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    posted a message on I think I enjoyed D2 more than 3

    Not rly, but I have nostalgic feelings about d2, but tbh in d3 there is much more to do than ever was in d2. Sadly most ppl don't want to realize it and prefer to complain.

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    posted a message on Hex Angry Chicken Rap

    Well... the idea is nice, the skills and flow is lacking but not bad if this are your first steps in rap universum :). Keep it up!

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    posted a message on Would you play season 7 (or any season) if no stash tab given?

    Quote from Bagstonego-next

    Before stash tab was a thing.. there were season only legendaries. Now it's no different from non-seasons except a few "cosmetics". )

    People ASKED for "ladder" (i.e., seasons) for ages. They wanted a fresh start. The season-only legendaries were an additional gift but with very few exceptions (crusader shield S1, Bane of the Stricken) completely useless. If people need an incentive to play seasons then they shouldn't play seasons, that's why there's non-season. You either like the fresh start and play seasons or you don't and play non-season. Period.

    I personally dislike seasons as such; but I really enjoy the opening weekend, playing with friends and getting the stash tab as soon as possible. If I had more time I'd just play non-season. Seasons are seasons because people want seasons - there doesn't need to be an incentive. It's like saying you want free popcorn or you won't go to a football match... well, you either like football or you don't, there's no need to lure you into an activity you don't like. Using that allegory I like a football match once every three months *because I enjoy the company of my friends*. The free popcorn (stash tab, portrait) is an added benefit but on its own wouldn't be enough to make me go.

    You are all wrong. First of all i can't really remember when people asked for seasons "for ages". It was more like Blizzard realized the game became super stale and something was needed for people so they won't stop playing completely.
    Secondly: seasonal only legendaries were super op. I wonder why you don't remember Henry's Perquisition and Dead Man's Legacy. There were SUPER OP on seasons. And Barb on seasons was MEGA OP because of Stricken. Then people started crying again and they were removed.
    And Lastly: Luring players into activity is exactly what's happening with seasonal ONLY stash-tab.
    You are super wrong. Ppl asked for seasons for really long time, and if you deny it you probably also deny that ppl asked for remove of auction house.
    On topic - yes, I would, the fresh start is the only reason i even bother playing D3 currently. It's always the same - new season, playing for 2 weeks - month, waiting for new season, this way I have fun and I'm really glad that blizzard made seasons, they could just be a little shorter.
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    posted a message on kanai skorn removed?

    Source - blizzard.

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    posted a message on Any other AAA multiplayer server-sided ARPG?

    Okay, I played Diablo 3... and you know how it ends, you start season, play for 2 weeks than wait for next patch and next season.

    I played Path of Exiles but feels slow and not so polished as Diablo 3 (although fun).

    And now I'm stucked, I tried single-player ARPG but it's not the same :/. I expect good story from the single-player games and story isn't really something that you look in ARPG so I decided to look for the other AAA ARPG like Diablo 3... and to be honest couldn't find one... sooo... maybe I overlooked something, maybe there s some shining gem that you could tell me about :)? I would be really glad.


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    posted a message on Gearing second season character

    Easiest way is to join for public game and leach on others (most won't mind since they can do t10 even with 3 leechers as easly as normal :D). 2nd optimal option is farm wizz shards and spent them on wd.

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