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    posted a message on Challenge Rifts - A missed opportunity or an unfinished mode

    i thought it was going to be a place to be inside the shoes of a player who is rank 1 to see if i could pull it off just like they did in the 4man meta

    the challenge mode thing as it stands is totally pointless to me i have no clue who comes up with them builds but i gotta say every single one was total rubbish and no clue on how to gear or anything no augments always super low paragon no gems half the time its like what has this game become

    so back to the first bit i said if they would allow the 4 people rolls so for example you round up some friends ask them what class they would like to try for the first run so for example made up names here...

    jane takes zmonk

    jake takes zbarb

    mark takes LoN WD

    jeff takes RGK Necro

    once everyone has picked there roll we all go in and try to beat the time of the rank 1 spot if all fails we change up to make it fun if we can't do we can choose to select from the leaderboards what team to try beat so instead of failing the rank 1 spot we could say try someone whos in the middle so you can see what im trying to say here .. thats what i thought this whole challenge mode was going to be like but when it came live i was like ooo no what have done its selected us a rubbish class with no clues at all on how this whole game works and when you select the 4man part its the same class like why ???? so to the real end on this now i only do them pointless mode for the bounty mats thats it so i only do it the once every week for them bounty mats

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    posted a message on What's happening?

    thats not the meta mate there just speeds for lower tiers it used to be 3 wizards 1 zmonks but the necros kill stuff faster so in this case the barb is only used for the movment speed and pickup radius the znecro is providing the health globes for the other two rathmas necros so they stay full resource if you want use your monk go higher than 95's ask for 100+ do speed 100's or 110's depending how geared you are

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    posted a message on The meaning of TurboHUD and why it is much more than just a hack

    well all i can say here is if they do or did ban 99% of the game would just die so the 1% of the causals would just quit playing because nobody else would be playing on the other hand tho they can stop the botting im cool with that i hate them thats not you playing the game its a bot on the other hand compared to THUD i don't really see it as a cheat if you play the game enough you already know the map part so thats not really a thing its just the quialty of life thing pretty much the same with deadly boss mods on world of warcraft that addon tells you when things are going off and points where things are going to land so with something like that inside of diablo 3 i don't see no difference its no cheat

    the bots are cheating because they are not playing the game they press a button then go afk while the game is playing it self now that is a full 100% cheat

    turbo hud you have to at the keyboard and do everything for example farming, bountys rifts or grifts so i see no harm at all but to the end of this convo is if they ban people for using THud then say good bye to the game we all love and enjoy

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    posted a message on Demon Hunter Shadow Impale stuck at GR85

    easy fix find a better head with dex, crit chance, impale 15%

    for your neck you want elemental 20% depending on what you went with like lightning, fire, cold, physical and so on,, after that you want crit chance and crit damage

    find better rings with crit damage and crit chance on both rings

    gens gogok, bain of striken, bain of trapped

    roll the vit off your hands into attackspeed then find a group to help you level your main gems up and augment gems then try again :)

    group wise it should look like

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    posted a message on LoN Primal Buff

    not sure why every one is so hyped up on primals there just the same as ancients the only item you need as primal is the main weapon everything else is pointless getting primal you're ancients will be far quicker and easyer to farm than primals with the stats you need

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    posted a message on Crusader / Healer

    since the they nerfed could they un-nerf it and bring it back so we could use the crusader as a main healer like in patch season 5 / 6 where you could pick the zmonk or zcrusader to be the main healer that was fun to play for me at least it was something new they have spells that did healing but now they are no good at all such shame really another thing they should buff LoN a lil more and allow other items thats already in the game to be viable

    here is a video clip of the crusader being used as a healer

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    posted a message on Basics of support class

    id say 200+ for health globes and 90 or 100k life per second on gear and not to sound really dumb but whats " MoS " oh don't forget to put attackspeed on gear too need to reach the 5.00 attack speed cap the faster you attack while epiphany is active the more you can heal



    health globes

    life persecond

    are the main key rolls for zmonks

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    posted a message on Nek the Brawler Kill Count

    why not just change his that place to be a place you can go and test your damage on a target dummy or something just like you can in wow to me that would be great i know 99% of you would disagree because its not diablo but to me thats just helps me out on working stuff out since we don't have no dps charts or meters or what ever you wish to call it so hes just standing there collecting dust so why not make his area zone a testing place for dps or healing monks or crusaders can test there healing and all class's can test how you can do that just make it spwan mobs in there bit like the trail days where it spwaned you in this place and spwaned waves on waves of mobs depending on what wave you get upto can help you work on your class to inprove your dps so say you goto wave 50 for example and you can not beat it you did more farming on gear got a few more augments few more better items went back in to neks place and re did the tail thing and you beat the wave 50 with say 10 seconds left so you can see you have made a inprovement

