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    posted a message on wich weapon to use in second hand slot?

    A tear has been shed for those claws.

    Posted in: Monk: The Inner Sanctuary
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    posted a message on OMG What should I roll now? haha

    This, no question, unless you already maxed critical %

    Posted in: Barbarian: Bastion's Keep
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    posted a message on Gem disappeared

    I put my lvl 45 BoTT in a ring and dropped it to transfer to another character in a game held by a friend (I don't know why I didn't just stash transfer it). I left the game, got another character, came back, and the ring is gone... eaten up by the map. It happened in The Survivor's Enclave. This happen to anyone else?

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    posted a message on The "Help me Re-roll" Thread (Demon Hunter)

    The damage doesn't scale as a true +45% since it's additive, however. My base discipline without it is 76. 76*15 = 1140% multishot multiplier. At 79 discipline it's 79*15=1185% multishot multiplier. This is only a 3.9% increase in dps, hence the indecision.

    Posted in: Demon Hunter: The Dreadlands
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    posted a message on The "Help me Re-roll" Thread (Demon Hunter)

    I've read through several reroll topics and done a few simulations, but I think this is still a close call. Would you reroll the discipline to max or reroll the Vit to 10% elite damage? The discipline would give a little more than 3% multi dmg at all times and keep the Vit roll, wheres the elite damage could help clear rifts faster.Also rerolling Vit gives the flexibility of rerolling to other stats in the future. All input welcome, thanks!

    DPS =3312.8



    994 Dex

    845 Vit

    48% RCR


    Posted in: Demon Hunter: The Dreadlands
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