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  • posted a message on Set items in Patch 2.3

    well the thing is for crusader the new set is only for season 4 same with ulianas for monk and spirit of arachnyr for wd those sets are season only so u cannot get them on non season.

    That's not true. All sets are available on non season... There are just some season exclusive items that compliment those sets like the wizard's Faluza belt or whatever (gives you 50 archon stacks on cast).
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  • posted a message on My Road to Rank 1 EU-NS! :)

    Gratz on R1, good job on the clears and thanks for sharing.

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  • posted a message on Disappointed with 2.3
    Quote from DTDuimgo-next

    Yeah, they ninja nerfed conduits.
    As i Said, barbarians on 2.2 can go further than 2.3 if you have unlimited keys to try.

    They *fixed* conduit pylons.

    And no, barbs on 2.2 can't go further than on 2.3, that's just wrong.

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  • posted a message on Disappointed with 2.3
    Quote from DTDuimgo-next

    ah, probally you guys didn`t even played the PTR.
    Lag sucks, Kunai sucks (because of the ridiculous itemization of the game you will only get 3 or 4 decent items), GRs must be changed, NEW CHALLENGES must be added...

    You will play thinking that will be a lot of new stuff... you play 1 hour and did everything ''new''

    btw, i played 2 hours on PTR and got rank 50 lol retard.

    1. Lag sucks on PTR because the PTR server(s) suck and are not meant to stress test or reflect the live servers in any way related to performance.

    2. "Kunai sucks" - It's called Kanai's cube and it doesn't really suck. It provides the players with more customization and options that were not available before. the fact that there are items that are used more often in the cube than others, does not mean that the system itself is inherently flawed, it just means that Blizzard has more work to do in regards to itemization.

    3. GRs are getting changed with every patch. New challenges have been added in the previous expansion and patches and i suspect more will come in the future patches and possible expansion.

    4. True, there's not that much to do in the new patch other than farm the new gear sets on all classes, try out the new builds, play around with the new cube feature and basically continue farming and progressing through greater rift levels... there's no way you can do all of that in 1 hour though so no.

    5. Ranks on PTR mean almost nothing... Ranked 50 on PTR definitely means nothing. The only thing retarded here is your post to be honest... Oh that, and also the fact that the paragon system is still garbage. Oh well.

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  • posted a message on Peanut butter expansion time ?

    I still have my hopes up for a pvp expansion. One that would include solo / team arenas, pvpve events and matches like dota style maps or whatever.

    If done right, this would surely increase the active player base by a lot. It could be a lot of fun to have something to do other than farm for gear to be able to farm more gear (or paragon...).

    I know people say that Diablo is not a pvp game but in D2 we had an awesome pvp community with endless innovative builds and ideas - if you were into it, you'd know that it was nothing less than crazy and fucking awesome. To a lot of people, including me to some extent, pvp was the real true end game of D2. I hope the D3 dev team could pull off something like that in the next expansion, just a lot better than what D2 pvp was since it was heavily limited by its simplicity in terms of settings and options.

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  • posted a message on Paragon talk, lets get to the bottom of it.

    Top paragon level players are not botters. If you play legit in a group of 4 and farm speed GR you will get 5 times more xp than what the best bots can do. Whole arguement is pointless.

    People express their dissatisfaction with the system because it's flawed. It forces people to farm the same content 24/7... If there was a balance between the different types of content in the game in terms of xp gained, then people would be able to farm different types of content without feeling forced to farm just this ONE THING. That's the main problem that many people seem to be missing. Botting has nothing to do with this.

    Also, if someone bots and gets really high plvl, he will get banned. In EU for an example, there aren't more than a few thousands of people who are close to or are above plvl 1k... Botters can be spotted quite easily if they go overboard (and sometimes even if they don't).

    Oh and you are wrong... paragon > skill is actually true. Please tell me more about how you can skillfully beat a plvl 2k player when you are plvl 800... yeah good luck. And you might not know, but it's not mainly about solo... In a group where the average plvl is 1.5k, this group can beat the shit out of trials or GR levels that a plvl 800 group will never be able to - or only be able to with extreme fishing and luck.

    There's nothing wrong with a system that rewards players for playing the game more... The problem is that this specific system completely overshadows any other sort of character progression i nthe game and it has become the only way to actually play while being effecient once you have the gear.

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  • posted a message on Let's try this again..making Diablo 3 competitive
    Quote from Kallizkgo-next

    Everyone asking for equal gear and paragon in this mode must be forgetting that it's a farming game...

