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    Quote from KaotiC16go-next

    I didn't really know where else to post this and I didn't feel it warranted a thread of its own.

    I just scored a Ramaladni's Gift or whatever it's called. I have thunderfury with decent base average damage, the strength roll is low, I got Area damage instead of vit and the chain lightning damage on it isn't too shabby. I could reroll the socket to % damage.

    Should I use the gift on it? What do you guys think?

    If you think tf is a good weapon for your build then yes but you might want to wait for 2.1.2 because the shard of hate sword will be better than tf i'm quite sure... But if you're going to play a lot in the next 30 days or so there's not much sense in waiting because you will most likely get another one imo.
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    Quote from andy20066go-next
    I have played the demo so when I buy the game do I start from the end of the first quest or do I have to start at the beginning

    The upgrade process from starter to full should keep all of your progress made on the starter edition so you will pick up from where you left.

    It's probably better to buy D3 alone without the expansion first and play through it. Unless there's like a sale if you get both of them together...
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    Definitely an awesome change to the soh... back to its original awesomeness.

    The goblins do disapear when not engaged for too long, you can see in chat "A treasure goblin has escaped" for an example... There were gobs escaping on the right when you were fighting on the left if i'm not mistaken.

    The Raekor change looks ok to be honest. I will wait to see what builds people come up with... Already seen ancient spear utilized semi efficiently.

    Conduit change is good. You are no longer dependant on it and it can still give you a small boost in the overall rift clear. I guess now the best pylon is the power pylon? since density seems to be high all the time in this patch in gr, power pylon, giving you 400% damage increase is just great for every situation.

    Anyway i'm mostly excited about the soh buff. DW Lightning WW+FC build anyone? Or possibly just dw raekor with frenzy + ancient spear / rend / whatever people come up with. I feel like there is potential here.
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    I found at least 10 furnaces since ROS launched and i'm paragon 700 now. I found at least 3 furnaces since 2.1 launched. rng is a bitch but as others have mentioned, you can do pretty well using Maximus / Heart slaughter etc depending on your build.
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    Quote from ThatBarb

    Any monster 1 max 2 hits and youre dead if u dont continue charging and avoiding hits, and if there are no monsters, what do you charge ?
    I dont play GRifts very often, but this was top of the shit in d3 !

    Well... according to some " pro " players it's not the class... it's just u.
    Aparently these " pro" players get to master raekor in such way that they don't die and faceroll GR 50+, we should ask them how they do it.
    I bet it's not the same thing everybody else does, except they do it so many hours a day that in some cases they don't die over 10 times so they can end the rift.

    On a less sarcastic side :

    Barb have 30% damage reduction by default and a ton of damage reduction skills ( 3x 50% reduction + unity + a ton more of reduction).
    Yet it's all in vein. If you don't perma-stun or freeze mobs around you, there are chances you can die even on T6, not to mention higher GRS.

    Bottom line, melee is broken and I don't see any glimpse of creativity from these devs to fix it because:

    Attempt #1 : they made leapquake.... perma stun and pressing 1 over and over again to spam lava.
    You wouldn't hit mobs, they wouldn't hit you, you wouldn't bother to use a fury spender... basically a vomit of a build.
    Attempt #2: raekor .... perma freeze and pressing 1 over and over again to gather mobs.
    Again... no mob hitting you or hitting them back. No generator or spender involved... a joke of a build after u clear 2-3 rifts for fun.

    These guys lack any sort of creativity when it comes to barbarians and we should get used to it.
    If someone will say " but then why don't you fix it if you're so smart ? "
    Simple : Because the only difference is that I'm the client, not the producer of this game.

    If there was a solid basis for melee abilities that actually worked and gave you good toughness while dealing damage up close and getting hit, then alternatives like leapquake and raekor would have been awesome and could even be considered as creative designs because that's what they really are. The problem is that these builds are the default choice and that makes the barb lose its "original" flavor.

