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    posted a message on The "Help me Re-roll" Thread (Monk)

    Hey guys.

    I run this Lon LTK monk, i am currently using the swarm pants from WD with 20%, int, vit, regen life.

    I found a new pair on my WD which rolled 18% fire, int, regen life, AR.

    I could reroll those to dex instead of int.

    Would it be better, than the 2% fire damage plus the vit?

    My vit would drop to around 4100 with the ohter pants.

    Posted in: Monk: The Inner Sanctuary
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    posted a message on Low lvl 9 PVP?

    Are there any from of pvp in the low lvl like in Diablo 2?
    Could be alot of fun and got some ideas of builds :).

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    posted a message on Raekor Questions

    Thanks all i needed to know :)

    Posted in: Barbarian: Bastion's Keep
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    posted a message on Raekor Questions

    Hi guys.

    Im playin the raekor baba and currently clearing grift 39 and can maybe push 40 with the right rift, anyway i was wondering at the moment im inbetween which bracers to use.

    Strongarm bracers for that ekstra dps? Or Ancient parthan for some more tuffness.

    What are your point of view?

    Thanks in advance.

    Posted in: Barbarian: Bastion's Keep
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