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    posted a message on Season 9 Meta

    blizzard them selfs need to play the game and view both sides of the game not just one so they can see the problem

    casuals just want everything to be given to them with no hassle

    and the other side like my self like to do leaderboard pushing and working as a unit to progress so we can see our achievement on working our way up with paragons, gear and augments + gem levels its really a nice feeling when you see the progress you have worked hard for from farming and upgrading the gems

    the main problem with the game is not the game at all its blizzard them selfs that are destoying it..

    if they would leave things the way they are and just add new items or new class's it makes things fresh but they don't see it that way..

    just because someone worked very hard to there 3k or 4k paragons and 120+ gems cleared a level where others can't do that thats not the 3 or 4k paragons fault they worked hard for it so blizzard see oh that way that user did that is using this so lets tone that down a bit and when the casuals try it again its even worse than before insted of not trying to work out why is the causal not putting any effort into it

    like today i went into a public t13 normal rift to farm for some greater rift keys and there was a few users who was 400 paragon with no idea on gear at all all types of reforging so i gave them some advice on how to make them selfs stronger to help them progress well anyway as i enterd the normal rift i went to elite to elite because i had the in-geom weapon and the roll iv got is 9 seconds so im going very fast with the dash spell on my monk and as im clearing the rift in say 2mins collecting my key at the end and asking them to telport to me so they can collect there items and as i said that they leave the game then few moments later they whisper me and say why was i being a jerk i reply pardon? im just collecting greater rift keys on my farming monk and they reply there was no need to go that fast so i replyed i did try help you with your gear and rerolling but you ignored me so i then said maybe t13 is not for you, try going down a few torments

    if blizzard just alow the healing crusader to beable to stack there conseration - bathed in light spell again then you can have a crusader in the party this gives another option people can mix up the group again also with the support demon hunter insted of making it a full carry make there buff or debuffs they do to the mobs so as a dps you can feel its really working and if you would put the support witch doctor back that will alow also another way of doing groups then the other problem that would need to sort out is BRING THE OTHER SPECS UPTO SPEED IN DPS

    for example the right now we have for dps is wizard, monk, witch doctor witch is great gives us more ideas on what to play but say for them who like demon hunter or barb or crusader dps they can't do group play because there set items do not do enough dps they need a buff just like the others got to mix up wizard a bit give tal rasha's a buff from 750% to say 1200% or 2000% just like firebirds to switch up the monks give the EP monk a buff or swk a buff for either wave of light or lashing tail kick and the same for other specs there just examples

    note: sorry for the long messed up story or what ever that was lol i am tired ill have to re look at this when i wake up

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    posted a message on Help with playing zmonk

    hover your mouse below your feet or on your teammates so when ever you get teleported if you do not move your mouse it will auto move you back to where you was it happends so fast

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    posted a message on EXP pools in diablo 3

    when you go scouting try remember where they are for next time goto the known areas thats pretty quick if you can't find one with in 1 or 2 mins just open a cow level and use the one pool and save the other for next time then reset repeat since you reset check the known areas if not cow level you only need xp pool's for 90+ anyway no point looking for them for 70;s or 80's wont gain much xp in them anyway we normaly use pools for 95 and above no lower

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    posted a message on Help with playing support monk

    to stay in one place hover your mouse below your feet and you wont teleport all over the place

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    posted a message on Diablo "downclocking" my R980?

    d3 don't work for SLI it only supports 1 card so if you have 2 or 3 or even 4 cards d3 will only use the 1 its an old game thats being out dated by everything that comes out brand new they wont update it to support SLI so we have to suffer and deal with it they also need to sort there servers out to handle stress aswell if you pull 3 or 4 mobs its fine but if you pull more than say 7 mobs your fps drops way down and then you begin to start going yellow in the ping and the more you pull the more worse it gets but your cpu and pc is not even lagging its the game servers trying to keep up with you also if you just pull 7 mobs and say 2 people have area damage on the game starts to glitch out has issues with real bad lag its just poorly coded or there on very low end servers or something

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    posted a message on Diablo Portrait?

    if you do not play season at all will you still get the Portrait?

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