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    posted a message on easiest/most tanky build to finish gr90+ ?

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    One other build I played on the PTR that I found to be exceptionally good and tanky with low gearing is Condemn Sader. There is many different viable runes that can be used for for the various skills, but in particular I found using the Law of Justice, Decaying Strength makes it very tanky. Also I recommend using Esoteric Alteration too in addition to the standard Trapped and Stricken. I geared using the Traveler's Pledge, Compass Rose, CoE, with the Illusionary Boots and Unity in the Cube. Make sure to have at least 55.6% CDR in order to ensure perma Akrarat's Champion. Just to give you an idea of effectiveness of Condemn, on PTR with less than 1 mil profile DPS, I cleared a GR 100 in 13:29 on the first try in HC. Though there are many good forgiving choices for Season 12, Shadow Impale and Condemn Sader are my favorites.
    Please post a full Condemn Sader build ;-)
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