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    posted a message on HOTS event with D3 reward

    go /reddit channel and find rush group

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    posted a message on Really blizz, the buff again...

    FIrst - LIVE have a lot resources. PTR - LOW RESOURCES,

    LIVE - Implemented features tested in PTR +some updates+tested on live few month = more stable version,

    PTR - first stage testing thats why some bugs is appearing (connections issues ir really important for game LIFE CYCLE), before realease to LIVE fixiing that problems. IF u really need to understand that process read some books, watch video, or start create own mini game and share with friends for testing purposes and u see whats going on when u updating new content.

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    posted a message on Season 3 monk conventional elements + unity

    Conventional elements + unity really not bad build for those who dont have focus + restraint, also if have low dmg FD or dual wielding really dosent matter, build is strong enough, for greater rifts 53+, ofc need tune up for more survivability: here is gameplay from greater rift: first try really not the best attempt, but FD proc really alot if density not crappy and u have alacrity + withcing hour belt. i tried that build with furnance and dual wield, FD wins.

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    posted a message on How is Quin69's video/network lag totally non-existent?
    Quote from Jayce9go-next

    I just watched the latest video of his G-Rift 58 clear on his monk and I couldn't help but notice how he has absolutely ZERO video or network lag. His game appears so ludacrisly smooth it doesn't even seem possible. I run a very high end PC and my game lags, jitters, and freezes all the time, especially during fights where there is a lot of things happening on the same screen. Are there some kinds of tweaks that I'm not aware of to get your game that smooth? I'd be really interested to know.


    Here my specs.

    Only on few patches and multiplayer games was a fps drops, now everything is okey :)

    Here is my video from 55 grift clear as monk:

    Ofc my internet provider not the best bandwith: 100mbps. but recording HD + gaming solo always smooth. On mutiplayer games if there is huge density and a lot projectiles, but only for short period fps drop down.

    Vertical sync also can call some fps drops, because when i view leaderboards in game it drops to 14 fps for 30-60sec + idk why if not vertical sync on everithing just fine.

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    posted a message on Cow Level found in act 1! (Video)

    cow level first bounty run:

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 damage roll calculator application simpliest ever

    Hello, im starting create mobile application for diablo3, aiming to implement simpliest mobile app which helps to calculate, damage rolls, cooldown reduction ect. Need some feedback which features, functions should be implemented, for really usefull app, here is a beta version for weapon damage, attack speed roll, this app created using phonegap, and is beta not in google play store at a moment. All feedbacks are acceptable for better application implementation: also beta version download for android and windows phone link bellow video.

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    posted a message on Anniversary Cow Level (Vid)

    here another video from not a cow level :) :

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    posted a message on Cow Level Permanent

    Cow level and other events should be implemented for more enjoyable game while doing bounties or grifts ect. Only cow level dont help too much if there is no specific items drop.

    here cow video:

    Everything would be nice if will be something different from loot prospective, idk maybe events should be a different not same as cursed chests, Drop charms would be nice :)

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    posted a message on Dashing strike and rainment 6p feels broken

    6p raiment is insane, there is gear requirement, if u dont have FD this one is BIS , u can use alternatives 2 one handers which u give resource faster, Utar roar + any other with life per hit for survivability, if u have focus + restraint u should able to do grifts 52+, and if u wanna dont miss spells try use primary skill + shift key hold down all the time,. passive skills for one handers : Harmony, Beacon, Guardian path, seize initiative, Gems: GOGOK, Alteration, bane of traped, and in my opinion in overall from Grifts bis amulet to use - Mara kaleidoskope, helfire passive skill also good - but alacrity 15% atack speed vs mara( poison dmg immune wins ).

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