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    posted a message on Diablo IV: Who is going to GamesCom?

    Apologize my crappy english verbal :)

    Don't you worry man, we're on the same boat when it comes to Enlgish :p
    And yea, I was especially talking about the real money AH.
    The 'normal' AH, was kinda alright imo. Then again, I like the idea of partying up, and lootshare more than an AH.
    But that's just me ofc. anyway, Cheers!
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    posted a message on Diablo IV: Who is going to GamesCom?

    Quote from Hasloago-next

    Quote from mikasa4ugo-next

    not the product they try to sell by lying ? you sure ?

    pvp soon

    remove everything after 2 weeks game released

    remove ah

    this only reason they lied us , if they do it before release they wont sell anymore then 1 million copy

    Sure they didn't give us any good form of PVP, but as the guy above me says.
    why would PVP matter in a PVE game, just so you could get that 20 min fun with your friend? And then never touch it again?
    And complaining about the AH removed? it might have been one of the best things for diablo to happen.
    Either way, I aint hatin' here. But I do dissagree, you had some weak examples imo

    1 of best decisions removing ah??? whit ah they removed trading and point of gold ): like removing trading based economy was worst decision they have ever made .
    I feel or get where you are coming from, but look at this from another perspective.
    People wouldn't care about gear back in the day, A piece of gear on the ground back then meant some cash.
    The AH killed the main purpose of D3, and i'm very glad that it's gone. I would not want to see it come back.
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    posted a message on Xbox One Need Help

    Hi people, i am new here on the xbox one with diablo 3 ultimate evil edition, and just wondering if anyone here can help me out leveling or advice on the game, Someone please help or let me know.

    GamerTag: TwistingYourNip

    Thanks People

    You should've started with a PC :(
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    posted a message on Blizzcon - Linkin Park

    So ive read Linkin Park is coming to BlizzCon.

    Since that has been my favourite band for over 7 years, i'm very excited for this ^^

    Who's with me on this one?

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