resists on the Wiz it will suffer from diminishing returns (hence only 43.37% in the first example instead of 50%; it would be a flat 50% if All Resist would be the only dmg mitigation tool in d3)

    So increasing the value of the higher of the both should be stated as "diminishing returns" and increasing the value of the lower of the both should be stated as "increasing returns" or maybe more fitting "complimenting returns". Again I've searched the web if there is a opposite of diminishing returns and haven't found one. So again it would be helpful to be a native speaker here ;)

    Sorry for the really long wall of text again. But overall I'm glad that I've digged into it again with a bit more effort than previously to understand why this misconception of diminishing returns exists in the first place.

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    posted a message on I don't get those item comparison calculations

    First, I have to admit that my statement that you marked is kinda misleading. Of course the very first point of all resist gives more than stacking 1 point all resists on top of 2000. I shouldve phrased that differently. But probably most people that read this know that English is not my first language. So bear with me ^^

    Regarding your first example for 250 more resists. You realize that 100% damage reduction = infinity dmg reduction (invinsible) ?

    So by that point you should realize that 0->1% dmg reduction and 98->99% damage reduction is both 1% point but A WORLD of difference in actual dmg reduction value.

    To proof my point for stats like dmg reduce (either from armor or all res), cdr or rcr the max target stat here is always 100%. That's why it is misleading in thinking there are diminishing returns. So every other %point you gain here is worth more than the one before. So it makes sense that you need more resists, cdr, etc to increase your overall %value (that's why it feels even awkward to need to proof this cus it's so logical in my opinion).

    200 all res gives you aprox. 50% additional dmg reduction compared to 100 all res

    400 all res gives you aprox. 50% additional dmg reduction compared to 200 all res


    this is a linear increase in damage reduction. Meaning doubling up on your value means doubling up on your overall toughness!

    While it's true that the same value of all resis is less dmg reduction the higher you go on that stat that's the natural behavior of stats that cap out on 100%

    The graph in value is still linear and won't decrease the more you add. (which is the very definition of "diminishing returns")

    Same with CDR. I like to take the example of using Explosive Blast on a Wizard (ignoring the fact that it costs AP for this matter):

    If you stack your sheet CDR from 0% to 50% you cut the CD of that skill from 6 sec to 3 sec --> that's a damage increase of 100%

    If you stack your sheet CDR from 50% to 75% you cut the CD of that skill from 3 sec to 1.5 sec --> that's a damage increase of 100%

    The CDR values on gear/paragon/gems you need to obtain both those milestones is exactly the same. (same thing as with the previous example on toughness, doubling up on value means doubling up on damage in case of explosive blast)

    Fun example:

    If you stack your sheet CDR from 98% to 99% you cut the CD of that skill from 0.12 sec to 0.06 sec --> that's a damage increase of 100%

    If you stack your sheet CDR from 99% to 100% you cut the CD of that skill from 0.06 sec to 0.00 sec --> that's a damage increase of Infinity

    The last example would actually be impossible to reach even with billions, trillions and whatever how much CDR values you would stack on top of each other. That's just the way this works if 100% is max and therefore Infinity (damage that won't compute, invincible, etc)

    Sorry for the long post but you asked for it, and just want to help. No offense.

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    posted a message on I don't get those item comparison calculations

    you have 17k+ int which makes your all res quite high and the toughness you get from all res gets very high diminishing returns. so 90 int more adds 9 all res, +210 lightning res, 5 vitality. vs 7% ranged attack reduction which probably you have none on the rest of the gear to get diminishing returns. sounds about right imo.

    so yeah, that 7% ranged damage reduction beats those other stats, just because you have really high all res and adding some more to it doesnt really give you that much.

    You're overall right in what you said. But please just stop saying anything about diminishing returns. This term is used so wrong in the diablo community that it hurts.

    7% ranged dmg reduction flat out beats 210 single resists in regards to toughness values. Doesn't matter if you already got 5 billion resists or 99% ranged dmg reduction.
    The stat is just more valueable. There are NO diminishing returns involved.

    there are no diminishing returns in any toughness value in D3, and neither in CDR and RCR for example.

    Where you get diminishing returns is in stacking items/skills/effects that increase your "damage increased by skills" category.

    Even stacking elemental dmg on items is diminished with every item you equip.

    1st elemental item gives you 20% increased dmg (120 / 100 = 1,2 multiplier)

    2nd elemental item gives you 16,7% increased dmg (140 / 120 = 1,167 multiplier)

    while every single resist point gives you the exact same value than the previous one, no matter how much you stack it.

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    posted a message on LON is Dead.

    Yeah, it was more like about the obvious BoM he was refering to ;D

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