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    does the whole design scheme of windows 7 look as ---- as vista?
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    im thinkin its gonna be some sort of mid range caster/melee hybrid cuz we already have two ranged and two melee. about how bows are already dropped. i see those as being more of just a secondary weapon for every character or slightly focused towards some class but i doubt there will be a amazon type class that only uses bows.............................(dumb forum isnt letting me start a new line wtf?)....................... edit: about stealth, that just doesnt fit in this type of game especially with the emphasis they are putting on pvp this time around
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  • posted a message on Which class is your favorite so far?
    the monk is my favorite so far and wizard is second. im hoping the last class is somethin completely badass cuz right now im only really interested in these two classes
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    about all the characters being drawn in the same style

    its actually for me one of the interesting parts of anime how every artist has a different style. sure they often have spiky hair and are tall and lanky but even if two artists tried to draw from a full description of what a character should look like they would not look nearly the same
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    Quote from "Daemaro" »
    Would being a zealer really be that easy in d2 if you were playing single player without help from others and gear from others?
    lol i kno someone who didnt play diablo much and never online and they ended up as a kind of zealer but couldn't beat duriel at almost lvl 30. (then i put 1 point in thorns and raped duriel for them)

    on topic: im really excited about respeccing. the low levels of D2 were just a rush to get to act 5 and repeating the same things over and over to try out a new build then if u made 1 misclick ur fucked and have to do it again. with respecs i can try out all the skills and see what i like and even make builds for different situations without needing multiple characters

    also i dont see how people could actually complain about respeccing making it too easy to try all the builds. it allows you to find what playstyle is the most fun for you without wasting the time rushing 8 different pallies to level 80
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  • posted a message on New Diablo 3 Character Class Announced: The Archivist!
    lol @ "stay awhile" then "listen"

    only heard that 5 billion times in D2

    Quote from "LordRayken" »
    Quite the contrary for me...

    It seems like this year, all the April fools jokes were poorly thought out and rather stupid. They seemed like immature things four or five year olds would think up, and not actual legitamate attempts at foolery. Most of Blizzard's past stuff rang true on April Fools, but was just too iffy.
    theyve always done some lame jokes such as taurens in starcraft. just hvae some fun on an awesome day
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    old news. there have been jobs up there for an unnannounced mmo for a while
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  • posted a message on Bashiok on Full Immunity in Diablo 3.
    that was so annoying...gettin to hell and being unable to do anything even in the first act
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    "New Record Love Spree!"
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    awesome although blood omen isn't working for me
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