    Gotta say, you being so salty about raekor and leapquake is kind of stupid. You blame the players for the devs mistakes. Also you pretend as if "I bet it's not the same thing everybody else does" does not apply to 99% of the playerbase on all classes and builds. Stop being so salty it fucking sucks to read the forums with people complaining at the wrong things all the time.

    The devs need to revamp some of the barb passives. Make barbs gain more life per fury spent, make barbs gain toughness based on damage taken like relentless but something more reasonable that would also synergize with lpfs... Also, the brawler passive should have its damage icnrease nerfed a bit with the addition of some toughness percentage. Stuff like that, along with better spender options like the upcoming ww+rend i suppose, could make the barb more interesting and viable in terms of true melee combat.

    The need to constantly stunlock everything is something that the players realized, came up with and utilized properly when they saw the current state of the game and how damage scales in GR. It's not something that anyone should be mad about because without those builds, the barb population would have been like 0.1% in 2.1. not everyone can play a subpar crappy lightning ww build that barely does any damage, just because of imaginary "barb melee integrity" or whatever...
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    All the noobs bashing raekor solo high gr saying that all you need is 10 seconds to become good - show us your solo high gr clears or gtfo. I'm sick of this shit you have no idea what you are talking about. GR 35 is not like GR 50 so fucking stop. "all you need is big pack of mobs" pffft give me a break.
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    [quote=Apollyon89;/members/292296-apollyon89;/forums/diablo-iii-class-forums/barbarian-bastions-keep/97732-raekor-got-wrecked?comment=25]I was writing about PTR, I think the reason for raekor change was not main server ranks but PTR ranks. Some classes can't do even 45 without conduit, conduit is not only crucial for barb. Current barb gameplay require skill, not like dumb, no-skill-required DH gameplay but with skill and experience is very strong, definitely barb is not a weak class

    Really ? :))) Raekor requires skill ? Are you mental ?
    I play all classes except monk ... and believe me when I tell you that as a DH, staying alive and moving out of mob effects makes it 1000 times harder than pressing 1 and moving mobs across the screen.

    You just got fooled by the " ermegerd I'm so pro" videos and posts about exploits and raekor use in high density rifts. On hardcore where you need to actually think and play the game as Raekor, they are all dead or didn't pass GR 35.

    Now if any of u consider to be skilled or smart, you pull out the conclusions. Sorry dude but you apparently never tried raekor on sc high gr. Yes it does require skill. You need to know when and how to pull and it changes on different mob types and also according to the map type and angles / doors in it.

    This is just like saying that lightning dh on solo high gr doesn't require skill. It's just something that noobs say because they cleared gr 35 and they think they know everything. It's actually fucking hard.

    Raekor is quite simple but still, it's not the easist thing ever and it does require some skill but mostly knowledge and experience. It's unfair to say "Really ? :))) Raekor requires skill ? Are you mental ? " because any noob could say that on your DH argument that it's a thousand times harder.

    The Raekor build as we know it is a lot of fun in solo and groups where you split up and clear ahead. But it is broken. We all must admit that. Whoever thought they are not going to nerf it at some point was living in a dream.
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    This might make Bastion's revered more viable. Frenzy - Maniac that stacks 10 times is quite awesome. Not sure if the Undisputed champion (Frenzy gains the effect of all runes) is actually it worth but the axes and the smite can be a nice addition to the 25% icnreased damage from maniac, especially on single targets. Yes you can keep all the stacks up in between charges. Not sure how exactly it will work with the new raekor but with enough cdr it should be poissble.
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    From my point of view it was just a matter of time untill they nerfed Raekor because it is indeed relatively overpowered. Are those changes coming in the next ptr patch? Because if not, this is a fucking joke.

    I'm a raekor player myself and i'm aware that it's not so easy to clear high gr as some noobs suggest, but seriously, it's op in relation to other classes' builds.

    If they leave raekor in the game in all of 2.1.2 then seriously, the next patch is going to be raekor galore 2.0... The density and ammount of conduits are just insane combos for the raekor playstyle it's ridiculous at this point.
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  • posted a message on 10-14 bil xp/hour method Field of Misery
    If anyone wants to try and start a group for fom farm add me on EU.
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