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    posted a message on Is diablo 2 item find broken, nerfed or is there something wrong with my character or account?

    Just focus on clear speed and difficulty rather than magic find gear.

    It's better to do 100 Hell Diabloruns with 100 mf, than 75 Nightmare Diabloruns with 700 mf...

    As an example during this weekend I found (mal, pb sk, java sk, gg melee jewel etc.)

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    posted a message on Looking for S9 Launch night group - NA servers

    What time does the S9 launch for NA and EU?

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    posted a message on Baldur's Gate

    Baldur's Gate was my first, and I think most beloved RPG game i have ever played. (I remember when my older brother brought it to home from his friend i guess, on 6 separate CDs, 700mb each :D )
    I recommend this game to every fan of RPG games, for those who seek more action and much more elaborated plot i suggest buying Baldur's Gate II: The Shadows of Amn, Throne of Bhaal not necessarily however you will most likely want to somehome continue your epic journey with BG2: SA, so Throne of Bhaal will be the only option for you :D

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    posted a message on It's pretty obvious what this game needs next

    What I meant, is the balanced system where Rare items, legendary items and Runewords are all useful.
    Imagine a case when Rare items could be insanely good as it used to be in Diablo II, it would only require adding additional sufixes from a development point of view. Additionaly getting perfect mods on them would be almost impossible so the chances of getting a decent rare item would be like 1 per half a year of game, or even greater. You can think so how would that be fun?
    There comes runes and runewords, they would guarantee you decent fill in your EQ, however in most cases top-lvl rares would be a better choice, so there always would be a place for improvement. Ofc abolishment of trading restrictions would cause Runes to become a currency in a game.
    (Again it is how it should be in a decent Hack&Slash game not MMORPG - remember Diablo is not WoW).
    What is so cool about Runes as a currency?
    - Developers via droprates adjustments could more or less control the economy.
    - Players would have a very very long term goal in the game (imagine doing rifts and having this feeling "Damn, i can get very good rare item which could be an outstanding replacement for my legendary item/set item/runeword or i can get a high rune (rare one like Ber,Jah,Zod in d2) and trade it for something that could upgrade my equipment.

    My point of this whole hate, is that neither the Gold as a currency nor the Set system provide majority of players with a long-term game goals.
    I would like Diablo III to be a consistent game which would not need to lure players with a tricky words like "major content patch 2.x.x" and "New Season! Come and claim your epic rewards! (portait frame YUPIII i dream about it every night)

    Example of high end Diablo II gear (notice that most of them are rares)

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    posted a message on It's pretty obvious what this game needs next

    I just knew there's gonna be a topic like this.
    It only shows how fucking bad this game is, and it won't change in months...
    HOW can those dicks from blizzard be so excited about a new "major patch", it is fucking bullshit.
    The only solution: Implement 5 new legendary sets, and 40 new legendaries for EVERY class so that non-legendary builds could compete with fucking trash idea of having a Wow-like system where you lose your motivation to play right after getting 6th piece of your "super-duper-op set"...
    But i know they won't do this, neither they have enough workforce to do this nor they are able to listen to their players. (Guys i fucking bet that development team of D3 consist of some bad ex-wow developers)

    The only true solution would be implementation of trading, and abolishment of stupid soulbound system.
    I know that they don't have enough balls to prove after 3 and a half year that the whole concept of itemization in Diablo proved to be a complete disaster.
    So i just wish that some day Grinding Gears will be able to buy rights to whole Diablo franchise and make a true successor of my beloved Diablo II.

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    posted a message on New Rift Guardian - Rat King ( Hamelin ) Bug

    link is broken i guess

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    posted a message on Razer Synapse!

    Hey guys, for those of you who didn't know about this cool feature, i want to present you a tool for Razer gaming equipment that can track your mouse moves, keyboard clicks (unfortunately i don't have Razer keyboard, thus i can't show you how does it looks like for me) and show you your mouse statistics and hit maps. I will post some screenshots from my 0:44 min gaming session. Hope you will enjoy this feature.

    Mouse clicks - Heatmap

    Mouse click map

    Mouse movement map:

    Mouse movement map

    Mouse statistics:

    Mouse stats

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    posted a message on Doing story line again in s2?

