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    Quote from "Dvirus55" »
    They did make their diablo, it's called Hellgate and it failed. They are now going towards Mythos a more colorful game. Anyone find it funny there?

    ignorance is bliss. you should read up on things a bit more before spouting off about something you know nothing about.
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    Maybe they'll start a 2 week count down, that turns out to be nothing Diablo3 related. That would surely draw some attention and drive up revenue for their site.
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    Quote from "Explorer" »
    ditto that my brother, cant you just FEEL it. Like Blizzcon I didnt feel like. I was hoping for it, but i never got the feel. But now, Oh im feeling it.

    That's just gas, and that too shall come to pass.
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    Stop posting this stupid ass thread. It has nothing to do with D3. It's some idiot rambling on and on, and you're dumb enough to keep reading it.
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    Quote from "Murderface" »
    Unless they call it World of Sanctuary.

    Again, why would they name a game, let the name leak, and not register the domain? The game will not be called world of sanctuary.
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    Quote from "russianKd"" »
    I dont think blizzard kinda gives a fuck about diablo fans anymore. Diablo is like the bastard child of blizzard and wow is the love child. They'll be working on their shitty wow for awhile- heard this on a website. But I hope they're wrong. :cool:

    Blizzard is in the perfect situation and they know it. They don't have to release Diablo, because they are making a ton of cash from WoW, and they know that even if they wait 10 years to release another Diablo, we'll all come back. The only thing that will pop their bubble, is for something to release that makes people forget Diablo, or takes a serious chunk of the WoW subscribers.
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    Quote from "sasserdude" »

    there you have all info to know about swedish great hackers i think..

    top 10 sites in sweden has been hacked by them, so they can do some cool stuff, internet war with iraq and other funny stuffs :)

    I dont say they will hack this site if it its a hoax.. but they will defenitly be.

    Apparently you want to be banned. I'd advise against making any type of threat against the site. Joking or not.
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  • posted a message on Countdown Teaser
    The only people who know for sure are Umaro and MD. IF it's not stated by either of them, then I wouldn't take it as true information.
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    Quote from "RAGGNAROKH" »
    Sweet Jesus in Heaven! :D

    I finally read the last 80+ pages.. phew..

    So, the summary :

    There's that latin death row. And there's this guy with a huuge sig ( huuge and full with chaotic lights, omg so frustrating >> ) .. and there's this guy who doesn't approve the other guy's sig.. so he decides to put him in his sig, too( the other guy's sig pic, not the other guy himself, lol). >< ahh,="" yes..="" and="" there="" were="" these="" guys="" always="" watching="" what="" the="" dumbbutt(lol,="" intentionally)="" guy="" is="" posting="" at="" the="" hack="" forums,="" looking="" at="" him="" as="" a="" prophet="" ot="" something="" (="" stuupid="" )..="" and="" searching="" his="" identity,="" and="" still="" thinking="" he="" knows="" smth="" (="" while="" he="" is="" just="" playing="" around="" ),="" i="" say="" wtf!oh,="" and="" the="" binary="" code="" was="" 100%="" stated="" as="" useless,="" enough="" with="" it!="" there="" we="" few="" posts="" ontopic="" and="" saying="" something="" useful..="" as="" the="" finding="" of="" tyrael="" in="" the="" banner'="" the="" theory="" of="" not="" 1,="" but="" couple="" of="" things="" happening="" tomorrow="" ..="" ugh="" i="" had="" my="" thoughts="" distracted..="">> Oh, and there was this post about " the World will end up in 2012 " , it really brought a smile on my face! xD But that's not from the ontopic ones, lol.

    Sorry, if I've missed anything ( roflmao ) , sorry - too much information. X_x

    IMHO : The person who's on the banner is not Tyriel. It may look like him.. and sound like him..(uhh.. the " justice sign ", not MD's perfect voice acting :D ) but it's most probably not him. It reminds me of Baal, when he was visiting Marius.

    I have such big hopes for tomorrow.. can't wait! And to think that now in my country is 9:15PM .. I mean - less than 3h till midnight.. *sighs* I'll have to wait till the morning to see the Big News.. -.- And when I say " news " , I mean it in plural form.. :D ;)

    I removed his sig from my sig. :D

    And it has been confirmed that it is tyrael by MD.
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    Diablo RTS
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