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    posted a message on Message from Drahque

    Honestly, it was clear to me that you always wanted some attention, in some way, Drahque. Despite you said you don't. To me it seems you believed it would be harder to get "outside", so you focused on achieving a good status in a videogame, a place where your condition didnt matter in the first place, not afraid of judgements. You had problems in ZE, and now in this one. You posted "like a snitch" proofs of players botting or using THUD... You do demand attention. You do get mad when things are not as you wish. The big problem is in you, not in the places where you go to. You also know thisyourself, no matter what you say. I recognise this kind of behaviours when I see them. And honestly, this message doesn't pretend to offend; it pretends to wake you up, even if it hurts. Posting this, naming Asperger status, requesting to be left alone... as if we did care anyway of what you are talking. It's just another example of a huge demand of attention, recognition, maybe "love"... whatever label you want to name it with. I recommend you to look for a good psychologist, you need treatment, therapy. Just trying to help, in some way. Honestly. Good luck.

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    posted a message on Patch 2.4 PTR - BUG / EXPLOIT - crusader thorns build - REPORT!

    The problem with this not being fixed soon is that qe can't see the true potential of Invoker at all. This snapshot thing and LoN still being 800 is literally wasting PTR days.

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    posted a message on [Debate] Cheating in D3? What is cheating and what is not?

    Using hacks or exploits is cheating. The use of additional programs to gain an ("unfair") advantage which is not intended is cheating. Manipulating the code intentionally in a way that is not-intended to get an advantage is cheating.

    Examples: THUD, exploit and botting are cheating. Numlock autocast is not (even if you are not aware that it can be done).

    Moral debate can be everlasting though. Is it unfair when you are not hurting other people? Is it unfair when everyone is using it, or if the game has a bad-design? Imo, it is. You don't have to use other programs or bugs to compete. Buy the game, play the game, get better. That's the way it should be. And I think a lot of people who is cheating and truly love videogaming would prefer that, but we all know what's happening in this game and why. Justify yourselves the way you like most, but if you are doing something of the above, you are cheating. Diablo 3 leaderboard competition is absolutely corrupted. That's sad, but in a game like this, what could we expect...

    Btw, I don't cheat, and I haven't, in D3. But I probably could if I was very very interested in top leaderboard competition or efficiency. I mean, I can understand when some guys say "you are forced to use THUD". Even when actually you are not. It's understandable. Is that cheating? Yes. Does it make you a evil guy that deserves jail? No xD Don't turn things to what they're not. It's just a fcking videogame. So relax, some people.

    And I don't want to leave without the most important thing, in case any dev is watching: buff the fcking crusaders for God sake.

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    posted a message on Mythic rhytm explained (video)

    Congrats on your top clears, brother monk, and thanks for sharing :) It's nice to see MR used in high grifting since when I put Uliana and was exploring options I had found the passive quite interesting and didn't see a lot of people with that. Glad I wasn't that wrong too heh

    Keep pushing, gl!

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