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    posted a message on Unfinished product?

    It's more like 5/100 would say they have lag problems. Most lag only occurs in high grifts, which the majority of players don't do.

    And why assume it's as simple to fix as you think it is? Sure it would be nice if it was fixed, but this is most likely out of the developers (I'm talking about the guys who code the game) hands. Software development (including maintenance and upgrades etc) isn't as simple as "here's a problem, fix it!". Many factors dictate whether a bug or feature is fixed/implemented.

    As a side note, if you believe that what you have purchased it "broken", ask for a refund. If you purchased this online through the Blizzard store they may refund you (this worked for someone I know).

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    posted a message on This Banwave is a joke imo

    What you gain from an exploit is irrelevant...

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    posted a message on Please nerf healing monk
    Quote from HaKachego-next

    What I read is pretty funny, because it was obvious that in season 3, crusader was the mandatory support to bring, not WD. The conclusion is the same, but I'm wondering about the knowledge of the meta from the players (?) who talk here. To be honest, heal monk is surely the mandatory build to bring in this patch, but it is not really the same than perma-CC, it is just a way to deal with the removal of perma-CC.

    Serisously, what do you expect from the game ? There will always be support builds because you have to stack damage buffs and since this patch toughness/recovery buffs. Now you can't stack enough toughness on your own, because you need DPS. You stack a reasonable amount to not get one-shot and it seems pretty fine to me.

    Heal monk is mandatory because it is the best toughness support, just like hota barb is mandatory because of his DPS. WD may be mandatory in the near future if lag hotfixes are working. Leaderboards means competition, competition means that there will always be better builds/classes than others. Even if all classes/builds were balanced, some skills/class mechanics would allow some classes to be better in some situations and for some roles.

    If you are looking to play the build and the party setup you want to with nothing mandatory, then you don't care about competition, then don't look at the leaderboards to moan. Deal with it.

    There's nothing wrong with support builds, and nothing wrong with the concept of the "healing monk".

    What's a problem is the sheer ridiculousness that is monk healing at this point. They bring, arguably, too much utility and support to the group. No spec should allow people to stand in just about anything (there are some exclusions) and tunnel DPS.

    The spec just needs to be toned down a little, I'm fine with it being required in top grift runs as that's just the nature of the game, but it shouldnt allow the entire group to just tunnel/forget about mechanics (mostly!).

    No idea why white space is being removed from the post (paragraph etc).

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    posted a message on Why do people consider Turbo HUD cheating?
    you complain about sth that doesn't affect you.

    It does directly effect his in-game experience.

    I thought we had that discussion already in a different thread. If I play with a higher resolution than you, I get to see things before you. Can't really consider this as a cheat.

    This is a feature included in the game. THUD is not included in the game and violates the terms of use...

    If it was such a big deal don't you think Blizzard would say sth about it?

    Blizzard almost never comments on exploits, hacks or cheats.They've stated this several times. Take HonorBuddy as an example...

    Most people use it because blizzards interface, let's say it could use some more features.

    Why people use it is irrelevant, however, most people at the top-end use it for an advantage, not just because "features are lacking". There is no grey area here, using it is cheating and against the ToS. Whether or not you agree that it should be against the ToS is another topic entirely.

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    posted a message on Why do people consider Turbo HUD cheating?

    THUD gives you an advantage over those who don't use it. This should be clear.

    For example, it's extremely useful in high grifts as it tells you what mobs are off screen (affixes etc) so you know what your about to run into and can plan ahead before pulling. This helps a lot in groups with positioning.

    It's considered cheating because it violates the ToS (reads from memory blah blah), AddOns in WoW are very different.

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    posted a message on Viable build that's easy on hands

    Anyone know a build or which class is viable at higher grifts without being spammy. Something similar to season 2 firebirds.

    Less clicking with mouse = great

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