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    Hello Kimmen,

    I've been playing diablo since roughly 2014 and one thing that I can't stand anymore is trying to find people on the public channels and groups. There's always someone leaving after 2 runs and it takes HOURS to find someone.

    Therefore I'd like to join a nice community.

    I've played mostly monk and have a good knowledge of the class, but I'm playing Necro this season (para640 atm doing 85+ speeds, P1500NS). I play a couple hours a day and quite a lot more on weekends.

    I'm 31 and am from Belgium, I speak french, english, spanish and dutch in that order. I have discord and a headset too.

    Can't wait to meet you guys if you're still looking for people.

    PS : I'm very social... untill you mention Torbjorn from Overwatch. You don't wan't to mention Torbjorn.

    Btag CosmicTorben#2826

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    Hi Diablofans ! Thx for making this thread so usefull and visible.

    I've looted this beauty and I'm not sure what to roll. LoH is a nice tank stat, but would CDR or AS be better ? Especially since I won't be pushing high GR with UE, trying to get the LoN ancient setup... someday...

    I'de love to reroll the dmg just to get it perfect, but it's not too bad allready.

    So I'd love some advice. THX !

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