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    Hello everyone! I made a video for my favorite build in celebration of the release of RoS. It was made at level 60, but I've been farming T1 and T2 at 70 just fine with it as of now. Here it is:

    The Toxic Nest is the culmination of all of my experience playing a Demon Hunter. This is the reason I chose to play the class. The build has gone through many iterations since the release of Diablo 3, and due to changes in the 2.0 patch I find it more powerful and fun than ever before. I'm excited to share my baby with my fellow Diablo enthusiasts.

    This is a sustained damage build. It's good at what it does, but its weaknesses - while surmountable - are apparent. It won't appeal to everyone.

    The video does not provide a sixth skill because the build feels very complete and polished without it. There are a lot of good options for the sixth slot, two of my personal favorites being Impale: Overpenetration and Companion: Boar Companion. At level 70, Vengeance: From the Shadows also works very well. Feel free to experiment yourself!

    Clips from the video are taken from Torment 3 and 4 difficulties at level 60.

    You can view my profile at - though it has been updated since I made the video.

    Comments, questions, and critiques are welcome. Thank you!
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    Quote from jakj

    Well, that pretty much confirms that they will require a new purchase for the console version, and won't just give it to people who already bought the PC version. Oh well. I would have liked to play it with a controller instead of a mouse, but I'll cut off my own nuts before I pay another $60 just to be reminded their "it's design, not DRM" is so much smoke in the face of console offline play.

    Don't rag on blizzard for this - it's far from an industry standard to hand out free copies when a game gets ported. This is a bonus for people who areinterested in diablo but don't have a decent PC, not for people who already have the game to go out and buy it again.

    I would also implore you to stop and think before jumping on the anti-blizzard bandwagon in regard to the always-online issue. It's very much a benefit for this type of game to not expose its source code to hackers - if you experienced how frustratingly rampant hacking was in d2 I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Following that logic I doubt blizzard would allow offline play on consoles without being very sure that anything that could be gleaned from the console version code couldn't be used to adversely affect the pc version.
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    That's pretty much exactly what I wanted to say in rebuttal, but I was too lazy to type it out. Thanks! XD

    Another thing I'd like to add is that Blizzard isn't original in the slightest when it comes to base ideas. What makes Blizzard's lore unique is how they subtly modify all the little things that we're use to in fantasy lore to create a world that feels familiar but is entirely their own. They've revisited a lot of classic fantasy classes - all of those are very common in games except maybe the Witch Doctor - but all of them have a very "Blizzardy" feel, especially in D3 with all the new resource mechanics. I think it's likely they'll settle on a classic long-ranged archetype like the ranger, but mold it to suit the Diablo lore and adapt it to have a unique feel, like they've been doing with all the other classes.
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    I think bow tree is definitely guaranteed. There's also a very good chance that there will be a "utility" tree, like the Amazon had, which will probably be composed of defensive abilities and trap-like abilities.

    In my personal opinion, I believe that the ranger is the most likely choice at this point simply to fulfill the ranged physical requirement as well as preserve parts of the Amazon and the Druid. Consider what we've got covered. You've got two melee and two casters - a good balance. There you've got beefy physical damage, and swift agile damage. You've got direct damage magic and summons/diseases dots. Lorewise, you've covered the basic warrior, holy magic, arcane-magic, and the creepy mysticism you had in the Necromancer. The only throwback to classic fantasy we're missing are "ranged physical damage" plus "the nature element." The ranger is both of those things, nearly always having ties to the natural world in classic fantasy. Based on that, I think some nature-based abilities, as well as summons, are also very likely.

    Marksmanship = bow skills
    Exploits = traps and feats of physical prowess
    Affinity = Nature-based skills, wolves, spirits, vines, maybe a spell or two

    That's my two cents.
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