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    Speaking of the cube, being able to perhaps take three amethysts and make one topaz or emerald would absolutely make my month!

    Is this unreasonable?

    Well...they haven't exactly shown a desire to have that kind of dynamic item manipulation in D3. As a matter of fact, they totally dropped the ball when they had a chance to take things in that direction.

    What I'm referring to is the shameful thing that happened to White items. When they first introduced leg crafting, I was excited about the direction I THOUGHT they were heading. I assumed that the quality of the White mattered when crafting. Thinking that if you had a +15% superior piece, it would roll into the craft. To my absolute horror, quality didn't matter at all. The quality was omitted entirely. As we all know, we don't even use the whites anymore because of the carebears who cried about having to find materials.

    The above instance reflects the lack of desire from Blizz to have intricacies involved in our item manipulation. Instead, we just stand in front of a Mystic and tweak 1 stat line. A bit low-brow, if you ask me.

    It's not because "the carebears who cried about having to find materials" it was because it's a stupid idea to begin with... Go look for white items that actually spawn in the hundreds in some area in act 5 and then fill your stash up with random items that you might some day craft but eventually throw away because you are running out of space because you have to horde a million of other legendaries in the hopes of them becoming useful one day because Blizzard changes skill balance and legendary affixes. See, the problem was not with the white items or legendary materials, it's with the whole inventory and stash space thing. It was retarded to keep it that way given the current system so they did a good job of removing it.

    @OP: It's always been like this pretty much in every game but probably mainly in Diablo... Activity peaks on patch / xpac releases and then slowly fades then peaks again when new content is released. The only way to stay occupied with the game in my opinion is to play multiple classes and have friends to play with,
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  • posted a message on Furnace vs. OS/SoH on WW build and some other questions
    Afaik right now the most viable ww build is lightning because of the TF / OS / SOH procs. iirc ww has certain attack speed breakpoints and using a Furnace doesn't seem optimal at all. Stay with your lightning gear and optimize towards that. You should check Andrew's thread
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  • posted a message on Help with rerolling Xephirian Amulet
    I think i would reroll the ias to 10 cc just because cc+chd+cdr is awesome both for crusader and for barb. You can use this on your zdps monk regardless of the stats, it's a xeph with 8 cdr so that's basically all you need.
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  • posted a message on N00b question on Weapon Elemental Damange Type, Ideal Critical Chance and Ring of Royal Grandeur
    Quote from sciteach602»
    I'm really mad. I was playing yesterday and it looked like my attacks weren't packing as much punch as they normally do. I looked at my Legendary Gems and for some reason they were all reset to rank zero. One of them was rank 22 and the other two were in the mid-teens. Now I have to start back from scratch. I looked around the net and it seems like other people have had his problem before too. Also, since Patch 2.1 I've had 2 set items drop for my barb. that are wizard set items. I hope that these are not recurring problems and if they are they get fixed soon.

    You probably put the gems on a different character and had them drop again and just used the rank 0 ones.

    And there's a 15% chacnce iirc for every drop to be non-smart loot so wiz items on a barb is not a bug.
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  • posted a message on 5.7gb patch, or just me? plz help (22-10-2014)
    Just want to say that you can check the leaderboards online without having to actually go in game.

    And change the language to english US (At the bottom of the page) if you want to see the NA server leaderboards.
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  • posted a message on Why Polar Station for Meticulous Bolts build?
    From what i've seen so far, spitfire + ballistics is a lot more useful in trials than in GR but still, if you have 2x dh in a group and one of them has a decent hf amu, he can go for spitfire + ballistics while the second dh stays polar station. This will definitely increase the overall dps output of the group.

    I think if a zdps crus with involiable faith goes for cold consecration, both of the demon hunters can go spitfire+ballistics. But really, it's only good when you got a decen hf amu imo because awareness + custom engineering + cull the weak + steady aim are too good to give up in favor of ballistics. I guess the slows from a zdps monk + zdps wd with bott is also quite reliable but the covered area is relatively small in relation to polar station / crus with consecration.
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  • posted a message on Why Polar Station for Meticulous Bolts build?
    Quote from Alka»

    Quote from Shinna1989
    When solo´ing with EA/BL you want to pull huge groups. Sometimes even double or triple packs along with some more trash.

    With all due respect, as a DH you wouldn't be able to stand and shoot or mostly even survive with more than 3-4 elite afflix rolling around you. Even some trash mobs don't feel like trash above certain levels. I am still having a hard time on trying to avoid death by any given act V trash (winged assassins, 2+punishers, etc.)

    Assuming you are running solo with smoke screen, preperation and nightstalker, you can pretty much run perma ss and stand next to everything. Just need to time the shots / skills inbetween smokescreens right and manage both fo your resources.
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  • posted a message on Greater Rift mobs to skip ??
    Quote from nwp2779»
    how the hell would you survive a guardian like the crusader king on a level like pandemonium without vault or screen ?

    thanks for the input Guys.

    You keep smoke screen. The DH has 1 skill slot that you can pretty much change for anything you want if you are already going for mfd + bait the trap.
    If it's 2 dh in the group then only one of them can go mfd then the other one can potentially go for bola shot or whatever but imo that's useless in gr.

    Imo the special recipe rune on smoke screen is the best. When i go lightning dh in a group with a wd, i give up on preperation + nightstalker and just go for the smoke screen that costs 10 disc.

    This is the build i go for in groups with a wd!UciY!bacYcY
    If we have a good source of slow / chill then i give up polar station for spitfire but you really need a hellfire amulet so you can get ballistics + steady aim and not just one of them.
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  • posted a message on How to mod the XP rate for singleplayer?
    You should go to the Phrozen keep it's a forum for d2 mod making.
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  • posted a message on The RNG Thread!
    Quote from Enterich»
    Is the stone of jordan drop rate patched again or something like that?

    I played my demon hunter from 300 to paragon 425 -> found 5 unitys and 0 soj ( actualy datamined droprates: unity has the same dropchance then soj ).

    Is that just rng "bad luck" or did they make the soj even more rare?

    Found 4 on my crusader before patch 2.1

    Yeah they made it more rare in 2.1
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