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    posted a message on EoD <Eye of Demons> Active Competitive Seasonel Clan, Season 7, Recruiting.
    • Your Paragon Level. 1250 "without going hard smashing xp grinding"
    • Your Main Class. Barbarian, maybe monk next season also / WD.
    • Your Activity. 4-6 hours if not weekend then alot more.
    • Your highest GR Clear. I stopped play season 11 for around 5-6 weeks ago cuz of a very inactive clan + no motivation after seeing the patch update for season 12, i am now looking to join this clan so i can grind harder and have more fun.
    • Your Battle Tag. Roadrunner#12467
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    posted a message on Meta season 11

    Supp Monk, Supp Barb, LoN WD / the highest possible dps build that will be on WD.. then last slot would be wizz / DH or necro i guess.

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    posted a message on is it allowed to change the mouse cursor colour in this game? or not?

    Just a quick question since i have notice quite many players are using some kind of program that changes the bad

    standard one into an arrow that glows light blue / pink / yellow etc.. would be glad for some answers.

    Regards !

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    posted a message on Diablo 4 wishlist

    Nice thread, here are some wishes from sweden! Greetings

    - Runewords.

    - Bring back the use of rare items "like weapons atlelast" for end-game.

    - Trading window so you can create a game and people will see your game " selling Focus ring " then click it to join.

    - Charms that can buff either skills or health or main dmg maybe crit chance or Magic find or something like that.

    - Minimum of 6 players party " prefered 8 " but i guess diablo will never again be able to handle that amount of players.

    - More different areas.

    - More different monsters.

    - No paragons.

    - Bring back the leveling system some way like before so you must reach 99 but still have access to all skills before that "must be very hard + slow xp after like level 75 or so".

    - Bring back the need to clear campign story.

    - Bring back must farm bosses to get the best loot chance.

    - Bring the DRUID CLASS into the game.

    - Keep greater rift as it is and let people fight in there as it is now and see who is fastest but make it more skill full and not only fish for high monster denstity.

    - Last but still the most important thing, BRING BACK CAIN!

    Ty, Regards! Wrooooommmmmm

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