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    I still don't understand how can people react in such way. Are you that blind that you can't see all the hints and information we have that Blizzard is really doing something for the Diablo franchise. Something new is happening on BlizzCon for Diablo, not old or what else, but something new. Its so obvious it hurts me when I see people that just refuse to believe that. Especially when I know that those people were ones emotionally attached to the first two Diablo series. Show some hope guys.

    People know not to get their hopes up because they are used to getting screwed over. You might have not been around for the last few conventions where Blizzard literally took a dump on Diablo fans with nothing but panels of bullshit. But people who have seen those with very high hopes got burned so bad that there is really no reason at all to be hyped for anything Diablo related. I like to be an optimist and hope for some cool fighting / 3rd person game but i know deep down that if Diablo gets anything new, it would be a retarded mobile game with a fucked up micro transactions business model... Maybe something like the Scrolls game by Mojang.
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    My money is on a fighting game in the Diablo universe. Something like Mortal Kombat i mean.

    Either that or something 3rd person action like a God of war game but with multiplayer or some shit.

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    Well yeah, you need to time your skill button presses in order for them to actually be cast. You can also spam the clicks of a certain skill while the animation of the first is running and then once it's done, the second one (that you are currently spamming) will be cast. You can also hold down one skill button and then press a second skill in-between animations while still holding the first skill down... That also works but is only useful in certain scenarios...

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    Are you sure it's not just you spamming skills while the first skill is being cast? Skills do have an animation you know... And some skills have a longer animation than others. Also, kind of depends on your attack speed but that also depends on the skill you're using.

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    Quote from GaborSzgo-next

    Quin was invited to a Blizzcon event to stream when they only released a patch.

    btw, for me its extremly unsual that Blizz reveal something outside of Blizzcon. Did they ever do that before?

    I mean thats what i have observed. so far they have announced everything on Blizzcon

    Reaper of Souls was announced at Gamescom...

    They flew popular streamers out to Blizzcon for the major 2.4 patch for sure, but even if there were no patch they would probably still fly streamers out since it is a Blizzard event.

    The difference is Blizzard are flying Quin out and its Gamescom, a conference that is not dedicated to Blizzard thus it must be a reason more than just playing the game or streaming from there, Quin must be showing something off...

    "Must" is a very strong word.
    I wouldn't be so sure about anything and i definitely wouldn't set my hopes up for anything Diablo related. Have you not seen the past couple of Blizzcons? how can you even be remotely excited? I wouldn't be surprised at all if they completely shit on the diablo franchise once again.
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    * eternally lurking

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    In D2 you had more choice overall i think. Things like going max block or just Vit. Or going for ES or not as a melee sorc. In D2 you had very unique items that were so rare but weren't anything specific i.e a unique or a set item or whatever, they were just magical or rare items that could roll with amazing stats for specific builds.

    An example would be this GH:

    And then you could socket it with something like:

    Which results in an awesome self-created item that feels 100 times more personal and rewarding than anything in D3 in my opinion.

    Building a character properly and meeting certain breakpoints of FHR, IAS, Block%, etc was also a process that involved a lot of planning and thinking. It took quite an effort to properly come up with all of the things required for a really good build.

    Add to that things like the charms which were varied and could compliment almost any build that you could come up with. A magic find character could use MF SC's for an example. If you were missing a few FHR points to meet a breakpoint, you could give up one of your life/mana/ar sc's and get one fhr sc... There were a lot of choices involved with creating a well geared character.

    Not to mention crafting. In D2, crafting could potentially get you BIS items. crafted amulets are the best example. They are so hard to come by and even harder to roll well, but if they do roll good, you might end up with a sick crafted amulet that no one else has.

    Problem with all of that is that D2 thrived on duped items. I think that it's safe to say that if it weren't for dupes in D2, 99% of the people would have never got a well geared character with all of the runewords highly rolled, with things like 40/15 jewels or 20/20/3 sc's... But somehow, the game had a functioning community that worked quite well. Sure, some people were total elitists because their wealth was that of like half of the server combined (again due to dupes and other secrets).

    But that's where things like ladder resets and pandemonium events came in to try and minimize the dominance of certain factors over the economy. And those did pretty well. But yeah on NL for an example, the accumulated wealth and bugged / legacy items is probably too much but that's why it's NL and that's why ladder resets exist.

