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  • posted a message on Calamity Damage Rolls??
    Please post a picture to prove your claims and also state whether it is an ancient item or not i.e live or ptr. thanks.
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  • posted a message on PTR: Show us your Ancient Items!
    Damn that BOP is awesome. Please repost when you got 10% dmg because that 399 does not look too good :P
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  • posted a message on Soc FD?
    If you will play during those weeks you will find another gift. If not, you will find one after the patch hits. It's not like you will get the best ancient weapon upgrade on day 1 of patch anyway. Just use this gift on the best weapon you have now if you are planning to continue farming with it.
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  • posted a message on Corrupt growth
    Yeah they need to make pets auto attack "structures" like the corrupt growth. Probably set their attack priority to lowest i.e pets attack all mobs and then destroy all structures.
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  • posted a message on Soc FD?
    My plan when 2.1 released was: Use the first gift i find on my best weapon so i can farm faster and then keep all gifts i find for later use.

    I think you want to use your first gift on the weapon that you are currently using but only if it's actually good. It will increase your DPS quite significantly (usually 10% or whatever other rolls). If you continue playing you will find more gifts. They are not that rare but still, 160 hours is not a lot of time tbh.
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  • posted a message on Remove Terror Demons form GR !!
    Another thing that gives people who run with Turbo hud a great advantage. I think it's a broken mechanic because:

    Let's assume you are a Jade WD trying to clear GR 40. You have no way to predict that terror demons are approaching you. First terror demon will proc your spirit vessel, you kill it and possibly the pack with it. Another terror demon attacks you out of nowhere and your spirit vessel is on cooldown - You die.

    There is NOTHING you could have done to prevent this from happening if you were not using turbo hud. Now, some of you would say unavoidable damage and all, sure, but no matter how much toughness i would stack, at some point, that terror demon will 1 hit me no matter what. If i stack enough toughness to sustain 1 hit from terror demons, my dps will be so low that i won't be able to kill one of them which will result in multiple hits which is basically death.

    the devs are not balancing the game towards the "true" end game because only a small minority of players actually participate in that type of gameplay. In my opinion that's the biggest mistake the devs could make because the people who play high gr are the people who actually stick around and not just come and go whenever a patch / expansion is released.

    Because they always say that D3 is not a competetive game, the GR system is flawed in a big way. I think it was stupid and naive of the playerbase (maybe) to expect a balanced end game high gr but i don't know, one of their reasoning behind this whole system was that they actually did want to include somethign competetive in the game so what the hell? I wish they were a bit less incompetent. Everytime Wyatt talks about Gr he refers to GR level 35 or so. I mean, i don't think that guy has ever played a "high gr" (relative term to the current patch) and he has absolutely no idea about what is going on in the "true" end game which is in my opinion an awesome grounds for amazing teamwork between players, each assuming a specific role to provide the most he can for the benefit of the whole group. This game could be ten times better.

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  • posted a message on What about pylons in Greater Rifts?
    Voted for "No" for obvious reasons. Sadly, i don't think the dev team agrees with us. It does not seem like they are balancing the game towards the top 1k people on the leaderboards, understandably so.
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  • posted a message on Barbarian: Whirwind and Rend
    Seriously? Again with that lost ark shit? It's a fucking trailer dude... Go on normal difficulty and put whirlwind, hota, cleave, whatever and you will feel the same just like in that trailer just less shiny graphics.

    As if the WW build you always advocate is so much different than the raekor build...

    When crypt of the ancient farming with hota + rend was a thing, it was a build that you would probably call good melee but since then the mob dmg scaled so high in relation to toughness that it's no longer possible. Not to mention the underwhelming damage output of skills like hota.

    Again, go on live, set difficulty to normal, choose whatever skills on barb that look the coolest and you will get something similar to this trailer. smfh.
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  • posted a message on PTR 2.1.2 - Why PTR Buffs Are Bad (Video)
    You guys don't seem to realise that it's a PTR... they are not interested in everyone logging in and having fun. No one gives a shit about your experience on a PTR so get over it.

    The only thing i slightly agree about is that people get used to crazy drop rates and then live will feel boring to them but that's a non-issue tbh.
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