    I don't think anyone is forgetting anything. It's just that the farming has become so retarded and boring that people are trying to look for reasonable alternatives. Just because the game is built around character progression principles, it doesn't mean that we need to defend "farming" all the time... If it sucks then it sucks. In D2 you had a level cap but still had stuff to farm for even if you hit 99... Today, i don't see any reason why D3's entire farming aspect should boil down to just one lousy thing that is paragon farming. It's the most retarded situation the game has ever been in imo. Sure we got a lot of nice new features and whatever but when players need to farm paragon 24/7 in order to be in a position to compete with others, then it's just not fun anymore for a lot of people... And true, the game's top tier has always been a miniscule percentage of the player base but that still does not mean that a system that disregards paragon levels would work against "top players"... If designed right, it could work and be fun for everyone; "top players" and "casuals" alike.

    The only reason why speed GR is not as boring as d2's Baal runs is the fact that GR's are somehwat randomized and Baal runs are like 99% static. I want D3 to have more reasons as to why its farming is superior to any other game and not just a bit of randomness which heavily works against the players on higher levels - Having said that, speed GR's are boring as shit, it's not even funny.

    Edit: And i totally agree with Limdul above me. Another great example of those custom games that would fit in D3 imo is "Enfo's team survival".

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  • posted a message on leaderboards meaningless and obsolete because of cheats and bots

    The game is and has been going to a horrible direction where your progress is no longer determined by anything other than the ammount of time played and sadly, there's only one thing you can do to make that time played actually efficient and that's paragon farming. It sucks and i can't understand anyone who defends it.

    What is there to do in the game if they "fix" paragon? Well, in theory, if rare items had the possibility to roll really good stats that cannot be ususally found on said type of item, it could remedy the "loss" of something to do once paragon is fixed. See, if you tried to play D2 legit (not on bnet cuz everything was duped) you'd remember that certain items were almost impossible to roll... Items like 40 life SK's or 3/20/20 SC's or 40/15 jewels... These items could keep a player on the hunt if they were somehow introduced into D3 in a way that is not as crazy as it was in D2.

    I prefer the item hunt and not the XP hunt... Farming paragon 24/7 is not fun, seriously... It ruined the game for me and for many others and to be honest, today without "cheats" like Turbohud, the game sucks even more... Not having basic things like skill cooldown timers is just retarded. Blizzard's argument of not wanting to make the game more complicated does not apply anymore. They need to introduce an "Advanced" mode where players could select to have additional information displayed to them. Even things like average damage done in the previous rift in comparison to your teammates would be really nice...

    Anyway it's nice to lie to ourselves thinking that the devs share the same ideas for the direction of D3 but i don't think they are and they probably don't have any incentive or reason to cater to the "top players" because 99% of the player base is "casual" or whatever you want to call it.

    The onyl thing that keeps me playing is the clan that i'm in and the fact that sometimes patches get released and then you can farm for new gear and play new builds that could be fun - But i basically have given up on everything that could be labeled as competetive progress because i'm almost 1000 paragon levels below "top players" by now on NS and on season it's even more retarded because everyone farms 24/7 for paragon all the time untill last day of season so no thanks.

    TLDR: Game sucks but i still play it. Fuck paragon farming.

    Edit: In d2 you were capped to level 99 and no one ever complained about not having anything to do... The game is not about levels and xp farming it's about character progression - And if the only progresssion there is to be had is through xp farming, then it means that other aspects of the game are heavily flawed.

    Edit#2: Even though i don't play season, i think Angramangyu idea above me is quite good.

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  • posted a message on Let's try this again..making Diablo 3 competitive

    I like the idea and others similar to it but i don't think the mobs have to be 100% static, i mean, some randomness is fine but as it currently stands, on live the randomness is just bullshit. See you can get a rift full of slow ass melee zombies and you can get a rift full of stupid anarchs - how is that comparable? It's not. If the randomness would consist of mobs that are actually on the same tier of difficulty then it would be fine.

    I do think that having scripted instances could be nice for this game... Not to scratch GR but to add another option. I think what would be ideal is to make Paragon bonuses inactive while in such a rift / instance - That would level the playing ground and make players' progress once again reliant on gear and a certain ammount of skill (Yes like it or not some d3 builds and playstyles require skill to play, if you say "lol d3 and skill?" then you can gtfo).

    Anyway back to the original idea in the op, it would be nice if we had let's say 1 fixed instance per act like an uber act 1,2,3,4,5 and in those instances everything will be fixed with just a bit of randomness. Every instance would be comprised of the mobs that are found in that act and would be graded in difficulty accordingly. After a while they could add another instance per act or whatever but i think 5 is a good numebr to start with for a content patch or an expansion.

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  • posted a message on [2.3] Archon Wizard, 6 APS!!! insane - (video)

    Not only that the playstyle seems a little stupid with the downtime on archon and blizzard spam only for the chantodo stacks, it also sucks major balls because that belt is season only (correct me if i'm wrong).

    The video is nice though, i think you showcased the true potential of this set and for that you get my +1

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