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  • posted a message on Bug in Greater RIFT "The Cesspools".
    Yep. There is no checkpoint at the beginning of the cess pools. Not sure if that happens everytime but i've encountered it once in a GR. I guess they jsut forgot to add a checkpoint to this new map eh? :P

    If you care about bug reporting, the official forums is the place to go.
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  • posted a message on Good going Blizzard.
    What did you expect?

    It was fucking obvious that this is what will happen.

    99% of you didn't stand a chance anyway.

    It's a race. People will use all "legal" tools they can put their hands on. That bounty was in the game so people abused it. To call that cheating and to want those people banned is the real immaturity here. Get over it, it was FUCKING OBVIOUS.
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  • posted a message on Greater rifts not so great?
    It's rng... I get anything from 0-5 legs from gr rg. I got 4 legs twice and 5 legs once yesterday on gr 30+

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  • posted a message on patch 2.1 EU
    90% sure it will be tomorrow... as usual
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  • posted a message on Number 1 World Barb on Elite Damage looking for Clan.
    Check out

    We are not super hardcore but every night there are a few T6 groups going on. And most if not all are mature people. We got a TS server with no drama and everything is awesome.
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  • posted a message on THE FLOW OF ETERNITY & 2.1
    To answer your last question, skills that have a charges mechanism will be affected by cdr in the upcoming patch.

    About tfoe and sss monks in general, i tried to create one a while ago and kind of quit in the middle.

    Look at my monk here:
    And my cdr:
    I can clear up to T4... My gear is not optimized at all but that's partially due to the fact that getting good rolls on sunwuko (especially amulet) is really hard. I like the idea of a perma sss monk even though this build does not exactly achieve it. The thing is that right now, my playstyle is cast epiphany -> cast palm individually on some or most of the mobs and then start sss'ing. Now with the buff to sss that it actually casts palm on mobs, this build is effectively buffed by like 100%. Not to mention the buff to tfoe... By the way, a perfect tfoe also has 10 cdr as a primary affix so that's even more insane.

    You can see i have 71.47% cdr on SSS sustained attack. I think that tool is not 100% accurate because iirc my downtime was a bit more than a second and there it says 0.93 downtime which is odd... Maybe i wasn't paying enough attention / don't remember correctly. But yeah, the biggest advantage sss gives you is that you are practically invulnerable while casting the sss.

    tldr: this build is getting insane buffs in 2.1
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  • posted a message on Elemental damage skill runes ps4
    There's supposed to a background graphic indicator of the specific element determined by color... Also, read the rune's description. It usually says something like "deals damage as x" where x is one of the elements.
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  • posted a message on Ultimate Random Chat Thread [URT] v4
    Man your kid is growing up fast :cheers:
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  • posted a message on Raekor's Ancient Spear Barb
    Quote from VendettaOwnZ
    Thanks man..I was using it in testing but I might of got a little carried away showing the ancient spear damage potential... avalanche is a great addition though... and with ancient spear spending so much fury it's almost always ready to use.

    Yep i noticed that and i can certainly see it working out. But as you suggested at some point, i would go for full ik and jsut swap avalanche for cota.
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  • posted a message on ddos attack by Lizard Squad
    Quote from Rob64
    Gj new age of technology

    Because of the occasional downtime of some game servers you decided that this "new age of technology" has failed? :hehe:
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