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    posted a message on Need help with my barb Fury generation problems
    @akkaboto glad you're making progress mate, I also tried the grim harvest shout and its really fun thanks to Cularic for the suggestions! I've used Overpower for a huge chunk of my 200-300 paragons. Now that I've reached a high crit chance on my own I wanted to try a few other things but visiting again earlier that thing will sometimes only be on CD for 3 seconds it's really powerful.
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    posted a message on Need help with my barb Fury generation problems
    Fury Management is something that I've struggled with considerably in the past. As a Hammer Barb myself I've learned to limit my fury dump to maximize dmg potential. One thing most barbs overlook is the 2nd part of Hammer of the Ancients...1% Crit Chance per 5 Fury you have total at the time you pop HoA. I'm not 100% sure how this works with current crit chance, if its additive or multiplicative, but in layman's terms at minimum you'll have a 20% crit chance the first hammer, with diminishing returns as you dump fury.

    TLDR; You're DMG potential with Hammer is always highest at full fury. I'll get to why this is important at then end.

    Specifically to your current build / Profile I'd offer a few very loose suggestions. Let's start with what you have and then alternatives.

    1) Earthen Might - I'm not a huge fan of this skill. With Volcano Avalanche you're gaining 30 Fury ever 30 seconds give or take. If you want to stick with Earthen Might Tectonic might be better to answer your fury problem.

    2) Sprint - I understand you want mobility but it comes at a price, 20 Fury for 4 seconds is the price of that mobility. So you get to mobs faster, but then you spend more time killing them because you showed up with 10 fury :). Double edged sword.

    Alternative to Earthen Might: Ruthless
    40% More damage to mobs below 30% healtheffectively making Hammer a finishing move.[/b]This means you'll have to rely more on your auto attacks to bring that health down, but it can loosely translate into less fury needed to bring down mobs. The mentality is to look for the mobs with low health and slap em with hammer. Make sure you have monster health bars up.You also have 25k heal per kill, which means the faster you finish off that mob the more you'll heal, this can potentially also replace Bloodthirst for maybe Weapon Master if you constantly find yourself using the fury dump as a way for a fast heal. Just for the record, Bloodthirst IMO is an awesome passive though.

    Alternative to Sprint: Furious Charge /w Battering Ram
    You gain 15 Fury and a stronger Hammer of Ancients +760% every 10 seconds.The fury gained from charge basically nets you another free hammer. In ideal conditionsthat's6 more hammers a minute. Charge also can be used as asurvivabilityskill. Since it goes through mobs it gives you great control of whereyou need to be, meaning You can charge out of frost novas range before they burst, charge through arcane rays to minimize damage, charge through mobs to that much needed health globe... It even goes through those pesky act 5 ice gates.

    Note: You can keep sprint if you want the speed, and get rid of Avalanche if you decided to get rid of Earthen Might, charge would at least help you get some of the fury dumped from sprint back

    4) Hammer of the Ancients - About that Crit chance based on fury I touched on in thebeginning

    --> Try to unload 1 or 2 hammers at full fury and build that fury back up again with auto attacks, warcry, and charge/tectonic if you choose to use it. If you're using Bash + Instigation then your sweet spot is around 3 auto attacks when everything else is on cooldown. One High Crit hammer every few seconds will give you highersustainedDPS thendumping 6 hammers on a mob. Add Ruthless and you'll need even fewer hammers to kill.

    Finally: You can Get More Fury... +20 Fury will net you another Hammer and +4% Crit chance with hammer. Maybe +10 or +50 is your sweet spot you'll need to experiment. Mighty Weapons tend to have decent Fury Boosts.

    This is my 1st post on this forum, and I also spent about an hour typing this out trying to make it as comprehensive / organized as possible. If you have feedback for me positive or negative that would be awesome!

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