    No, as in season 1 you will be enabled to play adventure mode as well :)

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    posted a message on Help a lost cause get past grift 37
    Quote from chadwxgo-next

    Quote from yuhanzgo-next
    lol idk. you have better gear compared to me imo and i beat 38 pre-patch. play style?
    The new set isnt as good as the old m6 unless its single target. Its very boring and tedious now.

    Im having the same issue, im just not killing nearly as fast and there is more density and better map designs.
    For me previous M6 was a playstyle for brainless zombies.
    I pretty much enjoy current changes since it encourage to more active way of gaming.
    As it comes to Greater rifts, what really helped to climb some 40+ rifts was RCR+Cooldown Red.+Unity+Eye of etlich+String of Ears combo. (So far the best was 42 but i will be able to play a little bit more in 1 week so i expect higher results)
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    posted a message on Ancient Kridershot BiS weapon - myth?
    In previous patch it was pretty cool weapon, mostly because it benefited from high attack speed as well as your sentries did.
    In 2.1.2 there are way more useful stats than AS such as: Reduced resource cost and Cooldown reduction.
    I am not the top player but for me 2handed crossbow is the best way.
    Also defensive stats are pretty helpful, you can check my profile for my items :)
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    posted a message on First thing in 2.1.2?
    Is there an option for EU players to play 2.1.2 today or tonight?

    /edit, i found official info saying that it will be no earlier than 11:00 CET (Wednesday) :(
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    posted a message on Wizards in 2.1.2 advice needed
    Quote from Enterichgo-next
    Quote from GaborSz
    Hello Wizards!

    As 2.1.2 is in the corner im turning to you for some advices.

    i did not tested the PTR, however im interested in whats going to happen?

    is t worth to drop furnace and instantly craft an ancient? i have maxed dmg furnace so it would be hard to drop it.

    If we need to craft ancient then what? 2 hander or 1 hander + offhand?

    Will hydra come back with Tasker?

    Thank you in advance for every opinion!.

    IMHO you shouldnt try to craft an ancient weapon right ahead!
    Youll find alot of 1 handed and 2 handed legendary weapons. They all roll similar stats to your crafted one and you dont have to worry about special ones like furnace or sunkeeper. So why not just wait for an decent ancient weapon to drop? You shoulda keep your materials for other gear parts or enchantments.
    From some random talks with ppl.
    Most of players are going to craft as many Devastators as possible, in order to get decent Ancient devastator, then if you find Ancient Sun Keeper or Furnance you will want to replace it.
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    posted a message on Short Christmas Greeting
    Thanks for Christmas wishes!
    Wish you also happy Christmas time and a happy new year :)
    Hopefuly 2015 will bring some more cool features to our Diablo III.
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    posted a message on Item Synthesis System (Christmas Wish)
    It was so popular because the game itself was all about getting better equipment. In D3 you can get it in 1 week and whatsmore you cannot trade it/sell it.
    Also what was very cool about D2, was the fact that the most expensive items were indeed yellow rare items, which could generate many different affixes that made this item godlike and very expensive. In D3 there is no depth in itemization. The only upgrade you can get is 20 main atribute or 10% more critical hit damage, which doesn't encourage you to further grinding/farming/exping whatever you feel like doing.
    The game itself is very well designed in terms of gameplay, but it lacks some endgame itemization solutions.
    In many offical interviews Blizzard team underlined that they want players to focus on slaying the monsters, but it will be never the most encouraging factor for players, it should be rather game based around gear with two options of getting it either trade or farming (in form of monster slaying).
    Now it's like grinding T6 rifts in order to get few more str on chest or 1% cooldown reduction..
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    posted a message on Item Synthesis System (Christmas Wish)
    Actually, I disagree on every point.

    I do not want runewords back

    I don't care about PvP except I do not want open world hostile

    I do not want endless identical boss runs ala D2

    I think you have rose colored glasses about those from D2 and forget we all accepted it but many thought it could be done better.

    That's not to say that they shouldn't or couldn't add some more reasons to play, just that those "solutions" do nothing for me and feel like going backwards. Keep the spirit of the title the same, but don't reuse 15 year old mechanics.
    Note that this 15 year old mechanics kept thausands of players playing the game and making the D2 title one of the biggest in whole history of gaming.
    So maybe they are worth consideration, don't you think?
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