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    You, sir, are hilarious!

    Although got to say that the fırst few paragraphs are indeed interesting. :P

    Was taking the piss a bit of course, but I'd actually like to see some form of Engineer or Inventor in the game, ranged class with medium+ armour and lots of traps etc.
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    Peoply are getting all whiney over this? Seriously?

    How many items in D2 are over level 85? A miniscule number. So all those people complaining about not being able to re-use stuff like a HotO or Mara's are all whining for the sake of whining about nothing.

    They're only thinking of implementing this for the highest level of items (85+), so chances are you won't find anything better to replace it with, so that point is utterly moot.

    The ONLY possible argument is against re-trading, but then, if you think you're gonna get bored with your Barb or whatever, don't equip the Grief equilavent, settle for an eBotD and trade the Grief for an 85+ item that you will use on a char forever. Or more items that you can use between characters (<85)
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    Engineer / Inventor Class.

    Ranged class specialising in Crossbows over regular Bows, due to knights wearing plate armour, zomg did I just insert some advancement based on actual history, think I did, with inventions such as traps as support, wearing heavy ish armour since 3 of the classes already wear light armour.

    Skills such as the following:

    Big Boom!: Attaches some exploding stuff to a bolt (or arrow), and fires, ends up in big explosion. Things die.

    Smaller Boom!: Throws some of the exploding stuff, explodes in a smaller area, causes a Bleed dot from shrapnel. Things die. Eventually.

    Slippy (Sticky) Skill: Throws out a vial of slippy (or sticky) liquid, causes AOE slow effect. If oil, catches fire if fire skill used on it. Slow-mo effects from the 80's for animation.

    Bob: Sets down a mechanical sentry called Bob. Bob fires bolts (not arrows!) at enemies until they die. Or until they kill Bob. Bob usually dies first. Bob can also have some brothers and sisters with him, called Kyle, Jay, Shane and Mohammed, together they can kill a Fallen.

    Multi-Shot: The engineer saws a bolt in half, it miraculously hits two things at once, for less damage though, since hey, it's not a full bolt right?

    Lollerskates: The engineer reinvents the wheel and attaches it to some shoes to zoom around the place. Increases run speed.

    Tripod: Engineer sets up a tripod to rest his (her) crossbow on and sets up a shield for some defence since he (she) now has one free hand. Ranged class with decent armour? Oh noes our narrow minds cannot comprehend anything other than a ranger / rouge! Or did I mean rogue?

    Mechanical Animal: Engineer invents a mechanical animal companion in the short time between killing fallen, but since he (she) realises that there are still elements from before the worldstone was shattered that are missing, he (she) makes sure they are in the form of a wolf, or a bear.

    RARRRRGH!: Engineer attaches mechanical claw type arm (using a system of pulleys and levers to increase the PSI of the grip, nothing over the top, just good old fashioned common sense) to them selves and imitates a bear (or wolf).
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    Quote from "avanent" »
    Scrolls are worthless? I wish theyd bring back the scroll variety from d1. I felt it was a mistake to have so few scrolls in d2. Having that variety helped make things more interesting.

    Did they really? :/

    I agree with you. Another d3 decision I'm NOT excited about :(

    Quote from "Lazerbear" »
    Oh, thx for the Info!

    You guys DO realise that warden has NO evidence to support this claim don't you? He's basing it purely on the fact that theres no dura in the demo vid. There are no requirements in the demo vid either...and theres no chance they'll remove item requirements.

    The vid was a pre-alpha as they stated, things are going to be missing, buggy etc.
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    Quote from "*-FlYnN-*" »
    yes i do agree with this cause if you spam the skills u can pass through the game too easily.and hopefully they will fix it

    Thanks for letting us know that the skill is OP. I'm assuming that you've used it to complete D3, without using any other skills of course. Since it's so OP.

    Claiming that a skill is going to make the game too easy at this stage is plain retarded.
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    Well DPS statistic is just dumb anyway, as for years n years, ever since "Runequest" and "Rolemaster" challenged "D & D" the whole gaming community has prefered armour to reduce the severity of attacks rather than to make you elusive like Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    D3 had better not follow D2 in this regard, as "Elusive AC" is a lousy way to go.

    If Armour subtracts from damage per hit, like it should, then the DPS stat is largely useless.

    DOWN WITH DPS! :mad:

    Having defence reduce your chance to get hit is actually entirely logical when you think about it.

    When you get a "miss", what is actually happening is that you're hitting a part of the opponent which is heavily covered by armour, and are therefore doing no damage.

    Allowing mods like damage reduce and dodge % to be included as well.
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    Quote from "Dimebog" »
    I'll take that as relevant since you're such a game design expert. Imagine where Blizzard would have been with you today.

    With more subscribers to WoW. Thats where.

    And its logic, nothing more.

    Look at it this way, in WoW you spend x hours getting to max level so that you can enjoy y hours of raiding etc.

    Now, the way WoW is designed now, x = boring, y = fun (according to your claims).

    Now, if they designed WoW so that instead of having x time just being boring, x was in fact FUN, as well as y, then you have x + y = fun. MORE FUN.

    More fun = more subscribes = more money.

    Are you purposfully being a retard or is it just second nature?

    FORCING you to spend time to do something which is purposefully not fun, so that you can have fun later on, is NOT good game design. You don't need to be out of nursery to figure that out.
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    As Romak said, the game CAN be played only with a mouse. It doesn't mean that it will be the most optimal game experience.

    Hell, D2 can be played only with the mouse, but using hotkeys makes it easier than using the wheel to scroll, and pressing I and C or whatever to access Inventory and Character screen is easier than using the mouse to get there.
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    Quote from "Dimebog" »
    Well in WoW, it's pretty much the case. Leveling process is just like the tutorial segment to get you acquainted with game mechanics and lore.

    Which is exactly the reason I called it retarded game design...
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    Quote from "synthaza" »
    You're talking about an MMO here.

    MMO isn't antonymous with having fun while reaching the level cap, or synonymous with, as Dimebof put it, the game starting at the level cap.

    MMO's are perfectly capable of having fun challenges before the level cap, not just treating the whole levelling experience as a means to an end.
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