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    Really not digging how the new uniques (legendaries) stats differ so little, now the value isn't neccisarily in the "perfect stats" part of it seeing that some of these uniques all have the same dps while some vary .1-.3 dps, thats like a "30% chance of Perfect item", but now the value is all in the Random Modifier.

    Also it seems like there are so few legendaries that every one will be using basically the same items at 60 and know exactly what item it is before its unidentified.

    Oh well it is still early and im sure they are adding tons more items
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    Are base stats (i.e. base damage/armor, enhanced damage/armor) going to be in Diablo 3?

    I've looked through some screen shots and it appears that some legendary items can have different Modifiers, but not sure if they have different base stats.

    It's just kind of confusing looking at it through a Diablo 2 perspective where all uniques had the same Modifiers, but varying stats like base armor/damage, and enhanced armor/damage.

    How are legendary items different than unique items?

    Anyways hopefully someone can answer this, thanks!.
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    hopefully i can get a POE key to see if i like the game enough so once diablo lives its 1 months because the developers don't care about pvp, i can go play POE and actually have some stiff competition to look forward to
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    I for one understand them not wanting to balance from an "eSport" perspective. I have no problem with that seeing that you can reroll another character to max within a week or two eventually. What I have a problem with is the Arenas going from Last Man Standing, to Deathmatch for seemingly no reason.

    The two types drive two very different train of thoughts, one gives incentives to do whatever you can to not die, including resource and cooldown management. While gives incentives to do a more damage based gameplay based on barreling down your opponents HP.

    Granted we do not know how the game will play out and we don't know all the abilities and skills yet, it's safe to assume that proper cooldown and resource management would be the skill that sets better players apart. That's the whole point of the matchmaking and ladder system.

    There is a large difference between blowing all your cooldowns and playing a more Do more damage than they deal to me before I die type Deathmatch, than an Avoid damage all together and use proper cooldowns to get the kill cleanly while the other team is trying to do the same.

    Last Man Standing rewards a more meticulous thought out gameplan and cooldown/resource usage, while Deathmatch does not. In the end the better players will come ahead regardless, but I wouldn't be at all suprised if blowing all your cooldowns and button mashing sometimes comes ahead of mechanics.

    The correct PvP Enviroment should be that which ALWAYS favors mechanics, which deathmatch may not. But my bigger question is WHY change from Last Man Standing to Deathmatch? What made DM their choice?
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    Blizzard is undoubtedly losing touch with the fans who made the company what it is today.
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    Wait, they changed it so you re spawn during arena? What the fuck. I get the whole they don't want class balance under a microscope because of arena but what a fucking joke. What will people do once they "beat" pve? do it again? The only reason D2 was played passed 02' was for PvP, how does blizzard not understand this? At the VERY least, balanced or not, they could at least turn it back to Last Man Standing instead of Deathmatch, re-spawning during arena is a fucking joke.

    Why is it with every D3 info release I get less and less excited about the game, they are going ass-backwards.
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    Wait, what , did I hear correctly? No more skill tree? Or am I dumb.
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    signed up to say im incredibly disappointed in the new RMT auction house.

    it undermines the whole reason of playing an RPG. pathetic. not to mention how its going to fuck pvp
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