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    Gheed, Warriv and Adria are the ones i'm thinking will be back in tristram...
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    As far as channelling spells go, for a game like diablo I much more like the way Blizzard worked in d2 then it does in WoW. (Cast a spell and wait for it to run out while able to do other stuff, opposed to cast a spell and wait for it to run out without being able to do other stuff).

    I don't think cooldowns are needed in a game like d2, finding a sort of rotation between your skills to be mana efficient was even needed without cooldown in d2, I don't see why we can't hold on to this system
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    Quote from name="Sin Skin" »
    Even when every skill is useful, I bet people still stick to few skills that can do the work same as well as other skills would. Why bother spamming around with 10 different skills when 1 can do the job?

    Considering Blizzard said they'd like for us to be able to use more skills, want to add a little more difficulty level to make the difference between a "great" and "good" player, I doubt you'll get the trick done with just one i-win-button
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    As some people said before me, I can't really see the point of massive cities. I for one am not all too fussed to run around in an almost complete NPC town, running from one side to another to accept a quest or find this certain vendor. Remember, we'll only have a few people in each game so can't fill all this space and put it to use, so that being said I like the approach of keeping everything as small and compact as possible, like we saw in the previous games.
    On dungeons I do hope we get to see some bigger ones, and some that hold chests at the end...but let's not exagerate on this either, getting lost in some extreme dungeon with the same design all the time doesn't really inspire me
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    I think this will be taken care of in Diablo 3. It's safe to say that more skills will be used then in D2:LOD per character, and that balancing/respeccing will come into play aswel. So normally yes, i'm thinking "every" skill will have its use, even the starting ones
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    This is a very very good formulated threat, and I agree with it 1000%. Good job there :D
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    I agree that this would surely add something to the game, adding an auction house in the diablo universe in some way or another just wont do. We need to have our classic "old school" trading system but have it worked out in a better way...(no more dropping items behind an object, runnig over to the other side to get it back :P)
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    Quote from "Zogar" »
    I still find it funny how so many die hard Diablo and WoW fans are at each other's throats when both games are so similar to each other. I got into WoW to satisfy my DII cravings, and it's worked for the most part (until DIII that is). WoW is essentially a bigger version of DII with slower gameplay...

    Anyway, back to the subject matter - I would like to see these WoW features in DIII whether it ends up being an MMO or not:
    • The ability to re-spec your character in terms of talents, skills, etc. Choices in the game should not be set in stone, especially if it's an RPG style game that takes up a lot of time. Diablo II could get away with this to some extent because leveling up was fairly easy. However, nothing's worse than getting far in a game and realizing you have to start over from scratch based on choices you made when you were green.
    • Mounts. Since DIII is likely to have a much larger world (even low-brow RPGs these days have worlds far more massive than the ones we've seen in the Diablo games), we're going to need quicker ways of traveling. With the dark visual style of these games, mounts could look really cool as well.
    • 3D graphics and customizable camera angles. This goes without saying.
    • PVP rewards in the form of weapons, gear, etc.
    • Customizable character appearances. This is one aspect I hope is even better than WoW.
    • Professions. Whether it's blacksmithing, enchanting, fishing, or whatever, this is another feature I'd like to see, and done even better than how it's done in WoW.
    • Faction sides and enemy players. Like the horde and alliance in WoW, players should be able to choose a separate paths. Not everyone wants to be a righteous hero out to rid the world of evil.
    • Hero classes. This feature won't be in WoW until the next expansion, but it's a great idea, and is what veteran players (that don't feel like leveling up from scratch again) would want. Like WoW, I'd also like to see new spells and abilities each expansion as well.
    • Above all else, an online experience that's safe and free from cheaters, dupers, hackers, and hooligans. This would be hard to pull off if DIII isn't a Pay to Play MMO, but if that's what it takes, sign me up.

    No offence meant, but I really think diablo isnt the kind of game you're looking for. All the above stated is why many diablo fans "dislike" WoW compared to our beloved diablo series, PvP rewards, Mounts, Factions, Hero classes...god i hope they leave them out :rolleyes:
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    Interesting question. I'm also hoping that Blizzard is able to take the skill level to a whole new level, but i'm kind of hoping this is even more the case in PvP then in PvM. Obviously they wont do it by adding tanks, healers, etc etc cause that would completely destroy diablo, but what they will do...i don't know for now. Ill patiently keep waiting :D
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    stamina better be gone...
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