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    posted a message on Cosmetic pets now pick up gold for you

    demon hunter ferret skills will need a rework but yes i like it

    maybe ferrets can pic up db's huehue?

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    posted a message on Down with procs!

    diablo the game franchise that sells you a game but never provided a manuel.

    some how blizz seems to think it's cool we have to go to the deep dark recesses of the web to find some dark forgotten and prob outdated spreadsheet made by some no life autism suffering geek boi during the holidays

    to find out if my skills will actually proc something.

    or spend hours a day feeding the ego of online streamers in an attempt to over hear some useful game data.

    I never understood why they hide their game play mechanics from players

    imagine if everyone knew all the " secrets" all the " hidden" stats and " mechanics"

    the community would be farrrr better off

    the noobs you're trying to trap and lure in with the ez mode gameplay stuffs blizz , they are hooked in regardless of the skill tabs showing proc rates and the likes or not.

    the being noob friendly tactic doesn't work because it's unneeded , a few extra numbers isn't going to scare people away more than the regular numbers displayed are already doing

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    posted a message on So we must play seasons to gain more Stash space?

    non season is dead to me it takes a week to gear up on season to a level most non season ppl dont even attain in a year of play judging by some of the accounts i've seen.

    There literally is only one reason you'd not want to play season and that's that you can't play with your friends non seasonal heroes

    outside of that it all becomes non season once the season ends and you get all the exp you earned for you paragons moved over as well so there really is no loss in time invested either.

    plus if your alone and have no friends to powerlevel you , on season ppl speed farm puppies so you can just hop behind those people and get free power level that way

    there is atleast to me a lot more going on on a season than on non season player wize

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    posted a message on Calamity!

    just craft yellow 1 handed bows and use the cube to upgrade them until you get what you want

    its THE way to do it now

    its how i got literally ALL but my multishot and my odyssey's end bows antient for all my characters not just the dh.

    Forget about speed farming unless it's for the mats you need to cube.

    Forget about blood shards their abrivation isnt BS ( bull sheit) for nothing.

    Farm mats , craft gear with cube = succes.

    You basically do 3 things in this game to build your hero.

    farm mats for crafting

    farm exp

    level your leg gems

    and if you happen to drop an item you need or can use during this process then lucky you!

    but you should never go out of your way to farm for a specific antient item to drop.

    just farm the mats and craft it.

    remember tho crafting is all about large quantity.

    don't just craft a poorman's 5 bows or something , just farm materials a bit longer and craft 60

    you'll get what you want eventually.

    also if you can stomach it you could do bounty's to reroll legendary items to ancient with the cube and bounty mats but it's not worth the time investment for the more common items a calamity is kinda rare and it might eventually be a good idea to spend a week orso doing the bounty quests for the mats if you want to antient one up.. how ever you will need a normal leg one 1st ofc ( to reroll).

    Good Luck with the cube and may the RNJesus be with you

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    posted a message on Currently im using the UE set , should I

    i never thrown away any good antient

    when they updated Ik set last time i had a ton of items there were suddenly useful

    how ever its not always worked.. like the ring updates .. i still have like a ton of old rings with out the new affixes on them , as they dint change with the patch and i had to drop them a new so to say.

    \this is all non season ofc.

    on season it doesn't matter what you do because it resets anyways in a few weeks.

    spend all your shit on season and have fun with it imo

    non season sit on your stuff till the changes hit your side of the game than go nuts..

    my 3 cents ( 1 extra coz i dont cheap out)

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    posted a message on Need help on the rolls for my sader hell ammy

    as a rule of thumb

    crit damage over + elemental

    + elemental 20% over mainstat

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    posted a message on How much does heal monk heal the group?

    i believe the penalties for torment lvl to lps and lifesteal are still in effect

    but i could just be wrong i'm not sure.

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    posted a message on How much does heal monk heal the group?

    your forgetting the mystic allie ( 2 of them do to the boots ) they basicly almost double your lps

    and yes that is correct people get that number

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    posted a message on confused monk. all the bonuses. what stacks with what? push me in the roght direction

    google quin69 watch all his video's

    let him be your sempai.. orsomething

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