    What i really like about D2 is the fact that certain builds were very general-purpose oriented - builds like the hammerdin which could basically do antyhing in the game including pvp, MF, pve, carrying other people, rushing, any kind of farming, etc. And there were very specific builds like the gold find barb ( i love to bring the gf barb as an example whenever possible) - A build that had one specific role and also, one specific area and mobs to farm. The benefit of having such a character was great but building it was not a simple task. Things like that gave you a sense of working in order to make your account better overall i.e to have the ability to farm gold, the ability to rush a friend if needed, the ability to MF farm, etc...

    And last but not least, PVP. To me, and i'm sure that to many other people, PVP was the true end game of D2. The amount of theorycrafting and thought put behind certain builds is simply insane. What is even more insane is how rare certain PVP items were. Getting really well rolled claws for a hybrid sin with + to traps, + to LS, + to AR based on char level, + sockets, etc? I can't believe how unique and rare certain items were. Comparing this to D3 is a joke. Not because D3 is bad, it's just a lot more normalized and "appealing to the masses".

    TLDR: D2 was amazing in terms of customization that probably would have never seen its full potential actually reached if it weren't for dupes but the dupes ended up creating some sort of an economy that made sense and ultimately lead to a better playing experience overall in my opinion. Diablo 3 is a lot more streamlined and normalized and that is certainly fitting to today's gaming market.

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    I've made a large post about this after Blizzcon last year ( I was there) after speaking with Dev's who just said "just wait, you will be extremely happy" thats all the info they would give me.

    I will be at blizzcon this year as well, and mark my words. Blizzcon 2016 will be the year of Diablo. It is literally the ONLY game that would make sense to headline since no show for 2 years in a row. Legion is out in August, Starcraft is dead atm, hearthstone releases expansions constantly, overwatch JUST came out, hero's of the storm gets updates just like hearthstone.

    Blizzcon 2016 *Year of Diablo*

    I really hope that you're right but the past has taught me to be extremely skeptical.
    My personal prediction would be that they will keep putting out content patches and updates... No more expansions and no new classes - Just new items, maps, features (like the cube), etc...
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    I don't know how accurate the information here is but this is a list of differences between ladder and non-ladder: http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=55109923

    basically, it's a bunch of runewords, unique items and cube recipes that exist only in ladder. Usually, players on NL are already very rich and have all the gear they need so they won't be looking for actually making a Grief RW for an example, they can just trade for it. Also, item selling websites are much cheaper for NL than they are for L so that's another way to get everything very easily.

    The thing about NL is that it still has very old items like bugged eth tal armor for an example. Items that no longer exist, or exist but in a different version. Those items are typically very expensive and the average Joe will most likely never get his hands on them.

    I personally played a lot of NL throughout the years because i had an amazing account with like 8 fully geared characters with sick gear and decked out with charms. I even had 1 self found 40 life pb sk (so proud of that, still...lol). But if i didn't have that account, i'd probably play more ladder. I used to refresh that account every once in a while so it won't get deleted but i kinda forgot at some point so i lost everything.

    Ladder is a lot more fun to start fresh either with friends or strangers from random communities. There are some communities that are still active like d2jsp or Slash-Diablo but they usually tend to be a lot more active around ladder resets. Slash-Diablo has its own server i.e it does not run on b.net live and it supports certain mods including the resolution mod afaik. There were some issues with the latest version a while ago but i don't know if they fixed that yet or not.

    The spam is still rampant and annoying. the best way to avoid spam is to create games with a password. Even if you start a random game and some random guy joins to play with you, offer him to join you in a new game with a password so you can avoid the constant spam bombardment. If you played it a year ago then not much have changed since then.

    Today, i think that the most fun ways to play D2 are when you limit yourself in a certain way. Kind of like all of those iron-man challenges that people used to run. Like, playing a game where you try to finish Hell without using runewords or using only rares or whatever. Trying to go for weird builds like a sword-weilding amazon or a singer barb. If you don't mind single player, then it's far superior to b.net imo because of the smoothness of the gameplay, never suffering from bad latency or "realm down" crap if you create and leave too many games, too fast.

    A really fun (but expensive) build to run is the GF barb. Gold find barbs are so hard to gear for but are so damn awesome and rewarding... Something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGko9SFzTww - but for some reason this dude is not using leap to knockback the mobs. Anyway, D2 is full of weird and awesome stuff.

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