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    posted a message on A couple questions about Diablo Classic
    Quote from "Magistrate" »
    You could download Hellfire if walking is too irksome for you- it's not an official Blizzard expansion but is basically regarded as such by the community. Anyway, it allows you to run, and has a spell that reveals the items on the floor. I never used it, but that's what I've read about it. It doesn't change any other core gameplay elements, I don't think, besides adding some quests.

    Well, you can run in Hellfire (the true is that you walk fast), but only in the town. Hellfire lets you go to another dungeon, have some new items and enemies, and use the monk... but I really prefer Diablo without this expansion.
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    posted a message on How am I supposed to beat King Leoric
    Well, you are a warrior, so i suggest you to buy a staff of holy bolt. You can buy it with Adria (the witch). I she has no one go to the dungeon and return to the town, and she will change items.
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    posted a message on Φ Diablo I Moments
    Well, Diablo was the first Action RPG that I played. I can say that meeting it was a great moment. Like many others I remember the butcher... and me running in the dungeon :P.

    Other momemt was beating the Immortal King. I thought he was really an immortal, too many arrows, the only good thing was I had a bow of the bear that sent him back.

    Diablo made me feel afraid most of the time, like the firs time I was in Hell, I didn't want to move me because I thought I was going to get killed.

    I love the music, it makes you feel really the game.

    Another moment that I remembered was wearing Arkaine's Valor.... Let the spirit of Arkaine protect me.
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